Thursday, 15 July 2010


classes have started.and tomorrow closing pbl of week 1..
it is the 1st week,of semester,i should have normal feelings towards the routine..but i think.due to drastic changes in life...week 1 has not been treating me that well.from free& pbl-prior lecture studies life..i am just too lazy to start on my pbl earlier part of d,i doubled my work on wed nyte..n now,i am infront of d lappy,spenidngs ome time.typing a post :)

im kinda's not me alone,who feels this as if..kteorg 'xpnah' encounter pbl..hmm.padahal dh 6months with pbl.we know how things go about,n how to tackle it.and make our work done quickly..but i think, due to the change-reshuffle pbl groups..everyone starts to compare to their old r..dh 6months,safe-confort zone in each groups..tiba2 kena tukar,getting to know they work in a group..seriously,it is not an easy process.i woke up last mon morn,with fears.towards pbl ==' so,attended the 1st pbl opening for this was okay..ada 1 agak kerek girl..1 x byk ckp guy..1 nice girl..1 suara lantang girl..and for me..everytime my mind conveys this msj - "sarah hani..ko x ckp lagi ni.cepat bertindak!" mouth will move,ready to say sometimes,i just forget that i am being assessed in a,tomorrow is the 1st closing..many having 'difficulties' to suit in their new gps..thanx to my old tutor who made us get prepared for every closing..i dunt really fear tomorow's 4 me,i've gone thru d worst procedures,tmrow can be bad.but not worst :)

hmm.d sleeping aura jgn ckp r..mon-tues-partial wed were days i snoozed off easily.i just cant resist sleeping.not saying that i am now staying up late,but yea.adapting life that needs my eyes to stay awake,get infoS through my lens->retina->brain.

hospital,alhamdulillah.i did my history d absence of d doc..i forgot lots of things..skills of history taking..n by the end of this sem..i should be comfortable to take history and perform abdominal examination on patients..i've yet to do my 1st examination..sooonnn..mayb nxt week :)

so,yup..that's all.i just feel like blogging tnyte.distance kills.

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