Sunday, 15 November 2009

acer back :)
it has been many tiring days since chem ended.
trust me..
its d post finalss..but i've yet get to sleep 4 many tv.on9 like nobody cares..
was busy running around."lepas gian tgk ibu kota" was pretty awesome.n 4 sure! im not missing my books yet ;)
lets recapp.a few stuffs..
12nov.i went out wif mumy.2 hunt 4 my clothing 4 dis one.nthing to shout bout tho.its juz a normal one ;) in d eve-nyte.went to cheras.mak jam goin off 2 makkah.n d whole family will b sending her off.wen im in PD.ouh yes.i'll b in PD sun-mon-tues..with almost d whole clas :)
ouh thanx for d mangoes ;)
13nov.i went to intn's place in shah alm.put a nyte 1st time :) i cant realy sleep that nyte.x biasa kot..n i woke up in d morn.found out smething that apparently i hate so my bath.n took a walk alone.2 get myslf in place,cleared it up.placing dat matter at d really back of my head.create a smile =) *just for you to note.if it was a vice versa'll b superbly mad will.*
movingg oonnn...v headed to ibukota again.looking 4 a masquerade *is dis a verb?*..bantai je.heh.ts-lowyat-ts-sgwang-ts it was alot of walking.penat uh ;) got mine in ts.met ziqah n syakir ryte b4 entering d shop.haha.dey were also looking 4 their attire 4 dis wed..ouh yeah! v saw bunkface too.dey were performing 4 some roadshow 4 TM.intn was excited,i shud say.haha;)
took d bus back to s.jaya.4rm sentral.n intan made her way back 2 w.maju :)
had short stories.rambut hebat.=D
n im now waiting 12pm to to PD with rahael n tika.others dh g dh.4 now..tata :)

thanx sen.for d laptop :)

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intan.nur.hadilah said...

thanks fr the magoes @ thanks fr the memries ah. HAHA.



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