Wednesday, 29 April 2009

partially lega

no time
*such an opening*

last few dys,prepared 4 my phys test
which is tday
wuts my cmment?
in d middle of d test
i was starting to
curse phys
i think
phys is wayy loser than m3
but good thing is
tests r over
till my final sem exam
n dat will be superb toughh

1. have to finalise uni applications
2. ISAT *have to make mumy&dady's rm1000..worth d moneyy* :]
3. ESL final!
4. phys draft..*a slow start,i wuld say*

ouhh yea
boleh balik awal
friday,im on leave
or actually..
everyone's on leave

baik.cabutt noww
*false hope*

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


its sunday night.
and i cant sleep. badly.
and suddenly, datang this very scary,dark aura.
telling me not to study. *haha*
its what i called aura M.A.L.A.S
and seriusly i took this seriusly okay.

the more i try to deny, the more it gettin worse.
so i woke up again.
switch on the light. on the laptop.
go to my computer -> entertaiment -> gossip girl

pada mulanya, niat di hati just ONE episode.
ohh did i told you, before that i went downstairs and took the choc-peanut jam and biscuits?
then end one episode. click on the next one and next next. its unstoppable!
untill i realised it 3.30am.
so forcing myself to STOP click on the next episode and hoping there is always tomorow :)
and suprisingly. the aura M is gone.
maybe he's right. i think too much.
i think too much.
sempat ke revise evrything?
what happen to my skin?

did i just ate too much?
bio report mcm mne?

and ETC ETC.

so i found a solution. i'll focus on more important problem first.
one by one. relax, it can be done.*
**okayy bukan semua orang mcm dh tahu ke way tuh o.0**

ANYWAY, till next post.
you know you love me.


Monday, 27 April 2009

rutin masih sama

im typing
in a quick pace
*nak kejar bas at 6pm*:)

just finished my NZ talk
lebih smngat *i suppose*
i noe kau leh masuk sme uniS dere too
IMU ada collaborate dgn org NZ gak
Allah answer our prayer

so,ysterdy nyte
felt lil homesick
houzmates were busy with their work
i was readily sleepy
bt not wanting to go to bed
thinking of my workload 4 dis week

will be on a 4days leave 4 dis weeknd
mahu pergi klcc r
rindu bngunn itu.;(

kau di rumah
belajar tau
aku di sini
belajar juga

Friday, 24 April 2009

studyleave KOT.

study or leave?
or study leave?

haha, apa aku merepek ni.
2 whole week of study leave is given.
but then, will i be focusing on study? hurmm
okay niat itu penting ;)
am i right sarah hani?
seriously aku TEKAD.
to spend it for studying. okay,whats with that face? o.0
im serious. okayyy,FINE.i'll prove it.

but then, there's way TOO many distraction at home.
mia yg tersangat comel.
mama yg tersangat concern.
nana with her guyS stories and etc.
so, i think
i'll be spending my times at the NATIONAL LIBRARY.
*thanks to sarah who introduce me that peaceful yet boring place ;)*

i want to be like her. *ahaa*
perhh, is it so hard to believe?

i want to see YOU this weekend.

takecare blog. i'll be away for sometimes.


don't let me go

it was a tough week for me
lots of things happened

but it ended pretty okayy *i think*
chem test;was fine
ielts results;was realy happy with it
usrah;something really meaningful was discussed
Ms Piriya's birthday

i suppose that's it
but i believe d most importnt thing is
to have KAU again
i got this ----->
for you
jangan bagi mati k.
*anyone who have been with us through last week*
thank you.

i believed in Him
He did answer my prayer
thank you Allah :)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

sorry? just not good enough.

*sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone than to cry all alone.

you speak out, that's good.
at least it lessen your burden.
yeah,it is my fault.
but must you said those words?
its hurts more than anything in the world,
"aku salah pilih kawan ke."

im sorry im not good enough.

you can change everything about this blog.
and make it yours. since we never expose it to the public YET.
or maybe delete this post.
if its truly unfix-able, then just do it.
i shall not be online for the whole week anymore.
luckily? *wifi aku dah expired.

i understand its totally my fault.
and i understand i lost your trust.
and the part where ' you will never understand'.
but just because of one tiny-future-unaffected-incident ?

throwing all we have now.
all we had. and all we might have?
*damn. :'(*

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


im done for the day
full of anxiety,frustrations,*.

