Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ted Mosby.

Was going to sleep and browsed through the camera roll in my phone and realised the ratio picture of Azri and me is the highest, excluding the picture of my sis camwhoring -.-

I feel so blessed to have my own Ted Mosby.
He's the all-time favourite.

" Cheering you up is my job."- Ted Mosby.

One day you'll find your yellow umbrella and till then, lets just enjoy the freaking show :D

p.s : Da bosan studyyyyyyyyyy. ha ha ha ha. T.T


Azri Jasni said...

BABEEEEE!!!! :') omagadddd. sweet giler okayy!

f. said...

untung laa.

niesasukasuki said...

study utk masa dpn, jgn bosan2. kipidap dear !

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