Tuesday, 29 September 2009

when forever is over.

another 'emo-posting'. yes, itu term baru.


i hope you are reading this since its the only way my words can reach you.

* im afraid of the frustration ; when you'r not picking up my calls on purpose.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

ego memakan diri

im goin to blog craps.so,if u r bored.read it.if not..hit d RED button at d end of this page..
so,yes..how's raya? hm,i think its pretty ok.IF its d last raya 4 me..IF i get to fly nxt yr.den dis yr's raya.is pretty awesome.i think.haha.as i said in fb.i feel accompanied dis raya.either ppl meeting me physically or in the IT world :) 1st raya seems ok.5houses.relatives..2nd raya.my houz.really tiring tho.4th raya.sepang houz.keli..as d main course.had me choosing mcD 4 lunch.hee.5th raya.its ronda2 raya..v hav been planning it since ramadhan in class during d heat of trials..i tot v were not serious d whole time..bt yea.end up.kina n zubet.planned it.n drag 7 of us..ronda KL :) 6th raya.got my new gadget in life.red-pink ;) 7th raya.pusing rumah kwn2 mlawati.seronok.v laughed a lot.dere were so many random tots n talks.but at d end of d dy.i got too tired.n my mood starts to fluctuate.stdard sarah hani r ;) oh! tomrow.im goin back to subang.haihh.such a misery to think about it..early morn.i'll b sending along to KLIA.she's goin back too.
d biggest dillema..currently.is to get a back up hp..obviously i cant survive without any 4 d whole next week.i juz cant.i am a nomophobia.no doubt bout datt.huuu.worst of all.i will juz buy a new.cheapp.hp.in summit.or mydin ;) 2nd hand pun jd r.hah.aslkn leh sms out.ryte? i can go cuckoo without any telecommunication...
just something to note.im joking.big time.with the change of status in fb.
bt if u took it seriously.den i'll fllow u.cz afterall.its about two of us ;]
okayy.done.so,how crappy is dis post? haha.i told u so.hm,im juz letting things out..cnsidering.dere's no one to let it out 4 d nyte ;) till i hav time to blab again.i'll do so ;) toodles~

Friday, 25 September 2009

pain is inevitable. suffering is optional.

" Is this the end? why does it feel like we'd only just begun?"

-Is This The End by Zee Avi-

Bukan aku tak pernah, Mengerti dirmu, ku sanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku, Hilangkan rasa itu, Akhirkankan semua, Dan bila kau sedar Aku hilang dari kewujudan"
-Cinta Sempurna by Yuna-

"Can't let go, It's too strong, Just like that, And then you're gone, Is this how, You wanted it to be?"
-Forget About Me by Little Bit-

"No body said it was easy, Its just a shame fr us to part, No body said it was easy, No body said its gonna be this hard"
-The Scientist by Coldplay-

* side effect of being left to survive in major boredom and laziness at home.*

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

raya ke-three

honestly, its been a while since i post anything. entahlah.
its like too many things to write about, yet dunno know how to start it off. and end up with nothing. but then since semalm sarah dah tegur, so here i am writing these words.
its gonna be random. and crappy.

1. esok ADI JUFRI fly ke Poland. omg, bye bye adi. seriusly i knw how nervous you are right now. i wish i can send you off. tp bak kata yazmir,"relax sudahh. bukan dia tk balik."
so take care kawan. balik msia,practice ckp polish dgn aku okay :)

2.its been officially SIX days since i last heard from you. its not the ego that hold me back to call or text you. you must be pretty mad about IT right. so, i guess better fr me not to reach you at the moment.

3.RAYA? conflict raya itu wajib. immune dah. up,down. complete mood. upload some pictures on FB later.cam cabel gone missing.

4. friend, you are holding my VIP title. yet, please dont take that fr granted. coz at some point, i just cant be your 'clown' all the time. VALUE&CHERISH :)

5.IELTS speaking exam is NEXT weekend. o-emmmm-gyyy. and everytime just thinking bout it, im having this stupid nervous breakdown. sarah jom 'kacau' 'native speakers' yg HOT kt ibukota this friday. test self-confidence. yes, its educational.

five points. enough. GTG now.
*sarah, actualy time ni kau dh msg aku 'after asar kte kuar.okay?' :P
okay. yer,nak siap lah ni. buh-bye people.

maaf zahir batin. for evrything in the past,present and perhaps future.
sincerely,intan nur hadilah