Allah has to help me pass through this phase of life
no words should be given out
terlepas cakap,badan binasa

had my individual DI..
it was nt tough but tiring
had my bio test too *no comment
rakan2-T helped me lots to stay fit for dis week
ikutkn hati, i'll collapse.

Allah berikan hamba-Nya ujian
sebab Dia tahu aku mampu tangani.
i'll try

hanya tuesday biasa :)

ohh hello :)
for once, i dont feel like thinking what i should write here.

today class tamat at 10am. only math class.
well, its a 'tradition' a wekk before study leave.
class dah end silibus kn.
ohh yeah! masuk masuk class jek. dah kne BAJET.
babe? whatever lahh. i'll take it as jealousy eh ? ;)
so dr balik cemara td. ehh,nak wat apa now? o.O

okay,makan dulu. then on youtube :D
so whats come first. type 'nabil'.*haha,bosan wehh*
then link to wakenabeb. then usha lagu aizat yg baru 'pergi'.

yesterday night.
byk main lahh while reading my chem notes FYI.

salah kn lahh org yg call trough ym. * siapa terasa? :P
*bingit lahh suara you.haha.*
watched; v.clip faizal tahir time ABPH lagu bechinta.
OMG, im in love :D
and yeah, thanks to v.clip candy: akan ku tunggu. dah lama tak dgr!
*boredom killer*

to the one and only guy : for once, leave me alone.
to my dearest 12345* : imissyoutoo.

okay now nap nap nap ;)

Monday, 20 April 2009

hear me out

it has been a very hectic day
woke up late
late as in really late..

had my directed investigation *m3* tday..
evnthough it was a group tinggy
it was really full of tense
evry1 was helping out
bt at d end
u r actually juz alone doing it
aftr tcher went out of clas
v were like gasping 4 air *exxageratingg*
like as if..
v were nt breathing in that 50mins
it was nt tense~
n tmrow,
will b d individual session.
i wonder how tough wuld it be..

i shud nt be blogging tday
wif my tests n all..
but i am
cz i cant express dat much tday

n i wonder how ppl wuld juz easily say:
forgive and forget
4 me,it is not dat easy
when d only thing dat matter is
the TRUST from a friend to a friend
never doubt that;
but,how should i trust u again?
i wonder
n will keep on thinking
to figure things out
cz i stil <3 style you

take care

you are MY person

to you i might be a person..

"...but to me you might be the world."

I can never really tell you why
I've been missing you a lot
And I just have to take another look of your photo in my wallet
And there's no reason why I keep your tshirt by my side when I sleep
Pretending you were never really gone

Its like a missing star that always ends up in your sky
Its like the rainbow never comes after the rain
Its like the sun never rises in every of your morning
How am I supposed to live without those things
they are all YOU.

** speechless. when silents are sometimes the best answer.

enjoy the song.*link it here*


*12345. always.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

dari aku,untuk semua

blogging in d evening tday
will nt b available tnyte
*lots of sigh**

lots of stuffs to think
testtesttest nxt week.
with my phys report,undone.
ouh.cnsidering my ielts results too
will b taking it afta my chem test
n will b quiet bout it

jumpa kau hari ini
kesimpulan: kau,kawan baik aku.

ouh ouh.
tday onii..
i've heard 5x "kiss me through d fone" song..
naik muak dh
"dead n gone" is stil top 4 me =)

ouhh n 1 more thing
i've talked bout my principle this morn
n i found this just nw..
smething to remindd myslf. :)
be a good girl 1st, before asking for one

Saturday, 18 April 2009

its a saturdy nyte
n i had juz finished my g.anat session
it was realy fun
tday's drama was great
yang n her unique character with those pigs

dis morning.i went to school
had sme cnflict wif ppl around me
looked around d hall
felt realy awkwrd 2 b alone dere
ouh i met min dere. he looks fine :)
d tokoh overall; ili imtiyaz.
i suppose she deserves it.
cngrats ;)
but overall
not being bias
i think,my year.
was wayyy much better den theirs..
lots of boring mments in d hall juz nw.
mayb cz d spm students were nt united
d pmr recipients looked more excited *immatures*
heh ;)

intan,i met Z

we migght not meet this weekend

Friday, 17 April 2009

melawati sihatt

back for the weekend :)

my lptop sewel again
its speaker is not realy functioning dat well
*the RED mute button :(
day b4 ysterdy was nt ok
yesterdy was fine
tday,its back to not okay


