Tuesday, 26 May 2009

buaya tungtung

tiring day.i shud say.went to d zoo.vlunteer.intan! abg2 dere.igt aku okayy *hak hak.malu* ;D
it rained very heavily dis morn.i wore a lyte blue tshirt tday.nt expecting a rainy day tho.huh :[ so,was placed at d reptile houz.i'll juz summarise wut i did okayy..
1. change d settings of d snakes cages *BUSUK nak mati*
2. gave food to the turtle
3. swept in d crocodile's cages *hnestly,i felt realy sad ;( 4 d crocodile juz now.i think it was crying.its gum bleed.i saw blood.so sorry 4 him/her x)
4. went into the turtle's pond.to catch them *cz.me n zaty were d ones wearing trackbot.so,both of us..went in*
5. went to d office.to ask 4 a half day job.not approved *intan,xleh half day dh uh! :( *
6. was given the opportunity to take pics wif snakes.big ones! *but decided not to.i think this is the effect of 3yrs living wif someone who is phobia wif snakes.gah! :)*

overall.i was soak in rain water,pond water,sweat,pungent smell of those reptiles,dirt,mud.okay dats all ;) in that condition,i went to d pasar malam.hnestly,teramat malu kot..hm, n intn didnt want to get oout of her houz.sheesh :P

n dis is one of d pic i took.one word i wuld describe.comel.haha :D

muka budak rajin bekerja.gah!



intan.nur.hadilah said...

duhh aku tk taw pun ko volunteer!
serius tk taw.
aku ingt ko melawat.
u shud be more specific.

Zayana Yusof said...

lahh aku pun nk g zoo, tp tulah hujan. tuka destinasi.

sarah.hani said...

larh! ye ke? ;) hm,mmg hujan pun.d whole day.lebat..so,pergi destinasi mana pula?

*btw,mana jmpa blog ni..ahha

Zayana Yusof said...

huhu xprasan lak. duk usha2 blog kawan2 :)

sarah.hani said...

baik baik.selamat datang :D
selalu r pay a visit here.kami masih meniti dunia blogger.haha.

uraniumwise said...

Cayalah sarahhhhhhhhhh!


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