Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ohh manchester united..

okay. jgn salah faham.
this is not another free feeling expression bout which team should win tonight.
i think i have it enough in the facebook. people are voting for Man Utd Vs Barca.
which quite obvious the red devil will win kn?
whatever, i dont care.*haha*

BUT i cried today. with some screaming, i supposed. eh sarah? :P
and its all because you Man Utd. perhh.
tiket MU aku hilanggggggggggg! :(
i clearly remember, its was in the magazine.
so, i cried and cried with some cursing words in the middle.
called abang,nana and farhan.
-----some flash back---
*in case i misplaced it*

setelah satu rumah di geledah, turn out mama yg sorok.
okay ini amat menyeksa kan.
nasib baik mak aku sendiri. haihhhh. finee mama. FUNNY.



Farhan A said...

saya nk barca menang !

sarah.hani said...

hm :)

hanaa (: said...

barca!! barca!! barca!!!

Farhan A said...

2-0 barca menang
gler loser doe MU

Farhan A said...


1: a person or thing that loses especially consistently2: a person who is incompetent or unable to succeed ; also : something doomed to fail or disappoint

*its for Manchester United ONLY

sarah.hani said...

okk.relaxx.dilarang menunjukkan perasaan yg extreme di sini

orang yg x menyokong mana2 pihakk ;)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

the first thing ble aku dgr barca mng.
rse cam nak delete jek post nih.
lg lg part it is obvious the red devil gonna win.
haha. ok malu.

yeay barca!

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