Saturday, 26 September 2009

ego memakan diri

im goin to blog,if u r it.if not..hit d RED button at d end of this page..
so,'s raya? hm,i think its pretty ok.IF its d last raya 4 me..IF i get to fly nxt yr.den dis yr's pretty awesome.i i said in fb.i feel accompanied dis raya.either ppl meeting me physically or in the IT world :) 1st raya seems ok.5houses.relatives..2nd houz.really tiring tho.4th raya.sepang d main course.had me choosing mcD 4 lunch.hee.5th raya.its ronda2 raya..v hav been planning it since ramadhan in class during d heat of trials..i tot v were not serious d whole yea.end up.kina n zubet.planned it.n drag 7 of us..ronda KL :) 6th my new gadget in ;) 7th raya.pusing rumah kwn2 mlawati.seronok.v laughed a lot.dere were so many random tots n talks.but at d end of d dy.i got too tired.n my mood starts to fluctuate.stdard sarah hani r ;) oh! goin back to subang.haihh.such a misery to think about it..early morn.i'll b sending along to KLIA.she's goin back too.
d biggest to get a back up hp..obviously i cant survive without any 4 d whole next week.i juz cant.i am a doubt bout datt.huuu.worst of all.i will juz buy a summit.or mydin ;) 2nd hand pun jd r.hah.aslkn leh sms out.ryte? i can go cuckoo without any telecommunication...
just something to joking.big time.with the change of status in fb.
bt if u took it seriously.den i'll fllow afterall.its about two of us ;],how crappy is dis post? haha.i told u,im juz letting things out..cnsidering.dere's no one to let it out 4 d nyte ;) till i hav time to blab again.i'll do so ;) toodles~

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