Sunday, 11 July 2010

fish finger = makanan ruji

kruikkruikkruik *bunyi cengkerik x)*

dah lama in 3 weeks time, aku x perlu buka itunes to kill d silence in this house.

baru balik from the mall.had lunch wi
th all except yuhin & redo.sent off ecah,nadiah,syafiq,akmal,azlan,piee..UWS semester2 starts tomorow *gulps* another hectic one,i
suppose.xtau nak rasa apa now..wha
t i know,im not ready get back to d old routine..pegi,balik class.walk up d hill..balik rumah after clas..kalau bukan turn masak,duk
dlm bilik..hmmm...

di luar,on res..org2 tempatan aussie dh mula balik..memenuhi ruang aprtmnt yg selama 3weeks,diam..mcm kteorg punya je tmpt ni ;) utk org aussie; deyrng balik uni mesti rasa mcm aku balik casa after a long holiday x)

a shout out to ecah & nadiah : thanx korng! s
bb dtg.meriah sikit hidup kiteorg be5 time c
uti.gelak2 je dlm umah ni...n pls do come back in spring!:)

so,in 3 weeks..lots of things happened actually.someone got into an Operation Theatre.someone had an emergency call,and had to go back to malaysia.some planned hard for a great trip,to please all.n finally,all of us got our result.

the MELBOURNE trip :) it was awesome-ness.eventho it was extra tiring.but alhamdulillah,it went well..visited many places,including RMIT&melb uni (super awesome places)..had good makan2 places.mamak style,indonesian food,malaysian food.seriously,mkn2 kat melbrne sedap.gilak!x) paid aud 34 for our 4nights stay in
malaysian hall.good stuff right ;) had fun playing in the snow at Mt Buller.was in the edge at the eureka skydeck...its like full glass cubicle,88floors above the ground..with melbourne city as d scenary :) and what i can say is,melbourne is a city with great architectures..rasa mcm duduk UK kat sana x)) haha

results : hm.alhamdulillah...i still have another 9semesters to go,insyaAllah.

to sarah hani:2nd semester,buat betul2,belajar rajin2,pastu boleh balik malaysia :)
to intan nur hadilah : kerja baik2 dow,jgn salah kira duit, tolong makan kuih india utk aku! :D

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