hav to wait til im free

to bring it to d shop n get it fix
n wen wuld datt be...i wonder.;D

life schedule has nvr been free
nadia n wani agreed v had too much time

dats y v r nt realy fcus..huh?!~
wheras i am at d opposite side
i dun tink i hav dat much tyme
intan knows.:)

n yeaa..
mind my font size.
choose to have all these words
in small sizes
i think it looks cute

ouhhh yeah.stil cant decide to fllow mumy 2 school or nt
it wuld b realy gud
if intn will b goinn too
ouhh wel.i shal decide tnyte

hope to see you tomorrow

natural writing ;)

takde rule lg kn kne typing in English.
SO, i decided for this post kte 'mix and match' language,okay sarah? ;)

esok biology test.

but then dah separa give up nak paham apa itu natural selection, diversifying selection.*B for Boring* ;)
and yeah thanks to mereka yg call td and naturally meng-hyper-kn intan nur hadilah.
thanks also too caffeine and maggi tomyam :D

ohh yeah. terfikir again. hari hari apa benda lah nak post kat sini.
luahan hati? update life? haha. whatever ;P
mcm suka hati lah wehh. itu pun nak tanya lg ke.

so td dgn hyper nya tanya few people,

'okay! in 10-15 words. what is blog to you? korang cepat lah jwb. tak leh fikir. kne natural! *perhh, mesti annoying kn :D*

and below are the answer to my annoying-whatever question ;

"blog utk org baca,memahami dan melihat dunia saya." -Nur Hidayat Purdiono

"apa ni weh?! hurm,daily routine to do things kot." -Sarah Hani
*haha,chill lah sarah. jgn lah cuak. :P*

"its one of the best way to express opinion and how we feel freely."-Geetha
*fyi; since die brilliant, actually die ksi pnjg gler. boleh lah wat short essay.SERIUS.

"where we express ourselves into words or literally." -ahmad farhan ahmad
*sorry for the answer-pressure. 10 saat jek.cepat! :D*

"tempat express idea. and yeah shuttle 'masuk mahkamah'! :D"
-Mas Qistina
*ahaa,nice one mek*

"a way to introduce ourselves to the society in a larger scale." -Fathin Amirah

"satu tempat utk luahkan something yang kita malu nak express depan depan in public" -muzzammil

and my answer? hurmm,tak terfikir lagi. its totally up to you.
bila sign in, its like going into your own world. thats MY view.
dah blog sendiri,ikut suka lah kn? ;)
tak puas hati? coment box provided. *emo emo.haha*

oryte. buku bio dah menyeru. study study.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

remain :)

it went right into

my face

nthing great happend.
tmrow,i wont b having any clas
d SAM lecturers will b havng smething in
d hutan smewher in ampang
books,tests and sleep

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

thnx 4 d last post.:)

mayb its not ur day tday..
u take it easy

i disected a kidney tday
kambing punyee
it didnt smell good.
rahael with her bloody gloves
hold my hand
*not in purpose
n Ms param taught me d wrong way to bisect d kidney
so,while others were like
so happy,searching 4 cool stuffs.
i was like cutting my kidney into pieces
yeay me x)

dats simply my day.
hope intan had a wonderful day
too :)

best friend just wont leave your side :)

dear sarah hani,
we start the year with LOTS of joy,
lots of fun.
laughing here and there,
lepak up and down.
do crazy stuff together,
as exams come and go.

from the kasturi to klcc,
heat and cold.
fun and sad.
day by day,
weeks turned to months.

and finally our 'battle' had nearly come to the end
its now or never.
its tomorrow not next year.
GREAT moments
great experiences.
and thanks to you.
for being such a great friend.

lots of lalalove,

intan.nur.hadilah <3

**oitt sarah hani :P
since this is my first post, so aku post intro yg touching skit eh.*haha.
FYI: this was my all-the-best wish frm me to sarah hani a day before SPM :)
*dah dua tahun dah pun.


Monday, 13 April 2009


it was a fine morning
bt it didn't last till d evening
lets start.
my hp n its batt.
d bus n d jam
d girl in d bus
mak cik su n her food.
d lift.

ouh wel.:)
d evening is overr
ouhh did i mention.
my upcming tests..
heee =(

Saturday, 11 April 2009


1st day shud at least hav its own post.
still new here.
exploring x)

get to know my
partner in crime,
intan nur hadilah.
wei,i did some changes.
mgkn x sesuai.
feel free to change eh.=D

n to outsider readers.

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