Thursday, 29 July 2010

terkini dari aku


d kerek girl yg dlm my new PBL group..dia sbnrnya lawa uh..if tgk betul2.haha.azra pun sokong aku x))

aku baru reka senarai masak-masak sendiri.haha.aku bosan

PBL pasal thalassemia x settle lagi.eosk nak closing.arghh..

aku duka & kecewa itu mood aku awal minggu ini.

aku culture shock juga awal minggu least,aku ada rasa awkward lagi tgk perlakuan2 least,aku ada lagi rasa takut&bersalah.aku x di-australian-fied lagi :)

rindu juga bertambah.pada mohamad azri, intan nur hadilah & nurul nadia.aku ada tgk2 gmbr deyrng bru2 ni.seronok betul mereka :D

aku mahu tahu.apa rupa tompok n grey kini :) dua ekor kucing aku itu :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

too much to take in

how do you define surprises in life.why do people like surprises.what surprises are acceptable.when do you plan surprises.when/where do you receive people accept do people react.

i dislike surprises.somehow i don't understand why there are such people who love receiving them.

life goes on from here.thank you for your time.i appreciated it.but i've been such a loser before,during,after your stay.EVERY single time.i was the one to urge the whole talk.but at the end,i was shaking..nervous..hpefully,you understand.we end it here.thank you :)

you have always been my emotion-punching bag.THANK YOU.sincerely from my heart.

intan nur hadilah,imissyousomuch babe :] take care :)

Super Something

Due the distance bound, the time time gap.
We might not be able to updating everything like we used to.
As time goes by, the missed call, FB inbox, Skype call got less frequent.
But Its Okay. You'll always be my Sarah Hani.
Thats a fact that will never change.
Cause you are not just a phase in me.
You see

I was nothing more
than a girl who wished
for something different
watchin her dreams
from a distance

You see
when you came in
it’s a different game
You believe in me so much
You turn me from nothing to a girl
who’s super-something

You’ll see
I’m better
I’m faster
I’m happier
when you by my side
ku lalui semua dengan senyuman di wajahku
You’ll see
I’m better
I’m faster

I’m happier
when you by my side
(ku tempuhi semua kerana engkau di sisi ku)

The truth is
I was never more than this
Something kept me from reaching out
for something
but my heart is wanting
what it’s looking for
then you came
you turn me upside down
I’m no longer afraid
of chasing
I’ll be the last one standing

Yuna- Super Something.

Babe, I Love You Always. Missing you :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

lending out a hand

sooo.....i am going to post a help out my lil bro.have a read on his writing material.and would much appreciate it if you can hit the "VOTE FOR THIS STORY" button at the right corner of the page. enter your email and done =)

thanks a bunch :)


yup.i dont have much to say.but medical stuffs!:D

i am now in the GIT,last week.i learnt about peptic ulcers.gastritis.this week,i am with Crohn's disease and some abnormal absorption of the GIT.

yay me! :)

bye =='

Friday, 16 July 2010

Nyahhhhh, kalah i.

Call me narrow minded, but without any hesitation i think they are stupid.

Stupid itu pun dah mild sangat lah eh. On the net, every word is on your own risk.
I have my own limit in being so called open-minded, but this kind of species is beyond that.

Get it?

" Empat golongan berada pada kemurkaan Allah pada pagi dan petang, iaitu lelaki yg meyerupai perempuan, perempuan yang meyerupai lelaki, mereka yang melakukan persetubuhan dgn binatang dan mereka yang melakukan persetubuhan sesama lelaki (homoseksual)"

I know funny kan. Intan, sejak bila kau kisah sangat benda-benda alah ni? Ke mesti ada yang mcm, alarh biarlah dorang. kubur lain lain. Kau tu macam bagus sangat. Okay fine. Tahu lah kan.

This is just my OWN expression on certain things.
Pondan, i hate you.

P.s : Still malas nak update previous post :S

Thursday, 15 July 2010


classes have started.and tomorrow closing pbl of week 1..
it is the 1st week,of semester,i should have normal feelings towards the routine..but i think.due to drastic changes in life...week 1 has not been treating me that well.from free& pbl-prior lecture studies life..i am just too lazy to start on my pbl earlier part of d,i doubled my work on wed nyte..n now,i am infront of d lappy,spenidngs ome time.typing a post :)

im kinda's not me alone,who feels this as if..kteorg 'xpnah' encounter pbl..hmm.padahal dh 6months with pbl.we know how things go about,n how to tackle it.and make our work done quickly..but i think, due to the change-reshuffle pbl groups..everyone starts to compare to their old r..dh 6months,safe-confort zone in each groups..tiba2 kena tukar,getting to know they work in a group..seriously,it is not an easy process.i woke up last mon morn,with fears.towards pbl ==' so,attended the 1st pbl opening for this was okay..ada 1 agak kerek girl..1 x byk ckp guy..1 nice girl..1 suara lantang girl..and for me..everytime my mind conveys this msj - "sarah hani..ko x ckp lagi ni.cepat bertindak!" mouth will move,ready to say sometimes,i just forget that i am being assessed in a,tomorrow is the 1st closing..many having 'difficulties' to suit in their new gps..thanx to my old tutor who made us get prepared for every closing..i dunt really fear tomorow's 4 me,i've gone thru d worst procedures,tmrow can be bad.but not worst :)

hmm.d sleeping aura jgn ckp r..mon-tues-partial wed were days i snoozed off easily.i just cant resist sleeping.not saying that i am now staying up late,but yea.adapting life that needs my eyes to stay awake,get infoS through my lens->retina->brain.

hospital,alhamdulillah.i did my history d absence of d doc..i forgot lots of things..skills of history taking..n by the end of this sem..i should be comfortable to take history and perform abdominal examination on patients..i've yet to do my 1st examination..sooonnn..mayb nxt week :)

so,yup..that's all.i just feel like blogging tnyte.distance kills.


