Sunday, 19 December 2010


one who can talk,discuss and most of all; rationalize.
embrace every happy moments.
how hard you try to amend things,there's a limit to it.
nothing is confirmed yet.
so,discuss and rationalize.

another 8semesters to go
iA :)

So, whats now, dessert or disaster?

Heh, not again. This is aint supposed happen to us.

I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as i did
You got me thinkin bout our life our house and kids,
Every morning I hear you and smile
Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down.

Sometimes love comes around, and it knock you down.
Just get bakc up, when it knocks you down.

Hey, now we're crashing, dont know how it happened.
But it didnt feels any good.

We, were never meant to be baby. We just happen.
So, please, dont mess up the trick.

this is tragic, coz we had it.

Say, we put the good with the bad, happy and the sad.
So will you bring a better future than we had in the past
I dont wanna fall back on my face again
And if it hits better make it worth the fall.

We had our ego both too high.
It feels like we are in a race, but at the end, we both lose.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Still, we are attracted to the XY chromosomes.

Last Sunday, we had our first 'date' since sarah hani is back in Malaysia.
Berjalan-jalan di ibu kota, sampai sakit kaki. Mencari benda yang tak pasti.
Being too choosy over something so simple. Simply me. But actually sarah, kau lagi complex tau kalau nak shop ;)

Please forgive her for her jakun-ness :p

BB plaza- Pavillion- KLCC.
Tak beli pun apa yang nak aim actually. BUT! We did something lesbo-ish. haha!
REFER TO POST TITLE. Yes, we are seriously straight people.
So, to the boyfriendS. Dont worry. Jap, ada ke sarah? Alright itu teka-teki assignment utk this week. haha :D

We did our 12345 carved ring! And fun fact, mine size 10. and Sarah's size 12. So, conclusion nya?
Did Sarah Hani gained weight? or aku memang dah kurus dr kau sarah? :p
Terasa pelik bila ada ring di jari.

Aunty yang carved kan nama. Thanks aunty.

But still, we'll reserved it for real diamond ring for our beloved future hubby, where ever and who ever you are out there sayang. We will wait for you.

HAHA. what the? Case closed.

the 4th finger of the left

P.S- I have no intention to be someone else. Nama saya Intan Nur Hadilah sahaja :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

what happened for spring finals..

blog walking.instead of stalking
a brand new morning,i should say :) my bro's blog.and extended from there..reading the SPM-students having their say for the exam they are sitting now..its funny to read,knowing that they are experiencing;how i felt once ;)
i was the budak,who challenged it all the way.and got disappointed when the results came out ;)
----------- SAM passed by, now in med school ---------------------

so,i had my Spring finals for almost a month.last november was nerve wrecking.i always wanted to update on my exam i i performed..but time never permits me to do so :)
some short summaries of my exams:
1. my exam pprs are in diff styles (SAQ,MCQ,MEQ) but testing for the same,basicly,i have to be ready FOR EVERYTHING by the 1st ppr..n by the last ppr,i would be in -dont know whatelse to read- mode..i experienced d same when it was d autumn finals.
2. so,d one n only SAQ ppr was okay for me.ookay doesnt mean -can pass with flying colours.ok?- it was just bearable.
3. MEQ was 1st time sitting for MEQ.dey presented Qs in terms of cases.didnt expect it to be dat deadly.microscopic changes of appendicitis? danggg..n d whole 10/20marks for safety-quality Q..i was so unsure.i bantai d whole way,n went back home n studied dat 20+ slides of lecture..i screwed up the 1st Q *types of error* damnnnn..but i heard,i was not alone.fine,sarah hani,you are not alone.but is dat good enough for you to move on? *hope so* :|
4. 2 MCQ pprs..d MCQ ppr,days after d MEQ ppr..dat was tough.mayb bcz i lost some of my confidence to MEQ n SAQ..n with the 'kelam-kabut' journey to med school..that might affect a lil bit..d last MCQ,was bearable..MCQs are still the questions type A,B,C,D (sometimes ,E) choices ones.....hmm,*i dunt want to recall doubts i have* :|
5. anat spot test.last ppr i had,it was for 22mins only..11 stations,2 mins on the labels on the cadavers..the heart station was difficult :| the other stations,i tried ;) hopefully,that's good enough.....
results coming out soon
ignoring it for the moment

----------- exams over.notes and books all packed up in the rack. shopping mode on ---
*nxt post.malas tulis2 dah.depress igt balik exams :(*

i want to pass so badly.pls Allah?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

From Oz to KL.


Yes, baby. She's back. She's in Melawati. And im not dreaming.

Well,perhaps some of you would notice how sometimes i like to announce thing. duhh.
But yeah, this is something i cant stop myself to make another mild announcement.
* I shall avoid those 'drum rolls'*
SARAH HANI is back for 2 month. Twooooooooo month! ;)
At last after quite sometimes, i feel the presence of TRUE friends near me. Physically,of course.
Obviously we keep updating stuff trough the net, skype and etc. But for her being within reachable distance, it feel so much different :)

Back on Wednesday morning. Met her after long 9 month.
It was awkward actually. Nervous. huhh. Its like," Hi Sarah? "
Do we shake hands? Cant rememeber. BUT. what the heck. shaking hands? haha
And mummy was like, " ehh tak peluk-peluk ke nangis pun ?"
HA HA. Okay, dalam hati tuhan je yg tahu. Malu :')

Sarah Hani, baik hati. Dia belikan saya souvenir dr OZ. Terima kasih Kak Hani. I love you? ;)

ELMO pyjamas pants. Comel kan? *angguk*
No, i dont collect Elmo stuff. Its just happend this was on sale kot. Isn't it sarah?
HAHA. i love you AGAIN.

I <3> Sydney tee.
Aku still terkilan kau beli size S instead of XS.

Ripcurl flip flop.
Confirm ada yg mcm, : " Eleh, ni pun boleh beli kat Pavi"
No no, lain. So are we done here? Great ;)

When she's here, there nothing more i can wish for currently. I feel complete.

P.s : Percubaan utk post in full English telah gagal. GAGAL. Rasa mcm skema gila. haha

pp.s: Sengaja je guna Pavi. Bukan bujet tp since vid " dia pilih KLCC dowh" ada, rasa KLCC mcm rempzzz gila. rempzz=rempit? Eww. ok whatever Intan -,-
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