Thursday, 28 January 2010

are u having your dinner?

HI silent blog & to all readers ;
so,my visa is all set.d medical check up report is done.
d official offer letter 4rm mara should be here by tomorrow.still i doubt that :)
im in a 24hours game right now.midnyte to midnyte.
till now,it's still ok to live with dere r stuffs making the time kill :]
bout d kuala gandah trip; its all cancel.for now.mumy n dady gave me a choice to choose.but,i ended up deciding to just cancel it off :)
i am in a very tough position now.somehow.i think i am being punished for being me.ouh that so wrong? its so tiring to please people.when A is happy,B is not.n it continues to be vice versa.n me,C? haihh..i just cant wait to get over this phase of life.where others r more teruja than seriously not enjoying this treatment.i dislike being cared of secara melebih-lebih.
n i am very sure.this whole phase of ppl has nver seen a diffrnt part of me.
so,alright sarah with it.embrace =)
n d 'tingtong' tone.doesn't mean d same person texted me.thank you.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


nak pergi kuala gandah

she's back for real.

Intan mana? ohh. hidup lagi. malu je nak update. since dia bujet dia ada bad feeling. KONON.told you so. ini mengukuhkan lagi fakta ;

intan nur hadilah memang someone yang cakap je lebih.

OKAY.before sarah berangan dengan lebih melarat. hollywood sudah.
to Sarah:babe, cukup lah dah for now angan angan kau yang awal itu dah tercapai :p

update time.
*&!%^$@^&writer's block&**@%%$&

PANGKOR? overall was not that bad. harapan tak hanya tinggal harapan.
we went to the beach! yeahh, that sandy,blue beach with lots of sea shells. come to think. tak nampak pun shells. okay. abaikan. itu kurang penting.

reach the jetty round 7.30pm. sayang je naik feri malam. we miss those scenery. tangkap gambar pun wajib on flash. hasil nya, muka sangat clear all the messiness background gelap.
arrived at the camp. first impression? honestly. people in my van were like "OMG OMG is this the place?!" and then it changed to " OMG! OMG! is this the toilet?!".
lesson learn: rindu gle toilet akasiaaaa! :(

Night Walk.

before night walk ;
"kamu semua kena jaga adab masuk hutan. jangan celupar. sentiasa kira orang. balik nnt kalau KURANG orang takpe. yang TERLEBIH orang itu yang susah"

so trough out the night, its was all about, "elayne okay? farhana ada? intan okay tak? kugaaaan? chong are you still there?"
balik night walk : bermula lah drama-drama manusia yang mencari pacat. ohh ohh. i got one :D

masuk hutan. jungle trekking.
sampai top, randomly baling besi quadrant then count any species exist in the quadrant. bunyi macam scientific je kan. tapi kira apa je, semut, rumput, labah-labah paling mencabar pun ada pacat lah dalam quadrat tuh. took some soil sample to be examine back at the lab camp which was the canteen at that moment.

turn out semua result experiment negative. maybe tanah atas bukit tu memang dah ketandusan mineral. hurm,apa-apa je lah. itu later discuss masa buat report. teringat farhana ptg yg sama ;

*dengan muka yang ikhlas and innocent*
" awak awak bagi saya kan, part yang paling best masa jungle trekking is...... teamwork"

and we the rest of us looked to each other and HAHA. farhana ni. simpan je lah dlm hati :)

ohhh! we went to the beach babby. banana boat.
dah sampai tengah tengah laut baru sedar, farhan takde life jacket. jerit jerit. but people at the shore thought we were waving goodbye and they waved back. wth. paan takde life jacket lahhhh! pak cik banana boat with his boat came to us. dengan tiada expression utk membuat lawak atau mesra. tetiba dari excited jadi nervous gle. bila saya angkat tangan, awak semua buat tangan mcm ni *takleh lah nak demo* lepas tu jatuh kan diri.

jatuh. panik. gasping for air. air laut yang sangat masin. semua teknik yang pakcik tu ajar, tak ter buat pun. kenapa lah aku jerit tolong tolong! gila dramatik wehh. instead of swimming to shore, four of us, stuck in the middle of the sea. dari funny jadi serius, hisyam and amirul datang tarik kteorang. even dah smpai cetek pun, still dramatik lemas lagi +___+

"okayy wehhh, sekarang dah boleh cecah kaki dah, kte dah sampai pantai ehh"

