Saturday, 30 May 2009

buka mata,lihat dunia

ayte ayte
just came home 4rm a day of loongg walk.
thanks wei :)
at d end of d day.
walked back alne to fakha took d monorail route back to sentral
got some ppl's brthdy presents.n my new earphne!
goin bck dis sem3.wif my mp3 on again ;)

approx 50mins to do plain walking :D
such an interesting route 4rm ts-klcc me LOTS! of freaking funny behviour teens walking around
i shud call dem.boyans.haha :)
intan,if kau ada bersama td.we'll create more sweet memories uh :))
so,yea.dese r few dialogues i heard which made me smile;
1. "wei.kwn2 aku pggil aku 3B kot.bontotbesarbergaya" -girls in toilet
2. "wei,mak aku tepon ni.apa nak buat" "ouh ouh.biar je wei.biar miscal" -apa jenis kawan r ni
3. "hi" -d same normal mamat scene
4."kita kena lari tau wei.tukar bju semua ni" -kept me wondering 4 awhile
so yeah,d 4th d tren opens it door at w.maju.i saw 5gurls.running down d stairs.straight into d toilet.n wen i was waiting 4 dady 2 pick me up.saw diff n decent attires.heading nowadys..
^ ouh n yea.went into klcc tday.evnthough i was rushing to go home 4 yea.i embraced that it has been MONTHS since i was dere ;D
^ ouh ouh! i met a *i dunnoe wut to call him* man.he painted himself all silver.n sat in4rnt of sgwang area.tmpt yg org slalu buat breakdnce tu.*post his pic later eh* ;)

overall,tday's outing.was me.being kinda jakun,awkwrd,tired,n jakun again.haha.hnestly,rindu ibu kota. =)

intan is helping out 4 some relay-cancer-bkt jalil-charity thing for tday n tmrow.her work shifts are 8-10pm n 4-6am.n yea,she did say.if she culd telepathy back home.she'll definitely do it ;) but im sure she's having fun nw.cnsidering d anita s'wk's cncert.haha.okk.if i culd telepathy wif her.i got lots to talk to kau :)

>>you belong with me -taylor swift<<

Friday, 29 May 2009

mahu jadi environmentalist :D

3 weddings in d family.upcoming ones.
2 in june.1 in july.
farah hanna.
u noe how things go wen its wedding recptions time,ryte..
d havoc talks.
between so many parties ;)
most common story; *kachhing* hah.normalnormal

ok enugh of d elderly talks..
yesterdy- jalan-jalan dengan intan nur hadilah.main pasir warna.buat gelagat bodoh kat tepi jalan.tggu bas rapid ;D
today- nak main bola :D jalan-jalan,jumpa mohamad azri.n paling cool.minum starbucks :))
esok- rasa mahu keluar melihat ibu kota.
*potret2 hari ku.akn di post lain kli :)

n yea, yesterdy.while i was walking back home.i saw a manusia.doing some inhumane act.n wut i wuld want to say is:
-stop OPEN BURNING! be someone educated.please and thank you-

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ohh manchester united..

okay. jgn salah faham.
this is not another free feeling expression bout which team should win tonight.
i think i have it enough in the facebook. people are voting for Man Utd Vs Barca.
which quite obvious the red devil will win kn?
whatever, i dont care.*haha*

BUT i cried today. with some screaming, i supposed. eh sarah? :P
and its all because you Man Utd. perhh.
tiket MU aku hilanggggggggggg! :(
i clearly remember, its was in the magazine.
so, i cried and cried with some cursing words in the middle.
called abang,nana and farhan.
-----some flash back---
*in case i misplaced it*

setelah satu rumah di geledah, turn out mama yg sorok.
okay ini amat menyeksa kan.
nasib baik mak aku sendiri. haihhhh. finee mama. FUNNY.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

buaya tungtung

tiring day.i shud say.went to d zoo.vlunteer.intan! abg2 dere.igt aku okayy *hak hak.malu* ;D
it rained very heavily dis morn.i wore a lyte blue tshirt tday.nt expecting a rainy day tho.huh :[ so,was placed at d reptile houz.i'll juz summarise wut i did okayy..
1. change d settings of d snakes cages *BUSUK nak mati*
2. gave food to the turtle
3. swept in d crocodile's cages *hnestly,i felt realy sad ;( 4 d crocodile juz now.i think it was crying.its gum bleed.i saw sorry 4 him/her x)
4. went into the turtle's catch them * n zaty were d ones wearing,both of us..went in*
5. went to d ask 4 a half day job.not approved *intan,xleh half day dh uh! :( *
6. was given the opportunity to take pics wif snakes.big ones! *but decided not to.i think this is the effect of 3yrs living wif someone who is phobia wif snakes.gah! :)*

