Saturday, 22 January 2011


Bloggie has been abandoned by me for almost more than a week.
Im sorry, i've found another virtual net pet on Tumblr.
Been 'nurturing' her most of the time more than you now.
I'll get back to you later on okay?

Ohh yeah,
Bloggie, meet your new sister, the little things.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

thoughts become things.

what else is there to think about? when you keep on thinking about the issue and there's no ending to it *at least for d near future*.u hav been thinking about it for many months..talked about it yesterday.n today,u are back to d thinking phase.
so,what's next?

u dont know the answer,no one else knows too.its not too early to think about are aging as days pass by.its a serious matter that you hav to spend some time thinking about it,because u dun't want to end up like certain people.

the current game plan?

for now,lets stop thinking about it.lets just be like others.but always remember,u were good being a miss,cntinue playing ur role well.get to know more people,just in day.u might need them.feel secure for now.let the years pass by.and you shall pray more to Allah.

----forever might end tomorrow---

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Goodbye Facebook?


First time online Fb kejap td, tengok mcm kecoh je news feed.
Apparently, a news spread about Facebook is closing down this 15 march 2011.
Quite a number of people on the friend list share a link of it.

Funny huh? First impression, i was like, OMG serius? Mcm lawak gila je.
No i dont go crazy, crying over, sobbing out lout, WHAT IM GONNA DO NEXT WITH MY LIFE?! But seriously, Dont you think people like this would actually exist?

So i Google bout it. And they said it was rumours. [here]

" Spreading on the news that Facebook is going down on 15th March, is like talking bout the world gonna end in 2012"

Jangan lah cepat melatah. Im not a complete Facebook maniac or freak, but come clean i did log in everyday unless i have no access to the net or im way too busy with more important things.

Im sure some how Facebook had influence your life.
Yes i do get the point where some people dont really like FB. They joy over this news. But ironically, i can see they also do online everyday.

I dont dare to comment more on serious issue on how those issue created by Fb user.
Isu fitnah, maruah dan sebagai nya. Yeah, bad things happened.

Tapi benda yang remeh temeh,

Ada yang mengaku, Fb kekadang bagi 'tekanan perasaan'. Alarh, benda alah yang kita describe as peer pressure. Sebab Fb, boleh buat orang lain gaduh, cemburu tengok life orang lain.
Improving life tips: Just stop stalking on those people. Cant help yourself? Then its your problem, not Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is way too boring?
Lepas tu, awat yang awak duk log in? Siapa paksa?

Kenapa Myspace, Friendster dulu okay je?
Because people grow up, time keeps ticking, technology evolve.
If we all move back to those site, Im sure same damage would be done as well.

Apa motif yang cuba disampaikan? Honestly, aku pun tak tahu :p
I guess i just wanna point out those ironic stuff i watch most of the time.
Some things are meant to be fix by yourself.
Kalau betul pun Fb nak shut down, move on with life. Im sure I'll get used to that sooner.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Next time, beli je.


Pernah tak, anda keluar berjalan-jalan. Window shopping ke apa. Terjumpa something yang bak kata orang, cinta pandang pertama. Something tau, bukan someone. Something yang mmg nak sangat and rasa PERLU. Lepas tu, tgk price tag, bermonolog dalaman "hurmm. okay not bad. tapi tapi....... rs mcm boleh cr for better price je". Okay tkpe, jalan jalan tempat lain dulu.

After few days.

Masuk ke store yang sama dengan semangat yang sgt determine untuk beli yang stuff yang telah di-aim few days back. Duit semua dah prepare. Walk straight to the corner, but unfortunately, setelah mencari-cari dan cari. none NONE none. Okay tkpe, usha usha dulu. Mungkin dah move to SALE part.

After few minutes.

OK fine, tkde makna nya nak optimistic lagi. Memang dah tkde. This is the moment, where i feel , OMG SERIUSLY MENYESAL GILA. kenapa aku tak beli je that day. Crushed. sobs sobs. This is my problem. Dah banyak kali KOT :(

At the end, pulang dengan hati yang keep sayin,

" Tkpe tkpe, ada hikmah. Ada punya. Save duit. Ok, ada hikmah. Definite. Period"

Setiba di rumah,

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nak jugak! Kenapa lah aku tak beli hari tu! :'( "
and this can continue for few days.

For this case: its just a F21 long necklace, large pendant anyway. But still! Keperluan,some how.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Before you criticize, wait.


Today is one inspiring day.

