Saturday, 24 April 2010

Live Life, Live Libresse ?

I'm bored. so here the lamest post.

Libresse? never heard of it? ohh jgn risau. anda tidak lagi di-considered lame.
cause i never heard of it too untill i saw this on FB! :D

masa first time video ni keluar home FB, i was like, ohh wow,yuna masuk dlm iklan.
first yuna's advertisement. iklan apa? ohh wow,iklan pad. time tu mcm dh funny skit.
brand apa? ohh Libresse. Lib- what? Libresse lah. ohh okayyy. brand baru kot.
so for girls out there, tidak perlu risau lagi. kini Libresse ada.

Libresse kemas selesa, serapan sempurna.
HAHA. okay thats not from me. thats the trademark

Anway, thats not the main point kenapa aku post benda ni. sebab tk dpt extra income pun tau.
Libresse did not and will not pay me for any promotion on their new brand either on black and white writing or mouth-to mouth promotion. just that, all this jarang nak tgk Yuna beside singing. so its like watching the other side of her. like :)

AND even the main site is quite different from the other. menarik in a way. so, if bosan. dah stalk orang kat fb pun dah bosan. ym pun tkde orang nak chat, you can kill time here. adibah noor pun ada. haha.

OMG what am i doing (!) Nampak sangat dah bosan tahap extreme.
dah dah, nak habis kan Unit 6 Bio.

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