Tuesday, 21 April 2009

hanya tuesday biasa :)

ohh hello :)
for once, i dont feel like thinking what i should write here.

today class tamat at 10am. only math class.
well, its a 'tradition' a wekk before study leave.
class dah end silibus kn.
ohh yeah! masuk masuk class jek. dah kne BAJET.
babe? whatever lahh. i'll take it as jealousy eh ? ;)
so dr balik cemara td. ehh,nak wat apa now? o.O

okay,makan dulu. then on youtube :D
so whats come first. type 'nabil'.*haha,bosan wehh*
then link to wakenabeb. then usha lagu aizat yg baru 'pergi'.

yesterday night.
byk main lahh while reading my chem notes FYI.

salah kn lahh org yg call trough ym. * siapa terasa? :P
*bingit lahh suara you.haha.*
watched; v.clip faizal tahir time ABPH lagu bechinta.
OMG, im in love :D
and yeah, thanks to v.clip candy: akan ku tunggu. dah lama tak dgr!
*boredom killer*

to the one and only guy : for once, leave me alone.
to my dearest 12345* : imissyoutoo.

okay now nap nap nap ;)

1 comment:

farhan ahmad said...

HAHA.jgn salah kn i
its my 1st time kowt.so dats why agk mcm jakun skit.gee :D
if suara i xsedap sorry larh taw.hehh ;)

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