Thursday, 12 November 2015


intan nur hadilah

" So, from a scale of 1-10, from 1 being okay to 10 being really bad, how would you rate your pain?"

A question that (most of) medical students would ask their patients in history taking.
But personally it's not one of my favourite question to ask.
Most of the time, when I find it less relevant I'll just skip it.

Pain is subjective.
Everyone has a different pain threshold.
Some might tolerate pain better than other people.
Be it physical or emotional.

Emotional pain.

People might say heart broken is the worst heartache in the world.
Well as for me, there will always be a worse scale of emotional pain than being heart broken.
The pain of losing your family members.
The kind of pain that time doesn't heals.
Time made you stronger talking about it.
But deep inside..............

Only He knows how it felt :)

This remind me of a friend who just lost his father two years.
I was there for the tahlil. She came to me and said,

" Kita tak tahu lah macam mana. Every time teringat mesti nangis. Intan, will the pain ever stop?"
I can still remember her sad looking eyes. Full of hopes. Waiting for me to answer "Yes, soon."
But I cant answer that. Because its one ugly truth that only those who went through it will understand. Can I just hug you instead?

So if I have to answer a pain scale question, from 1-10. My answer would be,


Bukan mengadu domba,
Cuma berkongsi rasa.

Friday, 2 October 2015

From You through her.

intan nur hadilah

It's the thought that counts.

I have always love mini muffin from Aldi.
But I wont buy it because I had this strict principle on 'junk' food. If you dont buy it, you wont eat it. Exception on the time of the month, if you get what I meant.

So yesterday, I had this sudden craving.
It crossed my mind, " Okay kalau pergi Aldi nak beli lah muffin tu."

Today is Thursday
"Salam kak Intan, ada kat rumah tak? Ada orang kirim barang. Sorry dia dah bagi Monday, kte asyik lupa nak bawak."

"What a coincidence." A normal reaction.
Tapi bila tengok dengan mata hati.
Rasa macam nak nangis bila fikir betapa sweet nya percaturan Dia.

And what did I do to deserve this?

As simple as a mini muffin, I just felt this is a total blessing.
Double triple love.
From a dear friend and You. 

Sherina take care in Letterkenny. I miss you too.
Cant wait for you to settle down back in Galway 🌹

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