Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Today is Holi-Day.

intan nur hadilah

I cant really recall what date is today.
Wait, I even barely remember what day is today. Just because everyday is apparently Holi-day to me.

Oh well, I love this phase of life.
I wish days pass sloooowwlyyyyy.
Especially when you're back home.
Yes, Malaysia :D

There are so much I can think of doing, but maybe half of it will end up still stuck on the to-do list. Sobs.
And so much to write here as well,
BUT sadly Im not bound to wifi at home.
Surviving on Digi data plan.
Nak on 3G pun kadang-kadang sayang okay. 

Btw, I finally claimed my long-time promise to Sarah Hani. 
Went to Australia and spend a whole week with her :D 
(which I'm pretty sure she was getting nearly bored with me at the end of those week especially bila aku paksa kau tngkap gmbr kan? K. HAHA)

Wanted to write a post about it, maybe soon. Whenever Im connected to any super speed FREE net/wifi. 

And yeahh, Salam Ramadhan to you :)
Rindu my ramadhan vibes with the girls back in IMU. 

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