Monday, 3 January 2011

Before you criticize, wait.


Today is one inspiring day.

Watched an episode of Losing it with Jillian on 702. Epi: the May family
Im touched. Its bout a woman who felt that her life has ended the day her husband divorced her and left the family. Her grieve not only 'kills' her but her children were badly emotional and physical affected.

"Some of us think sometimes holding on to something keeps us strong but sometimes letting go that does."

Dont live your life haunted by others shadow. Dont be a victim of your life.


I love Tumblr.
I can spend the whole day browsing trough it.
Full of such beautiful pictures of people, great quotes of life.

Aku tk tahu lah, maybe aku sorang je rasa mcm tu kan.
But pernah tak rasa mcm, OMG betul lah quotes ni.

Rasa mcm,
nak reblog je semua bnda.
nak share je kt fb ke twitter.
i wish im that picture, being in those great places.

I dont know, tp this feeling is pure. You know when you feel it. HAHA.
After tonight, after browsing trough this awesome Tumblr of a stranger,
i feel like starting my new year with new resolution, of being a brighter person.
And usually im not really a person with those resolution thingy.

To be honest, im a complicated person who sometimes think too much of unnecessary things.
Sometimes i feel something is wrong with me, but i dont know what.
Sorry hati and minda, dah banyak kali menyusahkan :)

2011. i will stop asking for ur shine, but instead i will shine you.
No matter what awaits me. i will, InsyaAllah

Before you talk, listen
Before you react, think
before you criticize, wait
Before you quit, try.

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