Monday, 22 October 2012

Touch footie

Rasa pelik.
A girl posted a pic on insta. herself and friends along the beach, pakai kain yg tiup2 angin yg slalu prempuan pakai tepi pantai (this shows i dont have enough tatabahasa about fashion==). Post pun nak ayu....

And on the same day, these girls (below pics), were playing touch footie (soft rugby), along the seaside.

Same setting, same gender, different activity.

I reckon my activity was better n alot more fun involved :D

It was such an experience :) playing touch footie along the seaside of wollongong. 2012.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

"WHYYYY?!" You may asked.

intan nur hadilah

As we grow older, there will be more responsbility, more expectation and more challenges.

Nak dekat dekat exam ni, being mentally suppressd my time end up emotion pun boleh jadi fragile.
As a student of whatever course perhaps you'll reach a point where you end up being so stress and starts questioning.

" Why the heck i choose medicine?"

" Menyesal nya aku amik course ni dulu. Kalau amik course lain mesti senang."

BUKAN SAJA-SAJA Allah meletakkan anda dalam BIDANG itu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA Allah mengurniakan anda KEPAKARAN itu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA Allah memasukkan KELEMAHAN itu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA Allah memberikan UJIAN sebegitu..
BUKAN SAJA-SAJA Allah membiarkan anda mengemudi dalam KEADAAN sebegitu..

MELAINKAN Allah tahu anda akan memberikan sesuatu dalam bidang itu..
MELAINKAN Allah tahu anda bakal membiakkan ilmu-ilmu itu..
MELAINKAN Allah akan temukan anda dengan insan-insan ikhlas membantu..
MELAINKAN Allah mahu menguatkanmu..
MELAINKAN Allah mahu anda tahu betapa tingginya kasih sayangNya padamu..
Masihkah lagi tidak bersyukur?


Came across this when i feel so despair. Awwww :')

Its true they said,
When Allah brings you to it, He will take you through it.

End of semester 5 (2012)
29days to final EOS5.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Tahukah anda:
Side effects timun adalah;
1. Allergic rxn
2. Indigestion in certain pipel

Benefits timun;
1. Anti cancer
2. Hydration
3. Skin n hair healthy-ness

*gambar di kepilkan menunjukkn lgkh2 yg sdg diambil utk promote healthier tummy :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

It is alright :)

When you plan and get all excited about it. Please be ready for an abrupt change to it. :)
it is alright.
you dont have the rights to control the weather. At all.

#notetoself. 13oct2012

*1st time guna blogger mobile. Jakun. Hihi

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

osce 2012

i was online. looking through facebook last evening.
"keow teow (bukan nama sebenar) wrote on UWS med page - OSCE results are out in vUWS"

i panicked. did'nt expect for it to be released tday! palpitation, my heart beat was so apparent.

i was alone in the study room,and decided to inform UWS-msia 16 bout this news..

and then, it is just me and my palpitations....

time passes by so quickly. i decided to search on "my grades" through vUWS. n when the writings are all up, revealing the results.

i got so scared, i changed the tab. talked to myself...just to make sure i am prepared. "hani, if fail..xpe.ada masa utk remediate"....

so,i hit the vUWS tab. and there were so many numbers. i did'nt understand. but came to a conclusion...

I PASSed osce 2012 =) all praise to Allah. thank you, parents too :)


reminiscing that Wednesday.
my session was the last for the day.
all the examiners and the simulated patients are exhausted. they really look tired
the students are the ones who look so pumped up at that time
you cant blame the built up anxiety since morning.

days before osce, conflicts came to say hi. and said bye not long after.
osce was really important.conflicts should be best avoided at that time.
but with fragility of emotions and minds, so many things were revealed
heart breaks, dissatisfaction; things that happened years ago, revealed.
oh ..

i have always been very scared with osce.
due to the past Hx in 2nd yr.
comm skill n hx taking stations were the most intimidating ones.
anything  to do with  conversing
days, hours, minutes before osce.i had to console myself. to be more calm. =)

finished the 1.5hours exam.
i wanted to cry, leaving the last station
and i wasnt sure whether i was sad or
just cant believe that the rollercoaster ride of adrenaline for every 8mins,was over.
went home with a tension headache. so severe, i got really moody n went to bed straight away

that night, the msian 3rd years of UWS med, had dinner in Rashays. a stress reliever? maybe =)

post-osce syndrome:
it was so tiring,
the mind was unable to digest 8 stations..back to back.n adrenaline was pumping through out.
the mind will keep on recalling "what happened in each station" "what i should not do" "why didn't i do that?!" "will that mistake fail me?"
it keeps on repeating over n over again in you own lil mind.
tradisi apt52; we dont talk/describe any exam related issues before and after any exams.

so,alright osce 2012 is done.alhamdulillah.lets get the written paper done. n lets go home after that.

much love,

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saturday and Sunday.

This statement needs its own blog post. A BIG achievement of mine. After 2years and few months living in Bukit Jalil,

I finally survived staying a full weekend in Vista. Indeed!

Apa? Achievement okayyyyy.
Everyone here knows i belong to,
"Intan? Wajib balik rumah time weekend punya" :P

And so, out of the blue (not so) i decided to, "Aku tak balik minggu ni."
Alright itu je motif post ni :D

Thank you AM.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Apa itu EOS5?

Ohhh my.
I miss blogging. With all my heart. Haihh. Over.
To actually sit in front of the laptop, indulge in my blogging mode is nearly imposible.

Currently I'm a victim of time.
Final EOS5 is freaking near the corner.
19th November 2012.

Kena cover 9 system.
Cardio, Respi, Gastro, Endo...zzzz
Repro, Renal, MSK, Neuro.
OSCE lagi. OSPE!
GILA kannnnnnnn. Nangis please?

Time sem 3, aku ingat lagi selalu fikir hebat gila senior boleh pass.
And now, trust me people,

Untuk aku lahh kan.

Ada je moment, yang aku rasa nak give up. Hopeless. Clueless. Felt like a failure.

" Tak bertarung lagi, Kau dah cakap failure. Jangan give up." -SH

" Allah tak marah kita tak pandai, tapi Allah marah kita tak belajar."

And so, i shall


Yeay! :D

Latest update,
Yazmir the first in the circle to be engaged. And soon to be married! :D

Had last breakfast with the boys before they fly back to Brighton and Bangalore. The next time we'll see Yazmir, he is a husband to a lady.

Time flies.

The next time you see my post, I'll be someone wife too :)

*GASP* haha. Harapan lah.
Exam exam exam! :pp

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