Saturday, 2 May 2009

its a saturday evening

im stuck in dady's office :(
juz got bck 4rm d lib.surprisingly
d lib,has nthing to offer me dis tyme
books on hurricane was nt easily obtained
went to d kid's section
sat a few books on basic huriiccane
how i wish i culd run around dat area like those small kids
without life problems n all
wany did tell me last thurs.v were hanging around in d surau.afta reading few articles pasted on d wall."life is hard"said wany.i noe wut she meant
*berusaha memperjuangkan tugas khalifah dunia*

dis so called long nt dat much i tot.i think my other rkn2,is having lots of fun wheras i am rotting in despair.huh :[

i had my say dis morn
hope kau is doing fine tday

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