Monday, 30 November 2009

spell F-U-N for me (;

its been such a LOOOONG time. sarah dah mula mengomel :p
i had so much FUN recently. Starting from last week.

23th nov 2009;

  • klcc-pavillion-time square with sarah and aiman.
  • eat, long walk, bowling (sarah won), eat,eat and eat again.
  • our jakunisme were to the max. picture all the way.
  • aiman being sacarstic. mcm biasa ;)
24th nov 2009 ;

  • watched The time Traveller's wife at Pavvy. sarah cried. shhhhh.
  • discover new Surau on level 5. we LOVE it.
  • sarah menang picture terbanyak. say congrats :p
26th nov 2009;

  • nadia balik! miss you damn much.
  • met up sue,joanna and JAY RICK. oldtown.
  • and and! He wanted to find a girlfriend after the summer break. WOOT! ;)
27th nov 2009;
  • solat raya dkt masjid baru yg masuk Buletin tv3 that day :p
  • efa, i saw you. its been ages. somehow,i felt happy inside to see you.
  • makan makan makan. starter point; nadia's -> mine -> sarah's.
  • funny vid recorded. but sarah tk mengaku kawan if post. private collection :)
29th nov 2009;

  • AWESOME fun. met new friends. super cool people ;)
  • played 'baling selipar' at the merdeka square.
  • its been a long time since i ran that fast.
  • three of us. crave over a guy. aaaaahhhhhhh hot. enough said :p


1 comment:

missayuni2 said...

la ni blog intan ke...
haha x perasan..

anyway...suke la tgk gambar korang hang out...lawa2...and best...

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