Thursday, 31 May 2012

kak Diana Rizal :)

intan nur hadilah

Dear Kak Dee, the only person on planet Earth who will call me Jewels.

How time flies, you had finally graduated from IMU and flying off too Scotland next Tuesday.
Congratulation my dear, you deserve every single of it :)

I'm not sure how we can be this close.
I cant remember how we started, but I can surely remember the wonderful feeling of having you around.
And I know for sure I'll be missing you, BIG TIME :(


Rindu jumpa kak Dee around IMU with your purple bag.
Rindu kacau kak Dee dekat library.
Rindu borak dengan kak Dee.
Rindu nak mengada-ngada.

You are like a big sister to me, and of course to our other dear friend too, you know who.
A 'consultant' for us too, perhaps? :p Being there, for the up and down.
I can randomly tell you everything and anything, you'll be one of the person i look for if i need some personal opinion whenever I'm lost.
And your response always make me go,
"OMG, kak dee sangat memahamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! "

I shall thank HIM, for a sister named Diana Rizal. For this lovely friendship. Alhamdulillah.

Take care in Scotland. May Allah ease you life over there.
And balik nanti intan nak souvenir okay? :DD


P.s: Please dont make me cry. Thank you for writing this :')

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


i am sarah hani. i am still alive. life has been busy. n it is getting colder here,down under.


intan nur hadilah, hi! :D

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Save the best for last (?)

intan nur hadilah.

Tergerak hati untuk tulis juga walaupun sebenarnya niat di hati nak post benda lain sebelum ni.
Have you heard of Dena Bahrin? Di mana satu ketika video dia di-proposed jadi satu fenomena?

Oh well, She's married! :D
' Akak' doakan korang bahagia. haha. Omg, tua setahun je padahal.

Btw, aku baca latest blog post dia. Seperti biasa, review yang aku baca di sana sini, sweet nyaa etc.
Menarik. She's only 20 and macam mana nak cakap eh, she see things in a totally different way of what typical 20 years old girls should be thinking. The right way. Alhamdulillah, for her :)


Bukan lah issue kahwin awal yang aku nak higlight. But issue 'save it after the marriage' by her.
Honestly berada di tempat aku, menjadi diri aku, i used to have those episodes of my heart-ache 'love story'.
Menangis, gembira, suka duka, benci sayang, rindu.

All praised to HIM, recently i feel so blessed by the 'gift' He sent me.
Semakin sedar, tahu apa yang salah and betul.
Belum lagi sempurna, dan mungkin tak akan sempurna.
Tapi sekurang-kurang nya crawling slowly out of my 'comfort zone'.

And this little girl's words some how inspired me as much as i could never imagined.

If the 'Love' makes you become worse. Let it go. it's hard. Allah knows and He will replace someone better for you. If the Love makes your relationship with family or beloved people worse, turn to Allah for decision, Allah knows the best. If you're in dilemma what you want and what make things better. Have faith in Allah, He knows what you've done.He knows what you've sacrificed. Dan, cinta itu memang perlukan pengorbanan." 

First time baca this paragraph, rasa macam sangat...... speechless.
Does this girl just read whats on my mind and heart?! Okay coincidence.

Oh yes its hard and Im letting go of the the past 'love story'.
For good, InsyaAllah.

And for the future,

 "  If you love someone, protect the 'love' . Protect the sweetness"

 Girls, protect your dignity,your heart and guys, please protect the girl you love. Please save your love story. Choose someone to marry, not someone for you to only walking around and be happy.  "

May Allah bless you, dunya and akhirah. ♥

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