Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ted Mosby.

Was going to sleep and browsed through the camera roll in my phone and realised the ratio picture of Azri and me is the highest, excluding the picture of my sis camwhoring -.-

I feel so blessed to have my own Ted Mosby.
He's the all-time favourite.

" Cheering you up is my job."- Ted Mosby.

One day you'll find your yellow umbrella and till then, lets just enjoy the freaking show :D

p.s : Da bosan studyyyyyyyyyy. ha ha ha ha. T.T

Friday, 9 December 2011

And when you think life is hard, tell me about it.

Had a pretty, i can say rough week. Went for a hospital visit for 3days in Hospital Orang Asli Gombak.
To be honest, the hospital visit was fine and i had a very wonderful experience meeting a different kind of people from our daily community :)

The rough part was,
You see i really wanted to write this down some where, so that 5 or 10 years from now, i can read it back and perhaps laugh at it or something.

Living a life as a medical student is hard. Every semester is a BIG struggle. And there will be times where i feel so damn tired, just so tired of it. But,people reminds me that there is nothing easy in being 'something' in life. True, siapa kata jadi engineer or architect senang? Or even any job you can recall in life.

I doubt myself,
Am i fit for this?

Right now,i really dont have those confident in actually passing my exam. Being terrified,and lost. Tapi cakap itu satu doa,so i'll just pass the ugliest part of my thought here :|

Negative people gives out negative aura. You never know how much your actions can affect other's people emotions or what so ever. So control your 'negativity' right.

But looking on the other sides,
people have the right to do and say what they want. You just have to know when and whats NOT to get affected by it.

Feel like giving up? Remember whats make you hold on for so long at the first place.

" Redha itu ikhlas. Pasrah itu menyerah."

•intan nur hadilah•
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