Monday, 30 November 2009

spell F-U-N for me (;

its been such a LOOOONG time. sarah dah mula mengomel :p
i had so much FUN recently. Starting from last week.

23th nov 2009;

  • klcc-pavillion-time square with sarah and aiman.
  • eat, long walk, bowling (sarah won), eat,eat and eat again.
  • our jakunisme were to the max. picture all the way.
  • aiman being sacarstic. mcm biasa ;)
24th nov 2009 ;

  • watched The time Traveller's wife at Pavvy. sarah cried. shhhhh.
  • discover new Surau on level 5. we LOVE it.
  • sarah menang picture terbanyak. say congrats :p
26th nov 2009;

  • nadia balik! miss you damn much.
  • met up sue,joanna and JAY RICK. oldtown.
  • and and! He wanted to find a girlfriend after the summer break. WOOT! ;)
27th nov 2009;
  • solat raya dkt masjid baru yg masuk Buletin tv3 that day :p
  • efa, i saw you. its been ages. somehow,i felt happy inside to see you.
  • makan makan makan. starter point; nadia's -> mine -> sarah's.
  • funny vid recorded. but sarah tk mengaku kawan if post. private collection :)
29th nov 2009;

  • AWESOME fun. met new friends. super cool people ;)
  • played 'baling selipar' at the merdeka square.
  • its been a long time since i ran that fast.
  • three of us. crave over a guy. aaaaahhhhhhh hot. enough said :p


phase of life: bosan n rejecting

i need to laugh out LOUD
i need to forget you,you,you,you,you and you
bosan dah wei

Thursday, 26 November 2009


raya Qurban.
what does dat mean to u.
how do u live up d remembrance

warning to self:
better get things back in place

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

his name is Argus

u r definitely wrong/i love him so much/n i accepted his death easily eventho i was still small/so,yea.i love argus/i definitely did.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

mata kuyu

*cukup sekadar post ini utk menyuratkan apa yg tersirat di hati :)

current fav: piano playing for various songs

Saturday, 21 November 2009

kacau bilau

ouhh greatt
i tot upgrading this blog wuld b fun
bt end being infrnt of dis lappy for hours.
to re-construct it again
d templates given were so out of order
i wonder how ppl culd enjoy changing their layout every now n then
mayb its more practices needed ;)

*sorry for the mess.its kinda topsy turvy now.wil make it look better tmrow..again~**

update pictures ;)

orientation dayy.random pic =P

kawan lama KKB ku :)
*kita dah besar* haha.tagline mlm itu :)

FAV pic of d nyte.nicey nicey.overall =)

topi safura :) thankies teh KINA! for the shot ;)

deyrng ckp mcm "cina.bru jumpa mknn :D"

mlm yg indah utk lepak2 ;)
bulatan mafia wars.ngaumm :D

all of us.delima-telekom resort

d pantai :)

study leave di T.
final exam mode on ;)

i won a lucky was I..? haha =D

off to cHiang mai dis morn
tggal me n aiman.
*planning to drag him out frm this houz* ;))

downloading grey anatomy in utube
d episode of dat killer..
cz 4 me,dat episode.resembles evrything
in my life =)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

blogging from A0911

yesterdy.was d coroboree tinggy.overll,it was not my day.but it ended with something unexpected.thnx =)
todayy..i started to pack up stuffs..A LOT to be done.rimas.semak.n pergi party casa juga =) n i was lucky.hee.seronok seronok.dpt thumbdrive =)
kina balik dah.tinggalkan casa..sedih woo.sgtt..tapi kina ada pesan "jgn nakal2".aku igt wei :) n kepada kina "g cri bf cepatt uh.n publish kat fb" ;P
esok aku pula nk tgglkn casa FOREVER.wont b penghuni casa..anymore :) *x smpat nk masuk pool :( *

ptg td.mcm least,now i know.bout ur life b4 dis..hopefully it remains as d past.n me as ur present n future :)

intan.topup r cepatt.
susah betul nk cmmunicate dgn kau skng.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