O-M-G.MALU nya.
that night, BBQ. play truth or dare with some of us.
okay, fine. aku memang penuh dgn idea dare yang agak mean. yang pelik nya, mine was Truth.
and they asked me, if i ever get any feeling toward Hasyim 9M7? HAHA.
for those who really concern bout the scandalous life of mine.
SERIOUSLY. i have nothing in comitment with anyone in INTEC for the rest of my life there.
get this point straight, okay babes? so, you can stop wondering. IF YOU DO

before balik, sesi bergambar. suprise tuk Kak Long. Happy birthday :')
a short trip round Pangkor. a short SUNNY trip, i should say.
dari Kilang ikan satay to temple. next to Kota belanda before the jetty. BALIKK.
sayang nya, tak expect pun nak beli banyak souvenir. dah lah pulau itu tkde CIMB atm machine
takpelah, at least dapat cute fridge magnet shrimp tuk mama yang boleh gerak gerak tu. alarh,bayangkan lah sendiri :p

conclusion: i had GREAT time. unexpected fun. value and cherish. 9M5 =)
to SH, youu are my one and only piggy-twin

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

hollywood bebeh! haha

im so-frigging-excited to blog on this post x)

so..staying at simply a boring routine right now.i've been in frnt of d tv.almost half of d day.n d other half? duhh..its here.wif my lappy :)

i've watched the golden not d person to watch it straight 3 yea..i've seen parts of the award,this morning.alone.on d sofa.turned on 712.haha.i watched the red carpet part.i saw mariah carey n her outfit yaww.but dat didnt really caught my attn.;) after watching the E! cast at d red carpet.i had a thought..i want to act! haha.mesti seronok kn..ok.mayb not forever.mayb a day or two wuld b super fine! haha.i just want to feel how it is to b a REAL public figure =D so..angan-angan japp..i want to be sarah walker in CHUCK.haha.her acting in dat superb.for me :) its like a b able to act as sarah walker.i suppose.i'll b able to act in saspens,romantic-comedy mvies.its like 2-in-1.haha.

moving you think you can dance! tonight is d season finale.repeat..d 2008 show.i know..ketinggalan zaman..but still..haha.every tues nyte.for two hours.i'll b so amazed.watching them nobody's business.againn..just now.d last show..made me felt.that i want to become COURTNEY! haha.she's not d i think she has d right dance moves.evntho she doesnt hav d slim body.but i think her chubby-ness..made her looked good me.its not me alone.who adores her dance moves.haha :P *agak sahih* ;) google-up see who's courtney.but i've attached.two videos..

their moves are cool-io ;)

ouh! biggest loser asia.
haha.your confession is like
to all ASIANS =))

i dream big just to create wild-imaginations.
to kill boredom..
but i stil sarah the end of d day :)

Monday, 18 January 2010

you got me

im back for a new a different topic ;)
but its not affecting me so much r =)

ouh one more.when someone tells you;
"sendiri rasa sudah"
do you know how to interprete dis statemnt? cz i think its a very subjective one.but i really want to answer d public's Q with this statemnt.its easily defined by our own words only.haa ;) so,dunt ask too much Qs our answer is simple."sendiri rasa sudah" :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Dont miss me too much, okay ?

off to Pangkor this weekend.

bila cakap Pangkor, semua bagi respond yang positif. seronoknya! :D atau pun nak ikut!
tapi mereka patut dengar fully. im off to Pangkor for my Biology trip.

and hidden reality will be:
- i'll be staying in the jungle. yes, hutan awak. so for those yang dah imagine laut biru, sandy beach with lots of seashells and comfy chalet. lupa kan. itu hanya harapan semata-mata. google lah kem Raudah Pangkor. itu realiti.

- snorkeling? jangan terus berangan. anda hanya akan masuk ke hutan. kutip soil. test for acidity. then, buat quadrat sampling. perlu ke diteruskan? *breath in and out

i had a real bad feeling about this. hurm. for those who knew what im talking bout. IN CASE muka aku keluar paper ke kan, sarah,here goes your dialog:

"intan memang ada mention benda pelik the night before. tapi tak fikir lah plak kan."

*this is the part where you cry louder, but try not to exagerate*
if i have the chance,i just want to tell her i love her damn much...."

HAHA. okay. seriusly. not funny. but yeah, hutang aku kau halalkan eh :p

shah alam, i'll be back on Sunday. i'l l be back :)
terasa pelik buat first time nya nak sangat balik shah alam.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

yuan yu fang.

