Sunday, 25 July 2010

too much to take in

how do you define surprises in life.why do people like surprises.what surprises are acceptable.when do you plan surprises.when/where do you receive people accept do people react.

i dislike surprises.somehow i don't understand why there are such people who love receiving them.

life goes on from here.thank you for your time.i appreciated it.but i've been such a loser before,during,after your stay.EVERY single time.i was the one to urge the whole talk.but at the end,i was shaking..nervous..hpefully,you understand.we end it here.thank you :)

you have always been my emotion-punching bag.THANK YOU.sincerely from my heart.

intan nur hadilah,imissyousomuch babe :] take care :)

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