PD itu port dickson

im back 4rm PD dis eve
12pm 4rm delima 201,telekom resort
went to R&R seremban.n had our lunch.
went to get some stuffs 4 others
hm,so..dis eve i got a call.syafiq akbar ali called.haha..
encik.pergi k :)
PD was okayy.i was nt allowed to b in d sea at,end up being d photographer.played beach ball.
n last nyte.shahrul taught us d mafia wars game.i was a realy bad acting was d worst.i got so nervous to b innocent ;) but overall,d game is superb.likeylikey :) truth or dare came ryte afta dat..many scenes happened.they were so funny.thanx to all who participated.n was so sporting wif d dares.likeylikey too ;)

i'll post d pics soon :) either in my fb or here.
so,its tomorow.bye now =)

and its a little late for conversation.

via julie018.tumblr

You can curse, write or say bad things about me in front of your friends,

I'll keep quiet if that what make you feel great and alive.
You've got your dumb friends
I know what they say
They tell you I'm difficult
But so are they.
But they don't know me
Do they even know you?
All the things you hide from them
All the stuff that you say?
At the end of the day, when you're alone.
You'll know how pathetic and regretful you are.
And thats when only you and me know the truth.

Its a secret never to be told.

so much for the happy ending.


correct me if im wrong.

Monday, 16 November 2009

i should, but i cant.

"when we are dying or had a catastrophic lost, we all move to five(5) distinct stages of grieve;

we going to denial, because the lost is so unthinkable. we cant imagine it was true.
we become angry with everyone, angry to survivors, angry to ourselves.
then we bargained. we beg, we plead. we offer everything we had. we offer our soul in exchange for a one more day. when the bargaining had fail and the anger is too hard to maintained, we fallen to depression, despair until finally we have to accept that we had done everything can.we let go.
we let go and move into acceptance."

- Grays anatomy-

Sunday, 15 November 2009

acer back :)
it has been many tiring days since chem ended.
trust me..
its d post finalss..but i've yet get to sleep 4 many tv.on9 like nobody cares..
was busy running around."lepas gian tgk ibu kota" was pretty awesome.n 4 sure! im not missing my books yet ;)
lets recapp.a few stuffs..
12nov.i went out wif mumy.2 hunt 4 my clothing 4 dis one.nthing to shout bout tho.its juz a normal one ;) in d eve-nyte.went to cheras.mak jam goin off 2 makkah.n d whole family will b sending her off.wen im in PD.ouh yes.i'll b in PD sun-mon-tues..with almost d whole clas :)
ouh thanx for d mangoes ;)
13nov.i went to intn's place in shah alm.put a nyte 1st time :) i cant realy sleep that nyte.x biasa kot..n i woke up in d morn.found out smething that apparently i hate so my bath.n took a walk alone.2 get myslf in place,cleared it up.placing dat matter at d really back of my head.create a smile =) *just for you to note.if it was a vice versa'll b superbly mad will.*
movingg oonnn...v headed to ibukota again.looking 4 a masquerade *is dis a verb?*..bantai je.heh.ts-lowyat-ts-sgwang-ts it was alot of walking.penat uh ;) got mine in ts.met ziqah n syakir ryte b4 entering d shop.haha.dey were also looking 4 their attire 4 dis wed..ouh yeah! v saw bunkface too.dey were performing 4 some roadshow 4 TM.intn was excited,i shud say.haha;)
took d bus back to s.jaya.4rm sentral.n intan made her way back 2 w.maju :)
had short stories.rambut hebat.=D
n im now waiting 12pm to to PD with rahael n tika.others dh g dh.4 now..tata :)

thanx sen.for d laptop :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

end of T

bye bye south australian matrix.thanx 4 stopping by 4 1.5yrs ;) recap will be told here
its me dis eve.doin nothing..
*it feels weird has been one hectic life b4 dis.n completely freee?? haaa....
so,im here.againn.looking 4 new inspiration to blog about.
so,laterr yeahh

btw2,im reserved for dis upcming 2weeks.
any new function afta dat okayy ;)

Monday, 9 November 2009

five four three two one.

whiteboard bilik A/301 laman 7 :)

yup yup. countdown sudah bermula.
countdown hbis exam. hbis third sem.
and of course LOONG holiday.
especially to kak atikah mansor yg dah lama tak balik Kedah.
happy countdown-ing cik kak.

P.S: ye sarah, countdown kau advance 2 hari. senyaap :p

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

even if the sky is falling down.

studyweek sudah bermula.
sarah hani, i'll be here. every time dah hbis paper, msg me okay ?
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