Saturday, 18 April 2009

its a saturdy nyte
n i had juz finished my g.anat session
it was realy fun
tday's drama was great
yang n her unique character with those pigs

dis morning.i went to school
had sme cnflict wif ppl around me
looked around d hall
felt realy awkwrd 2 b alone dere
ouh i met min dere. he looks fine :)
d tokoh overall; ili imtiyaz.
i suppose she deserves it.
cngrats ;)
but overall
not being bias
i think,my year.
was wayyy much better den theirs..
lots of boring mments in d hall juz nw.
mayb cz d spm students were nt united
d pmr recipients looked more excited *immatures*
heh ;)

intan,i met Z

we migght not meet this weekend

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