"NASIB ADA UWS" (lala,2010)
ouh wow.haih..apa kan daya.
bukan semua peminat kita

if x suka.jgn cntinue baca blog ini dh =) okayy.for whoever sincerely cares..

uni updates again.boring much my life now.revolves around it..ouh i said.ppl who really cares.will read this accomodation is almost aprtmnt.dlm campus :) went to T dis fetch my afidivit n ConfirmationOfEnrollemnt.need them to get 50% off d usual price of a 5yrs pasport.=D so,wil b doing my paspport,dat i can move on wif my visa next week.ouh n med check up stil cant decide.whether i shud get a new specs.*a back-up one*..before i go..,i slept over in akasia last nyte.just for the sake of FUN.haha.i didnt want to go to s.jaya.n collect the above mention stuffs.n back,i decided to put a nyte in shah alam.n d nxt morng,head on to,dats wut i simply did.n im safe back home =) this time.i shud thank i felt so lucky..evntho i had to run for some bus its like no waiting for d bus session.rapidKL was really rapid;fast.haha.KTM still disappoint me.but i brought aiman's book,it wasnt a real torture to see those delays on the timeboard.reached s.alam around 4pm.n waited for lokmn to look for d ole2 famous shopping mall :D alan was wif him.n surprisingly.alan is actually my long-lost-i-dunt-realy-know-you-before-this FRIEND! haha.he was wif me in mrsm kkb.i did recognized his face tho.didnt change much :) so,v headed to some foodcourt.intn brought us hav some ais kacang.den to mcD 4 dinner ;) ouh ouh! kini,tamat lah kempunan prosperity beef.haha:D

ouh satu perkara
sarah hani
sangat tak gemar.
apabila di kacau.
time makan dan tidur.
i thought you know

Monday, 11 January 2010

update goes on.last 8th jan.there was an award ceremony for ppl who scored staight 5As n merit(a20) students.back to MPH.i was one of those students who got d merits tho :) *ordinary one here* okayy.i was stil nervous to attend dat award in spite of the 1.5yrs in tylors.haha.mayb bcz of the presence of you parents? haha.agk,tylors gave out a piala yg kalau-baling-kat -tikus,tikus-pun-mati :D berat gakk ah bnda tu.

okayy.d uni stuff.its good for now.did my application for d accomodation,hpefully all 5 girls.r placed in the same house.making our life they will b able to cook 4 me.good foods.haha:D our place wil b on campus.decided on dat.n wil live wif it.for a yr..n den,v'll think of smething afta d 1st yr..d guys pun most probably wil b at d same dere r no seniors,i suppose.evryone wants to play safe n xnk leceh2 ;D

ouh yestrdy~ AJL-24.aizat song won d grand is a great one.d performnce n d song ,itself :) faizal tahiR's performnce best gak.ouh wel.overall,yesterdy nyte's event.was full of gimmick ;D likey :)

tomorrow.starting my driving clas.2 hours,i think.not sure..rushing thru get my P license b4 flying off =)

if ever this earth can rotate a lil bit slowly.

Friday, 8 January 2010

a good enough :)

a call from +603... at 12.39pm on 06jan2010
was the call that turned my life,my mood of d dy into the good-happy-joyful side.
yaww :D
S:helo? *unknown no.mayb this is it?*

so,the news spread.(org ckp.berita laju je nk smpai org2 lain.kalau berita buruk 2x lebih laju.heh.) okay yg dlm kurungan tu,xde kena mengena ;) nways..officially here i am. off to UniWstrnSydny
before march r.but mara x kuarkn formal offer ltter,intn's coutdown wtv tu..x valid sgt.haha.

THANKS to manusia2 yg telah wish congrats :) or mgkn ada yg berniat nk wish.thank u gak.niat tu penting.haha.*peminat2 pun x dilupakn eh.thnx!* :D

now.tgh cri accomodation je kat sana.v r d 1st seniors,accomodation kena handle sendiri..til formal letter kuar.i'll b busy running errands.n will update my running around stuffs time-to-time k :)

kawan2 T;
thank you for the overall moral support

Thursday, 7 January 2010

i have a new best friend.

Yes, as most of you know Sarah Hani will be flying off soon. where,when? tunggu lah sarah update next. As her official spoke person, she wanted to keep that as secret from me. mengarut je.

to Sarah Hani: Ngess! aku akan tahu juga KOT later. call Mummy now pun boleh. main secret secret plak. so piggy-twinny old fashion :p

SO, setelah tambah tolak darab dan bahagi, hari hari bersama kawanbaik (Sarah Hani), mungkin hanya tinggal ;
38 days left

tapi memandangkan i'll be in Intec for the normal weekdays. count of days left;

15 days left only

im not going to write how much memories we have, or how different things will be after this. NOT NOW. boringlah sarah asyik cakap pasal kau je kan. HAHA.

People,say Hello to my NEW best friend. * louder.

