Friday, 8 January 2010

a good enough :)

a call from +603... at 12.39pm on 06jan2010
was the call that turned my life,my mood of d dy into the good-happy-joyful side.
yaww :D
S:helo? *unknown no.mayb this is it?*

so,the news spread.(org ckp.berita laju je nk smpai org2 lain.kalau berita buruk 2x lebih laju.heh.) okay yg dlm kurungan tu,xde kena mengena ;) nways..officially here i am. off to UniWstrnSydny
before march r.but mara x kuarkn formal offer ltter,intn's coutdown wtv tu..x valid sgt.haha.

THANKS to manusia2 yg telah wish congrats :) or mgkn ada yg berniat nk wish.thank u gak.niat tu penting.haha.*peminat2 pun x dilupakn eh.thnx!* :D

now.tgh cri accomodation je kat sana.v r d 1st seniors,accomodation kena handle sendiri..til formal letter kuar.i'll b busy running errands.n will update my running around stuffs time-to-time k :)

kawan2 T;
thank you for the overall moral support

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.w a n e e. said...

CONGRATS sarah!im happy for u.

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