Sunday, 24 May 2009

okayy..dere's some changes to d privacy of the blog that i hav changed.dis is for a better peace of mind.

so,tday.its noon.updates for tday.
? nothingg..
woke up late tdayy.planning to go to bed again ;D
planned to go to jj repair my jeanss.but mayb nxt tyme.intan has smething to do.
mumy&dady went to klcc.thank Allah i didnt follw dem.urghh.*dady..* i'll update along if i in4rm aimn.hnestly,he'll b very pissed off.
ahhh.sundays are boring before this.but not for i am not goin to face d 6pm.going back to casa on holidayss ;) make full use of my 2weeks hols.i shud plan very i shud not rregret.wasting this holiday time of slot fakha somewher in d weekdys tho.heh ;)

so,yea.i hav d 10words to figure out.but i shal juz end my post tday.
wif a thought for all..
changes are, change to become someone better.that is also a change.a positive one.


aQila Aini said...

sarah! aku jumpa kau nye blog! teheee.. ^.^

sarah.hani said...

ouh aqila! selamat datang :D
*okayy.aku xtau mana ko terjmpa blog ni ;P namun begitu.hi!:)

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