overall.i was soak in rain water,pond water,sweat,pungent smell of those reptiles,dirt,mud.okay dats all ;) in that condition,i went to d pasar malam.hnestly,teramat malu, n intn didnt want to get oout of her houz.sheesh :P

n dis is one of d pic i word i wuld describe.comel.haha :D

muka budak rajin bekerja.gah!


Monday, 25 May 2009

hye ahmad sabri.

haha! okay. a friend. an old friends of ours. but sarah's is older (haha,nak jugak.) so,after quite a loong time since we last met him. so we decided to meet up! :) so yeah, dont eat at mydina's. sarah and i totally boycott that place. DONT. just dont okay. ada rambut dlm chutney aku. EWWW. and they cut the straw. double EWWW. the place was as HOT as..hurm,tak nak mention. nnt sarah envy. HAHA.

ouh we saw a man.jakun tgk big apple,sarah took a pic of him :))
then we went to arcade. okay.its doesnt sound THAT weird right. cuba notice muka sarah yg full-of-enthusiasm! ;)

sabri VS sarah hani
result: 6-6
*and i lost to sabri. 7-10. okay congrats sabri.
p/s: thats not gonna be the last time.
* muka intan in despair :D

sarah won the 2nd place. amazed! :P at least im third. and you sabri?
'ohh stereng dia tak best, screww dah hilang.'
yeah yeah sabri. itu kata-kata orang yg menang 4th place.

so till we meet again ahmad sabri. take care.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

okayy..dere's some changes to d privacy of the blog that i hav changed.dis is for a better peace of mind.

so,tday.its noon.updates for tday.
? nothingg..
woke up late tdayy.planning to go to bed again ;D
planned to go to jj repair my jeanss.but mayb nxt tyme.intan has smething to do.
mumy&dady went to klcc.thank Allah i didnt follw dem.urghh.*dady..* i'll update along if i in4rm aimn.hnestly,he'll b very pissed off.
ahhh.sundays are boring before this.but not for i am not goin to face d 6pm.going back to casa on holidayss ;) make full use of my 2weeks hols.i shud plan very i shud not rregret.wasting this holiday time of slot fakha somewher in d weekdys tho.heh ;)

so,yea.i hav d 10words to figure out.but i shal juz end my post tday.
wif a thought for all..
changes are, change to become someone better.that is also a change.a positive one.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

sunway, subang parade and casa.

intan:cepat2 pose je apa2.escalator nk abis dh
sarah:ish.ok ok.
settings: escalator jaya jusco,sunway pyramid

intan: ok ok.cepat.bergambar dgn bus rapid
sarah: alaa..aku x pkai bag betul.
settings: tepi jalan raya,depan carefour subang jaya
kami pengguna setia rapid KL ;)

sarah: ok wei.cepat r.tgkp gmbar.tmpt baik ni.
intan: nah.guna hp aku.kepala senget.boleh kn?
sarah: boleh boleh. heh
settings: parking lot mydin USJ
beli-lah produk Malaysia ;p

sarah: wei.ko kena senyum r.if not pic ko nmpk dull.
intan: betul gak ah.ko ni photographer pro ah
sarah: yeay! ;))
settings: walk of fame,subang parade

intan: ok wei.background ni pun jd ah
sarah: hm,baiklah.lawa gak.
lift menghubungkan manusia dan rumah mereka ;)

3tahun yang penuh pengembaraan :)

conclusion : the time bomb did explode, luckily we survived :D
edited pic by intan nur hadilah.
sari kata by sarah hani.

kehidupan selepas exam


setting 1: sunway pyramid
happy 19th birthday teh wahida and farha

faces of freedom ;D

setting 2: pasar tani,taman melawati

**superr eewww**

setting 3: biology lab3,taylors
enthusiasm of wany&baby snake ;)



Thursday, 21 May 2009

seronok two.