OMG. apa dah jadi?
its been ages since im so into updating stuff.
tak busy tapi malas.
so much to write and tell bout.
its 3pm, and my shift starts at 4pm till closing.

Current and short update:

Im working at BangiKopitiam, Melawati Urban. New friends, new Life Drama.
Drama 'cinta melayu' yang paling malas nak layan. Can i skip work today? -.-

Proper post, soon. Bye.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

fish finger = makanan ruji

kruikkruikkruik *bunyi cengkerik x)*

dah lama in 3 weeks time, aku x perlu buka itunes to kill d silence in this house.

baru balik from the mall.had lunch wi
th all except yuhin & redo.sent off ecah,nadiah,syafiq,akmal,azlan,piee..UWS semester2 starts tomorow *gulps* another hectic one,i
suppose.xtau nak rasa apa now..wha
t i know,im not ready get back to d old routine..pegi,balik class.walk up d hill..balik rumah after clas..kalau bukan turn masak,duk
dlm bilik..hmmm...

di luar,on res..org2 tempatan aussie dh mula balik..memenuhi ruang aprtmnt yg selama 3weeks,diam..mcm kteorg punya je tmpt ni ;) utk org aussie; deyrng balik uni mesti rasa mcm aku balik casa after a long holiday x)

a shout out to ecah & nadiah : thanx korng! s
bb dtg.meriah sikit hidup kiteorg be5 time c
uti.gelak2 je dlm umah ni...n pls do come back in spring!:)

so,in 3 weeks..lots of things happened actually.someone got into an Operation Theatre.someone had an emergency call,and had to go back to malaysia.some planned hard for a great trip,to please all.n finally,all of us got our result.

the MELBOURNE trip :) it was awesome-ness.eventho it was extra tiring.but alhamdulillah,it went well..visited many places,including RMIT&melb uni (super awesome places)..had good makan2 places.mamak style,indonesian food,malaysian food.seriously,mkn2 kat melbrne sedap.gilak!x) paid aud 34 for our 4nights stay in
malaysian hall.good stuff right ;) had fun playing in the snow at Mt Buller.was in the edge at the eureka skydeck...its like full glass cubicle,88floors above the ground..with melbourne city as d scenary :) and what i can say is,melbourne is a city with great architectures..rasa mcm duduk UK kat sana x)) haha

results : hm.alhamdulillah...i still have another 9semesters to go,insyaAllah.

to sarah hani:2nd semester,buat betul2,belajar rajin2,pastu boleh balik malaysia :)
to intan nur hadilah : kerja baik2 dow,jgn salah kira duit, tolong makan kuih india utk aku! :D

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lampu Kuning- Sedia utk Pecut.

" Lesen itu satu keperluan. "

Kata-kata penceramah yg tidak diingati nama sebab asyik fikir bila nak pukul 4pm.
AT LAST i register for my driving license. So korang yg dulu buli aku sebab aku tiada lesen lagi, just watch out eh. Tiada lagi alasan tak cukup umur. Its now legal baby :D

Masa mama kata,
okay esok register class. Esok pagi orang tu ambil pukul 8.30am.
Gila excited KOT. Kalau boleh nak bg tahu semua angkatan kawan yang sememang nya tak stop perli bila nak daftar lesen. siap capslock lagi " SARAH ESOK AKU START KELAS LESEN!" dekat inbox FB. nasib baik tak boleh bold. If not, kesian sarah hani dan mereka yang terlibat.

But it turned out to be, first talk was damn bored to death. Bosan gila. Nak repeat trice?
Dah lah tkde kawan kan. Okay, mesti nak kena ada attitude kenal kawan baru. Muka kena innocent, Intro pun kena humble.
" Hi nama? Ohh, Intan" *smile*
Its been a long time since i went to some place of complete strangers. exceptional for MDR.
Ohh jumpa kawan baru! Ruby and Baizura. And yeah, they are Real,bukan imaginary friends.
Harap maklum eh Mil. Im not that pathethic to create an imaginary friends there -.-

Macam biasalah kan belajar tanda-tanda amaran. Kalau kita nampak signboard ni apa kita buat?
1. Perlahakan kenderaan.
2. Dilarang memotong.
3. Guna gear rendah etc.

Yang tak tahan, perlu ke repeat benda yang sama for every sign yang agak sama? perlu ke? nak balikkkk lah. Bosan. Sejuk. Lapar.
Okay cukup description sengsara.
Tahu tak kelas tu banyak Boyan? Mereka yang seantara mat rempit. Lawak Boyan ni memang lah tk lalu nak dengar.
And the most repeatable tagline was, " Kalau tak, jadi muka depan surat khabar headline utama". Kalau satu kelas repeat hampir 10 kali. A week ada 6 kelas. Jadi tolak tambah purata penceramah cakap tagline itu ada lah 60 kali. Tak darab lagi dengan bulan dan tahun.

Ingat kan lepas exam nak rest brain jap. Did anyone know that excessive,non-stop thinking for a long term can lead to brain explosion?

Source : Wiki-IntanNurHadilah : under I Hate Exam.

P:s- Sarah Hani, confident je kau kan orang lain pun jakun. Nak sedapkan hati lah tu yg kau memang jakun, kan? :p
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