Tuesday, 19 May 2009

im here!

okay its true that i have all the time in this world to update this blog.
to at least write something. after a very very long time.
tapi kan kan.... since i had been staying INSIDE the house for about last two days.
so basically nothing interesting happened.
betul cakap huari.
its feel something wrong bila free habis. something is just not right! rasa guilty online 24/7!

want to refresh how recently my days were? hurmm..
tak kan nk update kat sini. its contra with sarah's.
just want to keep the exam mood keep on going for you hunn :)
okay maybe sikit sikit lah okay?

-last Friday.
ahhhhh, merdeka. tepat jam 11am. kertas statistic dikutip.
how was it? ahh, there's no need of telling.
conclusion : if senang, intec tak kn letak all the questions in the exam papers. right?
but then who cares? holidayyy are calling babe! :D
so round 12.30pm the guys came pick me up at akasia.
konon jek tepat jkul 12pm, siapa lmbt tinggal. blahh lah weh :P
so they park the car outside the mosque and let me walk alone straight to OU.
kejamm! :S but actually takde lah jauh sgt. but still its was hot okay.
so me wondering alone. looking for GSC. found TGV.
tp ntah why they insist of GSC. duhh,same jek content movie tuh.
okay, dah jumpa. 4th floor. at that instant terdetik, ehh cukup ke duit nk beli 5 tiket :(
okayy turun balik. cari atm CIMB. turun turun till LG. and what i got was,

' sorry temporarily out of service.'
*the cursing word*.
baik withdraw jek td kt maybank.haihh*

okay dipendek kn cerita.
at first memang banned nak tgk star trek.
me, star trek? urghh, never!
'unfortunately', it turn out to be one of the best movie i've seen. no kidding.
okay maybe because it was my first time watching that kind of movie. maybe.

the most funny part of the day, was when syam try on the big green shades of hasyim.
its was not the normal shades. its was more like google. hasyim is weird. you never know.
then dgn tidak malu nya, we were doing crazy act to make other people look at syam.
i meant on the road. just want to see their face reaction.
nak pulak ada satu kelisa ni sebaris dgn kteorg and the car was full with ladies at the backseat.
and dorang pndang syam pelik gler. then tetiba dorang speeding :D
okayy relax ladies. we wont harm you seriously.

*the green 'google' ;)

last Saturday
- the housemate went to klang.
motif : going to a place other then KL. and since its Geetha's hometown. so why not?
and yeah another motif : buying cloth for our baju kurung.
at first, masjid jamek was our first hotspot. but since we knew its like zero chances for geetha to get permission from her daddy. so we went to her place instead.
now we now why its damn hard for her father to let geetha out.
its because. Klang is damn scary. the building are very old. and the people are also weird in certain way.hehh. its like we in a 90's town. even the KFC look very old.
its has this 'ditanggung halal' sign which i think they got that the year i was born.
after a long tour, we bought what we want in Kamdar. it is a pink top,with songket as the 'kain'.
done! i just wanted to go home badly. tired :(

-Saturday night.
its not another saturday night. its the night where i finally going home for my loooong holiday. yeay! so, abang and nana came to pick me up round 9.00pm.
checklist off. evrything in the car. nothing left in the hostel. so im ready to go home!
TIBA TIBA. car's batt off. abg cant start the engine. urghhh.why why why.
and this is the part where abang will blame me. and i'll defend myself with ' what the point of having such a beloved brother if you can't fetch me, ryte?'.
and he tried again so many times.

unfortunately, the car wont 'co-operate'. okayy fine.
called papa. and he's otw to see if anything he can do to fix it.
then the two car 'combine their power' in a way i dont actually know. *guys stuff*
ok DONE. papa and all of us separated at the highway toll.
and abg took the DUKE highway dgn harapan tinggi sampai rumah lagi cepat.
the DUKE highway was empty. seriously empty.
so apa lagi. aku dgn nana off window. and we were shouting like crazy. it was fun.
kteorang jerit, ' tolong tolong!' :P and i remembered, shouting ' joe fizzow hot gila!'
haha! okay it was stupid. but whats wrong of acting stupid sometimes when i tried to give the right answer evryday of my last week.
reached home. and suprisingly to see, papa was there first.

abang hot gak ah. dah lah kne byr rm2 extra for the tol. but the experiences priceless okay abang :D

SO, thats roughly bout my recent days. sunday till today.
its just me, my room and the laptop.

i'll wait till the day come.


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