Sunday, 19 January 2014

Paradise Fall.

intan nur hadilah

 "Cross your heart!! Cross it! Good you promise. No backing out."

UP has always and forever be one of my favourite animation movie.
Pernah kena delete all movie in laptop sebab memory full.
But I never have the heart to delete this one, just because I can watch it over and over again.

It shows how strong a love between two person can be, even when they are no longer alive.
Love in a good way. If you get what I meant.

And somehow, this particular scene always remind me of you.
I always come out with this imagination future wishlist of mine which sometimes can be irrelevant.
And told you about it. Used to.
And I wish I can still do that.

Ellie :  "You know, you dont talk very much...... I like you!"

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dua ribu empat belas

intan nur hadilah

Hi 2014! :)

Tak dapat nak recap 2013 macam Sarah Hani.
Terasa lama sangat dah tak singgah, luang masa dekat sini.
Life had been so packed, packed with so many things going on.
Exam and then winter break yang awesome. Alhamdulillah.

Wanted to write about my winter breaks,
But knowing me, I would spent some time thinking what to write,draft it and publish. And perhaps end up, not even write it at all. Maybe one day. Yeah one day.
We went to Spain. Barcelona - Granada -Madrid- Cordoba to be exact. And went home from Lisbon, Portugal. 

A girl can dream. Yes you can.
Rasa macam masih mimpi dengan rezeki yang Allah bagi.

To get the chance to travel to different places in the world,
To witness the beautiful places and God's creation,
To widen your horizon by learning the history of places,
Meet different kind of people, learnt to know people.
Embrace the beautiful moments and memories with the girls.

Dan banyak  lagi cuma masih tak terungkap dengan kata-kata yang tak seberapa ni :')


Even though I might be the last one among my circle of medical friends who went though their first day of clinical years, but yeah ITS OKAY, ITS ALRIGHT. (denial)
Terasa lain sangat dah bila clinical.
If I know life would be so much different, I would enjoy my lectures to the max. haha.

Having different timing of rotation with the housemates. Semua dah lain.
Its time, to be on your own. For real.

To be bold, to have the courage to voice out.
To be okay with not being okay.
To adapt with no proper lunch break neither prayers break.
This is how life going to be, for this semester, 

Belajar dekat negara orang, negara asing sememang nya bukan lah satu benda yang mudah.
Apa aku belajar hari ni, to survive this is to fight the insecurity, inferiority.
Sometimes you claimed things that going to pull you down is your environment.
How people treat you. But fear not, your true 'enemy' is the devil speaking inside you.

How you reflect yourself, how you see yourself is how people going to treat you.
Kalau rasa diri ni kecil sangat, kecil lah dia. Confident sikit.


Fight it Intan Nur Hadilah. Hold on to it. Insya Allah :)

Jangan pernah lupa peristiwa kenapa kau bangkit.
The day you finally sort out why you are still fighting to be a good doctor. 
Sunday, 24th June 2012.

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