Sunday, 12 December 2010

Still, we are attracted to the XY chromosomes.

Last Sunday, we had our first 'date' since sarah hani is back in Malaysia.
Berjalan-jalan di ibu kota, sampai sakit kaki. Mencari benda yang tak pasti.
Being too choosy over something so simple. Simply me. But actually sarah, kau lagi complex tau kalau nak shop ;)

Please forgive her for her jakun-ness :p

BB plaza- Pavillion- KLCC.
Tak beli pun apa yang nak aim actually. BUT! We did something lesbo-ish. haha!
REFER TO POST TITLE. Yes, we are seriously straight people.
So, to the boyfriendS. Dont worry. Jap, ada ke sarah? Alright itu teka-teki assignment utk this week. haha :D

We did our 12345 carved ring! And fun fact, mine size 10. and Sarah's size 12. So, conclusion nya?
Did Sarah Hani gained weight? or aku memang dah kurus dr kau sarah? :p
Terasa pelik bila ada ring di jari.

Aunty yang carved kan nama. Thanks aunty.

But still, we'll reserved it for real diamond ring for our beloved future hubby, where ever and who ever you are out there sayang. We will wait for you.

HAHA. what the? Case closed.

the 4th finger of the left

P.S- I have no intention to be someone else. Nama saya Intan Nur Hadilah sahaja :)

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