Thursday, 7 January 2010

i have a new best friend.

Yes, as most of you know Sarah Hani will be flying off soon. where,when? tunggu lah sarah update next. As her official spoke person, she wanted to keep that as secret from me. mengarut je.

to Sarah Hani: Ngess! aku akan tahu juga KOT later. call Mummy now pun boleh. main secret secret plak. so piggy-twinny old fashion :p

SO, setelah tambah tolak darab dan bahagi, hari hari bersama kawanbaik (Sarah Hani), mungkin hanya tinggal ;
38 days left

tapi memandangkan i'll be in Intec for the normal weekdays. count of days left;

15 days left only

im not going to write how much memories we have, or how different things will be after this. NOT NOW. boringlah sarah asyik cakap pasal kau je kan. HAHA.

People,say Hello to my NEW best friend. * louder.

Kenal dah lama dah. since tadika lagi. yes Sarah. lagi lama dari aku kenal kau. tapi since masuk Intec ni rasa tiba-tiba je rasa menyampah. i remembered crying few times because of you. my interest to you now is totally different. dulu masa highschool, happy happy je. why eh? kenapa weh aku rasa benci sangat ni. frust tahu tak. rasa pelik kenapa ada orang boleh suka kat @%$#&* bukan nama sebenar*. Abaikan.

but then since Sarah will be off soon, i made my mind to be nice to @%$#. Sorry babe. dia rival baru kau now. FACE IT.

to new best friend: i will try to love you with all my heart. trough hard times and good times. i'll promise to spent more time with you. to actually understand you better. im sorry for my past mistakes. Im sorry cause there were time where i feel like giving up on you. but not now. not from TODAY.

Time to introduce you babby; meet miss Core Math :)
" cik core math, tolong lah be nice last semester ni :) "
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mariam zafirah said...

ouh God intan i love this post! :)))
i want yr new bestie to be my BFF too! :PP
correction. i NEED it to be my bff. haha.
p/s: all the best to sarah. :)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

yeahhh. we NEED it to be.
bukan hanya miss core math but yeah miss chem, miss bio and maybe miss keren? haha.

goodluck babe :D

mariam zafirah said...

nope. miss keren's brains. :))
xoxo. :)

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