Wednesday, 15 April 2009

best friend just wont leave your side :)

dear sarah hani,
we start the year with LOTS of joy,
lots of fun.
laughing here and there,
lepak up and down.
do crazy stuff together,
as exams come and go.

from the kasturi to klcc,
heat and cold.
fun and sad.
day by day,
weeks turned to months.

and finally our 'battle' had nearly come to the end
its now or never.
its tomorrow not next year.
GREAT moments
great experiences.
and thanks to you.
for being such a great friend.

lots of lalalove,

intan.nur.hadilah <3

**oitt sarah hani :P
since this is my first post, so aku post intro yg touching skit eh.*haha.
FYI: this was my all-the-best wish frm me to sarah hani a day before SPM :)
*dah dua tahun dah pun.



sarah.hani said...

lawa kn kn
binatang dua tu

intan.nur.hadilah said...

kpd sesiapa yg berminat,
sila dptkn before 27 april bersama happy meal mcD.


sarah.hani said...

jom dapatkan
haha :)

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