akhirnyaa dh recover. its a miracle!
all the colour fonts are back.
but then we still on level one; the beginner.
sila beri tunjuk ajar.
itu yang mengelabah sikit. maaf eh

anyway, who ever else than sarah who read this,
please which me goodluck fr tomorow.
never know whats gonna happen. okay cuak.
its like a time bomb waiting to explode.
am i using the correct terms sarah?

okay! 10 words to figure out. 10 words that represent three years. get it?
no? FINE :D


seronok in capital letters

serious seronok
seronok tahap gaban ah
seronok seronok

i had pressure myself
4 dis how many freaking weeks
its now to say
i dunt tink i perform very well 4 my exam pprs
but i am seronok
mayb only an indiviidual named,sarah hani
noes wut dis feel

*i am smiling.its been so long.since i smile so widely.*

but cnsidering my isat results
in d gmail..
hm :)
scared like *

ou well
seronok in capital letters

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

hm :)

bio done

chem n m3
n im off

isat results
projection marks
all will be done tmrow

pasti ada kenikmatan hidup yang menunggu
buang mood bodoh ini,wahai sarah hani.

mahu jerit
tapi dgn siapa

*baik,helma tggu d library ni.menuntut ilmu*

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

sarahhhhh :(

aku sedihhh. aku rasa gulity!
tangan aku ni haa dia gatal2 gi edit blog ni tadi.
i was superbly bored. and i found this website for blog skin.
so with full-effort lah konon. i copy the old html and replace with the new one.
i thought i saved the old one. tapi sayangggg nya... NO :'(

so, bila preview yg baru tu buruk and tak sesuai * i think*
ingat kn nk letak blik yg lama. cari balik. aku tak save!
okayy adrenaline aku dah start excess-ing. CUAK gila.
cari cari and cari. takde gak.
evrything yg kita edit suma dh hilang.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. sad sad sad.

okayy, after your exam.
we shall repair it together okay. please please please? :(
im soooooorrrrryyy.

akan datang

phys n eng
i didnt curse for pys tho
but d mengeelabah part dis morn
nvr like it
cnfirm hilang 3marks.;)
cz mmg dh xleh fcus
fkirkn nikmat .. hm..ziqah fhm ;D
eng? hm,REALLY graateful.
marks x affect IA.
huhu :)

so,will b merempat-ing in d lib dis eve
rasanya nk sleep jap
shal think bout it
biology tmrow
nthing interesting hppened
if nk cmpare dgn post b4 dis.;P
will post some non-edu stuffs.
~akan datang ;)


im here!

okay its true that i have all the time in this world to update this blog.
to at least write something. after a very very long time.
tapi kan kan.... since i had been staying INSIDE the house for about last two days.
so basically nothing interesting happened.
betul cakap huari.
its feel something wrong bila free habis. something is just not right! rasa guilty online 24/7!

want to refresh how recently my days were? hurmm..
tak kan nk update kat sini. its contra with sarah's.
just want to keep the exam mood keep on going for you hunn :)
okay maybe sikit sikit lah okay?

-last Friday.
ahhhhh, merdeka. tepat jam 11am. kertas statistic dikutip.
how was it? ahh, there's no need of telling.
conclusion : if senang, intec tak kn letak all the questions in the exam papers. right?
but then who cares? holidayyy are calling babe! :D
so round 12.30pm the guys came pick me up at akasia.
konon jek tepat jkul 12pm, siapa lmbt tinggal. blahh lah weh :P
so they park the car outside the mosque and let me walk alone straight to OU.
kejamm! :S but actually takde lah jauh sgt. but still its was hot okay.
so me wondering alone. looking for GSC. found TGV.
tp ntah why they insist of GSC. duhh,same jek content movie tuh.
okay, dah jumpa. 4th floor. at that instant terdetik, ehh cukup ke duit nk beli 5 tiket :(
okayy turun balik. cari atm CIMB. turun turun till LG. and what i got was,

' sorry temporarily out of service.'
*the cursing word*.
baik withdraw jek td kt maybank.haihh*

okay dipendek kn cerita.
at first memang banned nak tgk star trek.
me, star trek? urghh, never!
'unfortunately', it turn out to be one of the best movie i've seen. no kidding.
okay maybe because it was my first time watching that kind of movie. maybe.

the most funny part of the day, was when syam try on the big green shades of hasyim.
its was not the normal shades. its was more like google. hasyim is weird. you never know.
then dgn tidak malu nya, we were doing crazy act to make other people look at syam.
i meant on the road. just want to see their face reaction.
nak pulak ada satu kelisa ni sebaris dgn kteorg and the car was full with ladies at the backseat.
and dorang pndang syam pelik gler. then tetiba dorang speeding :D
okayy relax ladies. we wont harm you seriously.

