Saturday, 21 November 2009

update pictures ;)

orientation dayy.random pic =P

kawan lama KKB ku :)
*kita dah besar* haha.tagline mlm itu :)

FAV pic of d nyte.nicey nicey.overall =)

topi safura :) thankies teh KINA! for the shot ;)

deyrng ckp mcm "cina.bru jumpa mknn :D"

mlm yg indah utk lepak2 ;)
bulatan mafia wars.ngaumm :D

all of us.delima-telekom resort

d pantai :)

study leave di T.
final exam mode on ;)

i won a lucky was I..? haha =D

off to cHiang mai dis morn
tggal me n aiman.
*planning to drag him out frm this houz* ;))

downloading grey anatomy in utube
d episode of dat killer..
cz 4 me,dat episode.resembles evrything
in my life =)

1 comment:

kina said...

aku yg snap la pic ko dgn rahel tuu

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