Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dear Azri Jasni,

Happy 21st birthday Azri Jasni.
You're like my,

Gordo to Lizzie McGuire,
Eddie to Raven, and
Jason to Hannah Montana.

Thankyou for being my one of my best companion and awesome-trololol-bitch.
From the bottom of my heart.

Promise me that, our inside jokes will always stay the same regardless of age and distance.
Dont go back to Brighton, please? :(

Noks sayang gilewww kat nyahh.
muah muah. xxx


#trolololol #that awkwardmoment

Yours truly,
♥ intan nur hadilah

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A short comeback.


Okay. Its been a freaking long time since my last post.
New semester is currently feel so busy.
Semakin busy so semakin malas nak update blog since its gonna take me some time to write.

And! I know its lame, but i just discovered bout blogpress apps for iphone. Yeay :D
So lepas ni boleh post anything quick.
Anyway, today lecture was bout develepmont of face and palate

We learned bout conginetal abnormalise of the face. E.g; unilateral lips cleft or in laymen- bibir sumbing?
Dr.Win did say;
" All of you have perfect face, you are lucky"

Well there are time where i complaint bout those scars on the face, or on how other people have flawless skin. But i tend to forget that there are babies who are born with abnormal structure of the face. Shouldnt you feel lucky too? :)

Oh btw! Happy Ramadhan to you. Yes you who actually reads till here :p

"Hebat nya Ramadhan." Dont miss your golden chance this year. Lets embrace it as it the month full of His blessing.

Shaytan is conquered for you in Ramadan, so its your nafs (inner self) that Allah leaves you to conquer.

Fasting is not just bout starving your body, yet feeding your soul.

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