*the green 'google' ;)

last Saturday
- the housemate went to klang.
motif : going to a place other then KL. and since its Geetha's hometown. so why not?
and yeah another motif : buying cloth for our baju kurung.
at first, masjid jamek was our first hotspot. but since we knew its like zero chances for geetha to get permission from her daddy. so we went to her place instead.
now we now why its damn hard for her father to let geetha out.
its because. Klang is damn scary. the building are very old. and the people are also weird in certain way.hehh. its like we in a 90's town. even the KFC look very old.
its has this 'ditanggung halal' sign which i think they got that the year i was born.
after a long tour, we bought what we want in Kamdar. it is a pink top,with songket as the 'kain'.
done! i just wanted to go home badly. tired :(

-Saturday night.
its not another saturday night. its the night where i finally going home for my loooong holiday. yeay! so, abang and nana came to pick me up round 9.00pm.
checklist off. evrything in the car. nothing left in the hostel. so im ready to go home!
TIBA TIBA. car's batt off. abg cant start the engine. urghhh.why why why.
and this is the part where abang will blame me. and i'll defend myself with ' what the point of having such a beloved brother if you can't fetch me, ryte?'.
and he tried again so many times.

unfortunately, the car wont 'co-operate'. okayy fine.
called papa. and he's otw to see if anything he can do to fix it.
then the two car 'combine their power' in a way i dont actually know. *guys stuff*
ok DONE. papa and all of us separated at the highway toll.
and abg took the DUKE highway dgn harapan tinggi sampai rumah lagi cepat.
the DUKE highway was empty. seriously empty.
so apa lagi. aku dgn nana off window. and we were shouting like crazy. it was fun.
kteorang jerit, ' tolong tolong!' :P and i remembered, shouting ' joe fizzow hot gila!'
haha! okay it was stupid. but whats wrong of acting stupid sometimes when i tried to give the right answer evryday of my last week.
reached home. and suprisingly to see, papa was there first.

abang hot gak ah. dah lah kne byr rm2 extra for the tol. but the experiences priceless okay abang :D

SO, thats roughly bout my recent days. sunday till today.
its just me, my room and the laptop.

i'll wait till the day come.

Monday, 18 May 2009

peperiksaan dunia

its ZERO day left
wuts my feelings huh
dun tink im taking it so seriously YET..
shal wait til i get bck home to casa..
n to come to thought dat i am actually out of time.
got my banana cake 4rm mlwati juz nw.
n rahael
came up to me dis mron
showing me her hp
n her display bckground.
i went "wut d?"
ish ish.
malu okk..

n yea.
me,my casa.
it felt realy weird tho
bt it was okk.
i miss tompok :( *apart from others*

dis page lloooks diff since d last time i opened it
at least i noe,dat im not d oni one operating it

*d day will soon arrive.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

ceritera pembaca buku

x lama
mudah atau sukar
tentangan mental
i am studying
apa you tahu
x tergmbar rasa
Allah tahu
minta bantu



Wednesday, 13 May 2009

aku akan sentiasa mendengar

3days has gone.
its happy 4 kau
not 4 me.
my exams r next week.
post weeknd ni k.;P

i fell sick
thank you shazwany :)

will b posting d kulat growth pic.nxt tyme

ouhh weii
*kau tgh buat m3 ni*:)

Sunday, 10 May 2009


arghhh, tidak tenang. cuak. nervous.
excited? ohh sama sekali tidak.

study, revising never get enough.
first day: English writing.
second day : Biology
third day: CORE MATH.
fourth day : chemistry.
fifth day : statistic.
jadi aku akan menyepi utk seminggu lagi.
till the fear ends. till the last paper being collected. di fb amirul cakap dia pun cuak gak.
so im not the only intec-ian, not the only 9M5-ian.
well that makes me feel much better.

wish me luck. aku nak 15 points. *amin~*
hopefully. till then. take care.