Kenal dah lama dah. since tadika lagi. yes Sarah. lagi lama dari aku kenal kau. tapi since masuk Intec ni rasa tiba-tiba je rasa menyampah. i remembered crying few times because of you. my interest to you now is totally different. dulu masa highschool, happy happy je. why eh? kenapa weh aku rasa benci sangat ni. frust tahu tak. rasa pelik kenapa ada orang boleh suka kat @%$#&* bukan nama sebenar*. Abaikan.

but then since Sarah will be off soon, i made my mind to be nice to @%$#. Sorry babe. dia rival baru kau now. FACE IT.

to new best friend: i will try to love you with all my heart. trough hard times and good times. i'll promise to spent more time with you. to actually understand you better. im sorry for my past mistakes. Im sorry cause there were time where i feel like giving up on you. but not now. not from TODAY.

Time to introduce you babby; meet miss Core Math :)
" cik core math, tolong lah be nice last semester ni :) "
Align Centre

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


updates uh? free from SAM.staying at home.getting stuffs done for my driving license
screaming loudly in a silent tone
you in a limbo.ok.not a limbo,limbo.its just..i stil place some hope.a lil bit.not showing im tired of being let in d middle now.there r 2 particular,distinct groups.the ones who r preparing stuffs to make their wayy off.n d other ones who r settling down nowhere in both YET.i wil eventually come to one of the side.n i think im more towards staying here.but you see..i'v yet to get myself in get d fact right.i managed to do so.once.dat dy.but this 'placing hope' mood kept coming back.ouh! dere is dis very distinctive group of people voicing stuffs to every now n den.i think dey r d ones who keep placing dat 'hoping' mood in me.cant anyone get d fact dat its realy difficult? enugh of those wisdom words.thank you all.but i think,its better to make me realise the reality 4rm now me to b im so far from d 'acceptance' finish line.maybe the pressure is really hard now.d uniS r back in d move.placing out offers whereva dey want.n im just waiting,hoping.if ever one gmail account do have an offer in it 4 me.n if ever Allah grants me,my 1.5yrs wish...but if not.i believe there r good-solid-hidden reasons y i hav to stay back here to perform,friends,pets.

so,still wondering what my days r now? im d girl in d middle of this whole depressing definitely doesn't feel good to be like this now.

ouh to my other buddies! do good for your 2nd call from prayers r for all of u.

wondering whats d meaning of those words in my title??

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Finally... NOT.

Esok esok balik Intec balik. Mungkin rasa pelik sebab sarah tak balik sama-sama. stay melawati. Azri balik lambat lagi. Nadia balik, Selasa. Still dua hari di rumah. Banyak beza. Min lagi lah, summer holiday. tapi Huari sama. at last! Jom lah balik esok gak.

Packing baju. Check. Kasut. Check. Buku,calculator. Check. Selalu sangat ada je benda tertinggal. Tahu lah rumah dekat je kan. Tapi tak sengaja pun nak tertinggal. Bukan alasan untuk mama datang dua hari. Bukan bukan. Rutin yang sama akan kembali. Isnin,selasa,rabu khamis,jumaat. Tambah tambah last sem, sure sure nya aura ke-nerd-an blok akasia di waktu malam akan terasa semakin kuat. OMG. Tkyah mention blok akasia. Rumah aku pun sure sure nya, semua stok belajar. Kan? If mereka yg berkenaan baca, then mereka akan faham. Rutin lain yg annoying is bosan nak fikir hari ni nak makan apa.

Tanya; makan mana weh?

Then,soalan itu akan dijawap dengan tipikal nya; aku ikut kau je. Kau nak makan mana? =_=

Nasib baik ada empat orang je serumah. If not the circle of question, go on smpai lapar kenyang balik. Ok fine, actually tkdelah annoying sangat pun stay kat kolej tuh, ada je fun times. Cuma kekadang malas nak mention part yg best best simpan je. Kaki complaint je lebih. Padahal,balik every weekend. Omg,please lah intan. Yeah, intan.nur.hadilah jarang di Tanya soalan; you/kau balik tak this week? Sebab dorang semua dah familiar sangat dengan answer yang akan dijawab dengan muka innocent. Kekadang soalan tu ditanya saja nak perli, padahal dah tahu jawapan. Kira rhetorical question lah.

I had come out with some new resolution that’s specifically refer to my life in Intec. But after deep thinking,which not really that DEEP. I decided not to mention it here. *jangan kecewa okay? :p Atas beberapa sebab yang relevant. And top relevant reason :

Intan Nur hadilah is a type of person yang-cakap-je lebih.

Hari ni beriya je express, esok dah lupa resolution tu. So macam buruk je kan?

Secara general and skema nya ; lessen my addiction to the net. Which I think in a good progress. Kalau dulu hari-hari nak update Tumblr, nak usha online shopping. Tapi now seriously tetiba dah malas. Kudos :)

Ok, bye Melawati. Hello shah alam.

I’ll be back next Friday for a special weekend. My lil babby sister, wait for it okay.


Is it true or you just drama queen-ing?

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