Monday, 27 April 2009

rutin masih sama

im typing
in a quick pace
*nak kejar bas at 6pm*:)

just finished my NZ talk
lebih smngat *i suppose*
i noe kau leh masuk sme uniS dere too
IMU ada collaborate dgn org NZ gak
Allah answer our prayer

so,ysterdy nyte
felt lil homesick
houzmates were busy with their work
i was readily sleepy
bt not wanting to go to bed
thinking of my workload 4 dis week

will be on a 4days leave 4 dis weeknd
mahu pergi klcc r
rindu bngunn itu.;(

kau di rumah
belajar tau
aku di sini
belajar juga

1 comment:

12345:) said...

haha, okayy go IMU

tp finall examm...
kne pass dulu

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