Friday, 8 May 2009

selamat datang manusia sekalian alam haha

ouh haha
great great
got to know
this blog is read by ppl
around me
touched maybee?
greetings people

so,its friday.
1st time.
come on9 at sentral
finished up my bio report
n email-ed it to sen
while waiting 4 intn here

got my test results backk..
as i started cursing phys during d test
i knew it
dat my phys tesst marks will be d worsst.
my other marks were not superb too..
to make a come back
for d end sem2 exam
nxt 2weekss
alott to cover
n i am juzz rushing out of time

going to prepare my Cv tday
n submit my application to mrs hoe nxt week
will still continue to hope for any uni call back interview
nt wanting to juz see my frens fly
i want to go tooooOo

okk off now.
buhbye--buhbye.bye bye now *tagline monash.haha

Thursday, 7 May 2009

short and nice :)

dunt think dis post is dat 'nice'

just wanting to type few stuffss.
before contuining with my draft
slept relly late last nyte *compared to my own record*
n now,im just blurrly.
finishing up
trying to avoid plagiarism

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

bahasa jiwa bangsa.haha

mahu menulis hari ini.sebagai melepaskn apa2 emosi yang ptut.esok,mahu hantar IS.sudah 5bulan,hidup brsama aku.perit,getir,gembira,senyuman.semuanya ada.jika 5bulan,rasa begini utk dilepaskn lg.apatah mahu maju dlm hidup.mahu buat apa yg ptut.hidup pun x lama kn.jika mahu rasa murung shaja.rasanya,byk lg yg mennti dlm hidup ku ini.:) oleh itu,mahu mengembara.mahu melihat.mahu merasa emosi baru.yang lepas,mgkn tidk boleh hilang.namun,aku telah berubah.mungkin,lebih maju.;)

hari ini,aku telah mngembara ke monash malaysia.byk dilihat.dpt juga mknn prcuma.gembira.'puasa' hampir sepenuh hari.;) namun,aku ada hrapan.mungkin sekecil kuman,mungkin sebesar gunung.ittu masih harapan.:) aku masihh berdoa.

aku mahu bercerita.kisah bersama project bahasa ingeeris aku ini.pendidikan seks,tajuk ku.mengapa pilih tjuk ini? aku tercuri dgr budak kelas lain berckp..lalu memilihnya juga.*tiada idea dulu*.;D dahulu,ketika ms ting mengajar d depan..aku mengabaikn nya..melengahkn kerjaa.mendahulukn bio n chem.:) setelah tarikh luput hmpir tibaa.mula menggelabh..*biasa knn?*:D namun,dgn ke-meng-gelabah-an aku ini.aku maju drpd rkn2.;) setiap tarikh luput,aku pastikn,aku siapp..pergi hong kong.benda ini,bersama ku juga..namun esok,riwayat ini.berakhir.aku akn menghntar yang pling akhir.berharap lagii.supaya ckgu.membcca dan mennda.dgn pnuh hati yg terbuka.;) baiklah..jika project bahasa ingeris aku ni bernywa..
aku hanya mahu berkata padanya.
terima kasih.dan selamat tinggal:)
aku mahu terus dgn misi bru ku.maju dlm hidupku.mengembara utk melihat bnda bru.merasai emosi bru.aku akan terus senyum.utk manusia seluruh alam.

*effects of ESL.;D*

Monday, 4 May 2009

my tear duct wont stop,huh?:)

monday it is
woke up
look through my hp
hit d snooze button
slept 4 another 10 mins..

re-sat my isat tday
was partially calm
hpefully my IQ dis morn
n get better results :)

life has changed tho
slowly re-building my path of life
which someone took it awayy.
bt i suppose
dats juz how u do things to get what u want rytee..
ouh wel

one day
you know how it feels
to lose some1 you care 4 3yrs


n to kau
jaga diri
i'll try to keep myself updted


Saturday, 2 May 2009

its a saturday evening

im stuck in dady's office :(
juz got bck 4rm d lib.surprisingly
d lib,has nthing to offer me dis tyme
books on hurricane was nt easily obtained
went to d kid's section
sat a few books on basic huriiccane
how i wish i culd run around dat area like those small kids
without life problems n all
wany did tell me last thurs.v were hanging around in d surau.afta reading few articles pasted on d wall."life is hard"said wany.i noe wut she meant
*berusaha memperjuangkan tugas khalifah dunia*

dis so called long nt dat much i tot.i think my other rkn2,is having lots of fun wheras i am rotting in despair.huh :[

i had my say dis morn
hope kau is doing fine tday
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