Watched an episode of Losing it with Jillian on 702. Epi: the May family
Im touched. Its bout a woman who felt that her life has ended the day her husband divorced her and left the family. Her grieve not only 'kills' her but her children were badly emotional and physical affected.

"Some of us think sometimes holding on to something keeps us strong but sometimes letting go that does."

Dont live your life haunted by others shadow. Dont be a victim of your life.


I love Tumblr.
I can spend the whole day browsing trough it.
Full of such beautiful pictures of people, great quotes of life.

Aku tk tahu lah, maybe aku sorang je rasa mcm tu kan.
But pernah tak rasa mcm, OMG betul lah quotes ni.

Rasa mcm,
nak reblog je semua bnda.
nak share je kt fb ke twitter.
i wish im that picture, being in those great places.

I dont know, tp this feeling is pure. You know when you feel it. HAHA.
After tonight, after browsing trough this awesome Tumblr of a stranger,
i feel like starting my new year with new resolution, of being a brighter person.
And usually im not really a person with those resolution thingy.

To be honest, im a complicated person who sometimes think too much of unnecessary things.
Sometimes i feel something is wrong with me, but i dont know what.
Sorry hati and minda, dah banyak kali menyusahkan :)

2011. i will stop asking for ur shine, but instead i will shine you.
No matter what awaits me. i will, InsyaAllah

Before you talk, listen
Before you react, think
before you criticize, wait
Before you quit, try.

*all photos posted are credited via

Sunday, 2 January 2011

i'll miss you. :)

byk gila tabs aku dh bukak.before aku start posting something here.seriously,xtau nk post apa.haha.ada je sbnrnya isu2 menarik..tapi xnk r post aku xnk org tau.haha :D
aku nak tau..nerve apa yg buat kita rasa gatal..bukan gatal cinta tu..tapi ni gatal yg kna garu tu..aku dh belajar medic setahun...xde pund eyrng ajar stimulus n nerve gatal tu...apa yg kta rasa sbnrnya time gatal tu..aku hairan r..
intan dah meminta aku post something.apa korng nak tau? *ke korng xnk tau apa2?* haha.nak ckp psl bola malaysia..mcm dh lapuk kot.tapi xpe r.sentuh sikit ;) hmm,bagus r bola malaysia dh naik balik..aritu,aku ada rasa kesal gak,x pegi stadium bukit jalil tgk kemenangan at last,dpt tgk kat NZ..peh kau! time score safee sali tu..ratusan org terus berdiri uh..nyanyi2,sorak2..hebat! :D mcm tu gak r..time cycler negara,rizal tisin,mng..time tu kat apartment52..satu rumah sorak habis2an gilaa..dpn tv rumah r...smpai kwn2 minah salleh kteorng,ketuk pintu rumah..tnya apa dh jdi..jerit kuat2.haha :D *okay.sudah hal sukan*
semalam,1st time aku gi kenduri kawin sejak aku balik mas..hmm,xde beza pun..ok.ada la sikit bezanya..haha.cara aku view d scenes..lain dh ;) mknn still sama..tapi aku masih mencara aym masak merah kaw,air sirap,nasi minyak.. :D
oh.tahun baru.2011.aku xde azam tahun baru.main bantai je..yg aku the end of this yr,aku iA,naik tahun 3 perubatan :) <--- itu azam r kan? haha.budu gak r aku ni..oh,aku juga nak buat byk lagi bnda dlm hidup..kalau nk jadi kaya,hmm,boleh r..tapi kena saving r.haha.aku nk try byk aktiviti bru..xnk try mknn bru *im not a risk taker in dat aspect ;)* nak buat aktiviti gila lagi..tapi kna ada byk duit laa..duit mara boleh support aku,tapi aku kna kurang mkn r.. x)
oh! ckp psl mknn...aku tmbh berat dh wei...aku dh takut nk naik scale now..baju2 aku pakai,smuanya yg over d size.dgn sengaja :D supaya aku x rasa guilty..sbb aku nak makannn :D tapi aku xde r gemuk sgt..haha.

itu hal 2010..skng dh 2011..
dah 2hari dlm 2011...nak buka isu "how was ur new yr's eve?" ke?
xyah laa eh...tapi kalau2 sapa2 nk share celebration deyrng,feel free,to drop by d comment box r eh..celebration aku simple je..
tahun berbeza,org yg sama,rasa yg lain
baikk..semoga tahun ini.
kau semua.dan aku.
buat banyak lagi aktiviti hidup.

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