Friday, 30 April 2010

IMU interview


ohh yes, im gonna blog about my IMU interview in the schematic way. sangat skema.

usually in this first part, the first ever question is describe yourself. standard lah kan. tk kan nak expect tetiba nak tanya soalan heavy. its a way to actually get rid of the nervous breakdown. chit-chat.casual talk. ckp psl character, hobby. BUT, yer ada but di di situ, this is the part where there actually get to know deeper bout yourself. and in my case, this is the part where they really provoke me based on what i said ==' [new emoticon sarah created for this blog. kan sarah? :p ]

i said i was friendly. they asked fr prove. then, next characteristic: high level of curiosity was suddenly came out of no where. and they asked me to prove it. OMG. tolong lah percaya je. sudah. pandang kiri kanan atas bawah gak lah nak cari bukti curiousity ni.

>They asked me my hobby. i actually said, surfing the net. updating stuff with my long-distance friends tru FB! see siapa ckp, FB buang masa. people,optimitic? :p obviously thats not it, when i surf the net. i'll also read latest news around the world from Yahoo. ohh yes i 'do'. pandai-pandai lah cover.

dah nama pun interview fr medicine. tipu lah if tkde soalan.
>why do you want to be a doctor?
and you are so NOT going to answer, because i think stethoscope are cool.
ok fine, maybe its true. but please, not NOW.

so this is the part where they ask more bout the so-called passion. people always said, just be urself. jawab je dari hati. honesty is the best policy. bla,bla. but my advice, just prepare your answer for this. honest ke tak, up to you :) AND if you are 'lucky' enough, they'll ask you more about IMU and others medical related question. sebagai contoh

why IMU? this is the part where your honesty is not the best policy. i choose IMU because its been stated in my scholarship agreement. duhh, what else? ok its a NO answer. or you can kiss them goodbye. antara jawapan yg menyedapkan hati, IMU has more than 26 partner medical school etc. zZZZzzzzzZz. ok NEXT!

okay this is the BEST part. you'll be given a situation. like mine, it was something like;

i applied for a medical school. but didnt get it. my family and i had planned this one month trip overseas fr my sister wedding. everything has been prepared. BUT the day my flight is, i received a call from my medical school for a course enrollment. should i proceed with my trip or attend the course?

yes i know. for those yg berjaya baca till this part would react.
"DUHHH, the attend the enrollment,of course. OMG what type of question is this =='"
its not as easy as that. they'll provoke you. i said the i'll attend the course and explained to my sister. im sure she'll understand. come on, if family sendiri tak faham. sila buat DNA test.

they provoked,
"you know that you're going to be her bridemaid. and this is the time where she's been dreaming for a loooooooong loooooong time. *yes, dorang actually make this 'long' sounds like since zaman batu lama nya* there will be family gathering,photos. dont you think you are selfish?"

okayy dah lah. the rest, dah malas nak tulis. penat. so last words, did my interview. and hope for the best result. amin.

i want and i need to be in IMU.

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