Friday, 14 May 2010

May Allah be with us

so,was browsing through my picture edit n make a collage of our apparently.picnik n this uws internet barrier has some un-solved,i cant edit n make them look nice :) so,among hundreds *there might be thousands tho* of our pics..i chose the very last pic of us last hmmm 3+months ago :) missing you weii =]

so,for your finals ni..i didn't send back any goodluck card or charm..or even hiring someone to put up a goodluck banner dekat akasia tu....but i suppose the goodluck aura has reached u..since the day ko duduk trials :) i know your difficulties *maybe not all* sejak ko masuk intec..n aku hope..utk finals ni..ko dh dpt cover balik smua tu..gain confidence..keep the exam momentum all the way till 29jun2010 :)

aku tahu kau boleh buat.aku mahu kau buat sehabis baik.all the best,intan nur hadilah :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

-A note for all-

a simple update. simple but not yet sweet eh, sarah hani.

okay masa yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba. or akan tiba or any way you want to acknowledge it.
my Alevel Final is here baby. so, this is serious talk. no more i want to deactivate myself from blogging, yet i kept posting crap. yeah, crap. EXAM MODE IS ON.

13th May to 29th June
a month over KOT.

Alert: The next hunded words will be written in Bahasa Malaysia dan English yang berbaur keihklasan dari hati Intan Nur Hadilah bt Purdiono, INH :)

Kehadapan sesiapa yang pernah berinteraksi dgn INH sama ada melalui dunia realiti, dunia maya, atau pun dunia imaginasi, i would like to apologize for anything and everything. i meant anything that i accidentally or purposely that might hurt any of your feeling internally or externally. or dengan kata ringkas, apa-apa je lah;

segala terkasar bahasa
sarcastic yang terlampau
kata-kata yang disalah erti
kritikan yang menguris hati
gossip gossip yang tidak tahu level kebenaran nya
judgement with no strong basis
status atau comment Facebook yang mengecilkn hati
hutang material atau budi yang tidak sengaja atau sengaja
annoyed face expression
unnecessary ignorance
stupid or lame joke which is seriously NOT funny
over emotion cursing words
fake hope or promises
unreturned love (HAHA. okay ini tidak perlu)
and last but not least your precious time of reading this

ini tidak bermksud yang bila exam or raya je nak apologizing, cuma lets just say, waktu yang paling afdal and crucial. and to A-level RANGERS of INTEC especially IMU rangers, wishing you all the best. May He helps us all way trough until the end, okay itu je kot. take care bloggie<3

Alhamdullilah, i passed my IMU placement. thankful :)
but the journey doesnt stop here.

Friday, 7 May 2010

greetings from benua yang berbeza

okayy me back :D life has been pretty normal since classes start aftr mid sem break..every eve now..mcm merajinkn diri utk least nk ada stamina :) n few ptg dh start main bball..n kdg2 football..talking bout dat..kwn2 ada suruh tryout for the MASCA tinggy..mcm sports day for msian studnts here...n mcm each negeri hntar wakil r..n im in new south wales state :) bt not classes aftr winter break wil start by then..*if i got chosen :)*
n yea..bru2 ni ada auction ppl..or mayb just anyone..yg brave enough to 'sell' themselves participated..d mney raised was for charity.."preparing birth kits to be send to a vietnam hospis",,5girls..went for d just look n see how d whole auction thing went..ouh was super cool tho..its like..ppl bidding for you..n by then u would know..who's the hot stuff that evry1 bids for...ada a girl ni..herself standing infrnt..raised bout aud320..gila kn :D so,org yg 'beli' tu..can mcm 'own' the girl for a nyte..n dats wut d other participants r for..mcm dey r selling themselves for charity :)
so,tday punya post..actually inspired by two pak guards kat train station..nk cerita detail here..mcm sgt leceh..n sgt byk monolog dlmn happened...
but basicly......
last tues..i was lucky.started since d morn..ran to d hospital for waking up late..n arrived safely,on time..then,sent my camera for repair at toongabie *1hour train ride*..apparently d nearest authorised place to my,otw back..singgah campbelltown jap..nk mkn piza lg..haha :D den dh beli dh..chic&vege..enak uh! serious :D so,nk beli chic shish..aud2.8..den my day got luckier..mamat jual tu..mcm ckp "okay..i'll give you free" yay!:D thankyouthankyou ;) so,headed back to d station..nk try balik d uni station without buying a new,mcm..kira ceroboh r.tried my luck again..inserted a ticket yg lama..haha.tgk2 boleh :D tp..tiba2 nmpk 2 guards..coming by..igt nk arrest..serious..takut&cuak gila..mcm end up..back to uni.safely :D alhamdulillah =)

sarah hani signing off.wishing all the best of life..
greetings from benua yg berbeza :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


sometimes we forget.

we forget to appreciate things that are in front of us. not until they were gone. we are to busy looking for something we dont have.

and you. you disappointed me.
you were busy looking for your self, you said. but you forget without her at the first place. you will never ever be HERE.
you were busy looking for your true love,a partner of your life. but you forgot that you have hers since the day you were born.

kenapa hati kawan lain reti nak jaga, tapi hati mak sendiri susah sangat?

you were lucky enough. i feel the pain. i watched the tears.
and you? busy looking for the WHY answer. too busy being dramatic. too busy for yourself.
everybody made mistake. stop blaming people. and take your own responsibility of it.
im still searching for myself as well,but at least i know my limit.

"berapa banyak pun harta kita ada, kain kapan je benda yang paling mahal kte boleh beli tuk parents kte bila meninggal, canggih mana pun phone kita, tak kan dapat dengar suara dorang sampai bila-bila"
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