Friday, 2 April 2010

it hurts to talk, but it killed not to.

thanks for the essay sarah hani. its really inspiring :p
okay wrong smiley :)

its been a long time since i write anything emotional or personal. i've been trying to avoid that
but boleh tak for one day nak mengarut and emo jap?

im talking to you trough my post. just for the sake of expressing.

to my D-die hard fan,

If you are reading this, you'll know who you are.
Do you know that its getting annoying hearing you complaining the same thing over and over again? im starting to think that you are pathetic. ohh please, all of us are trying hard to survive this world, facing different type of people. Dont blame others if we are living this life, and you are just so left behind. the world dont ONLY revolve around you. i understand, we have different way of dealing things and perhaps you are a hard-thinker. fine. but be less emotional and more rational. can you? you are making a big issue out of very stupid,small things. and yet there nothing you do to make it better. and the next day you'll keep revolve around the same problem.

Stop, just stop. No, im not going to say, i understand how you felt, cause some how maybe i dont. but what i know for sure is, enough is your life. there are other bigger things to worry about in our near future. i care bout you, my dear friend. lets embrace things, shall we? :)

" Dont try to understand everything, cause sometimes it's not meant to understand. But rather to accept. "

suka hati je curi dari fb abang
okay. lapar dah. bye


Ahmad Muzzammil said...

wat is this all abt

Anonymous said...

jgn ah terasa weh.

hidayatpurdiono said...

you know what you could ask me to give you a better resolution of the picture...u knw...

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