Wednesday, 22 April 2009

sorry? just not good enough.

*sometimes it hurts more to smile in front of everyone than to cry all alone.

you speak out, that's good.
at least it lessen your burden.
yeah,it is my fault.
but must you said those words?
its hurts more than anything in the world,
"aku salah pilih kawan ke."

im sorry im not good enough.

you can change everything about this blog.
and make it yours. since we never expose it to the public YET.
or maybe delete this post.
if its truly unfix-able, then just do it.
i shall not be online for the whole week anymore.
luckily? *wifi aku dah expired.

i understand its totally my fault.
and i understand i lost your trust.
and the part where ' you will never understand'.
but just because of one tiny-future-unaffected-incident ?

throwing all we have now.
all we had. and all we might have?
*damn. :'(*


sarah.hani said...
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sarah.hani said...

=3 ?

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