Monday, 18 May 2009

peperiksaan dunia

its ZERO day left
wuts my feelings huh
dun tink im taking it so seriously YET..
shal wait til i get bck home to casa..
n to come to thought dat i am actually out of time.
got my banana cake 4rm mlwati juz nw.
n rahael
came up to me dis mron
showing me her hp
n her display bckground.
i went "wut d?"
ish ish.
malu okk..

n yea.
me,my casa.
it felt realy weird tho
bt it was okk.
i miss tompok :( *apart from others*

dis page lloooks diff since d last time i opened it
at least i noe,dat im not d oni one operating it

*d day will soon arrive.

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