Tuesday, 28 April 2009


its sunday night.
and i cant sleep. badly.
and suddenly, datang this very scary,dark aura.
telling me not to study. *haha*
its what i called aura M.A.L.A.S
and seriusly i took this seriusly okay.

the more i try to deny, the more it gettin worse.
so i woke up again.
switch on the light. on the laptop.
go to my computer -> entertaiment -> gossip girl

pada mulanya, niat di hati just ONE episode.
ohh did i told you, before that i went downstairs and took the choc-peanut jam and biscuits?
then end one episode. click on the next one and next next. its unstoppable!
untill i realised it 3.30am.
so forcing myself to STOP click on the next episode and hoping there is always tomorow :)
and suprisingly. the aura M is gone.
maybe he's right. i think too much.
i think too much.
sempat ke revise evrything?
what happen to my skin?

did i just ate too much?
bio report mcm mne?

and ETC ETC.

so i found a solution. i'll focus on more important problem first.
one by one. relax, it can be done.*
**okayy bukan semua orang mcm dh tahu ke way tuh o.0**

ANYWAY, till next post.
you know you love me.


1 comment:

sarah.hani said...

asl x kejut aku
tyme ko xle tdo
n yeaa
abiskan cpat2 skit gossip gurl ko tu
distraction r
u shud b sleeping..
get energy

belajar rajin2 duhh
m3 x mudh
igt igt

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