Saturday, 19 September 2009


to all readers;
maaf zahir&batin
especially to
who likes hari raya ;)

sarah hani will be celebrating her raya with farah hanna and aiman farhan
a complete set :D

it feels different.when u noe u r someone's importnt person.
n me making space 4 u in my life.i wont regret it.at all.
till now,it has always been a nice feeling to b able to noe u better.
thnx 4 making some space of urs 4 me :)
keep this feeling with us.and make it personal ;)

Friday, 18 September 2009


*i wonder.if the ending part would ever happen.haha.
grey's anatomy fan here :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009


cant realy describe how this feels.dang.this feels
SUUUPEERR good! woohoo!:D

*no more staying back
*no more tdur dgn buku
*no more dduk kat tmn in d eve
*no more buka puasa dgn sisa lauk yg tggl kat kak su
*no more frownings
*no more people telling me to get my own life. duh.i have one.n i dunt tink i bother u dat much.
more happiness!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

exam mood switch on

trials nxt week
i've never been this relax
for exams
sendiri je tau
how d inner feels
doa doa
setiap mlm
semakin indah
dengan kehadiran anda
mahu balik melawati
miss tompok and motor

*ini kucing casa.saya sayang binatang

im sorry
means everything
when u mean it best

Friday, 11 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

more pics nxt tyme ;)

sarah hani reporting ...
what? haha.im not even sure which part to blog.too many things happened.til i dunt want to blog about anyting at all.heh.but intan dh sound.so,ok ;)
dat morn.it was dark.im not in my mood.stairs and greetings? wut was dat about.move on.in clas.during phys..i was realy messed up.msjes kept coming in.trying to solve things out.kn intan? haha :P eng was d worst.d 'comel,unique' group.was separated.didnt perform at our best.hah ;)
things are getting better.but not at d best.3 tests on dat day.started wif phys,m3 group DI n auckland eng tests.pehh.i was exhausted wen d day ended.n i didnt even realised intn was actually at d pndok BIT dat eve.no wonder kina 'stayed back' afta clas.hm :P overall.d tests? were ok.i think.hopefully tho.
dat morn.was chem lab.again..mood fluctuated.actions happened.etcetcetc.but in d eve.i started to be greeted as a birthday girl.haha.thank you fb 4 reminding them :D
mdnyte.was alryte..i stil hav some unknwn numbers with me.i've yet to figure out d owners.bt ada org ni plak.g off hp..haih :p
m3 test on dat dy too.went to clas.greetings here n there.thank you :) msjes were flowing.haha.seronok.kina came in.bwa one paper bag.n insisted me to open in clas.so,ok.thank you kepada org yg terlibat :P rahael n zaty gave me a personal pressie.thanx korng :) me n tikah got d traditional birthday song in clas.afta clas.
straight home..mumy,along n adik.seems so fishy.haha.my room was decorated with birthday banner,strimmers and balloons.along said she got all those stuffs from bangsar.wheras i think she bought it 4rm any pasr mlm.hah.fb wall posts were too many.honestly, i felt tired replying those wishes.haha.thank you tho :)
d nyte part.i slept early..it was like 11.3pm.when i heard some noises outside.intn was dere.she came.thank you :) she insisted me to take many ppics.i was so sleepy.haihh.layan je r :P she brought cupcakes n also my new fren.sheepy nama nya.haha.v 'sprayed paint' my room's wall.graffiti r konon.haha.she didnt sleep over.
intan came again in d eve.others were out.she came.n edited d left over birthday pics :) oleh sbb sarah hani terlalu mlas nk buat itu semua.hah.den i took a motorbike ride wif her.ended up.my helmet flew off when i was speeding? haha.seronokk.ptg itu.pergi bazaar
i got a msj.fatin sakit.g hosp kn..take care.n get well soon :) last nyte.i had dinner outside wif my family.its like my birthday dinner.it was fun.n okayy.i got lil excited.wen i saw fazura walking in d same place as i was.haha.den i saw raja azura n fara fauzana too.dey were dere to buka puasa :) rasa mcm artist x))

alryte.fully updated.thank you for reading.
note to self:
puasa dah abis 2mggu dh
nk msuk last 10days dh
perbanyakkn quantity
pertingkatkn quality
Allah dah kasi opportunity ni
jgn lepaskn

Thursday, 3 September 2009

real or virtual? :)

alert people!
esok 4th september. hari jadi SARAH HANI ehh! :D

p.s: posted truly by intan nur hadilah. so, sarah tidak membujet eh :P
ohh yeah, sarah. remember this pic? :D


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