Sunday, 19 December 2010


one who can talk,discuss and most of all; rationalize.
embrace every happy moments.
how hard you try to amend things,there's a limit to it.
nothing is confirmed yet.
so,discuss and rationalize.

another 8semesters to go
iA :)

So, whats now, dessert or disaster?

Heh, not again. This is aint supposed happen to us.

I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as i did
You got me thinkin bout our life our house and kids,
Every morning I hear you and smile
Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down.

Sometimes love comes around, and it knock you down.
Just get bakc up, when it knocks you down.

Hey, now we're crashing, dont know how it happened.
But it didnt feels any good.

We, were never meant to be baby. We just happen.
So, please, dont mess up the trick.

this is tragic, coz we had it.

Say, we put the good with the bad, happy and the sad.
So will you bring a better future than we had in the past
I dont wanna fall back on my face again
And if it hits better make it worth the fall.

We had our ego both too high.
It feels like we are in a race, but at the end, we both lose.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Still, we are attracted to the XY chromosomes.

Last Sunday, we had our first 'date' since sarah hani is back in Malaysia.
Berjalan-jalan di ibu kota, sampai sakit kaki. Mencari benda yang tak pasti.
Being too choosy over something so simple. Simply me. But actually sarah, kau lagi complex tau kalau nak shop ;)

Please forgive her for her jakun-ness :p

BB plaza- Pavillion- KLCC.
Tak beli pun apa yang nak aim actually. BUT! We did something lesbo-ish. haha!
REFER TO POST TITLE. Yes, we are seriously straight people.
So, to the boyfriendS. Dont worry. Jap, ada ke sarah? Alright itu teka-teki assignment utk this week. haha :D

We did our 12345 carved ring! And fun fact, mine size 10. and Sarah's size 12. So, conclusion nya?
Did Sarah Hani gained weight? or aku memang dah kurus dr kau sarah? :p
Terasa pelik bila ada ring di jari.

Aunty yang carved kan nama. Thanks aunty.

But still, we'll reserved it for real diamond ring for our beloved future hubby, where ever and who ever you are out there sayang. We will wait for you.

HAHA. what the? Case closed.

the 4th finger of the left

P.S- I have no intention to be someone else. Nama saya Intan Nur Hadilah sahaja :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

what happened for spring finals..

blog walking.instead of stalking
a brand new morning,i should say :) my bro's blog.and extended from there..reading the SPM-students having their say for the exam they are sitting now..its funny to read,knowing that they are experiencing;how i felt once ;)
i was the budak,who challenged it all the way.and got disappointed when the results came out ;)
----------- SAM passed by, now in med school ---------------------

so,i had my Spring finals for almost a month.last november was nerve wrecking.i always wanted to update on my exam i i performed..but time never permits me to do so :)
some short summaries of my exams:
1. my exam pprs are in diff styles (SAQ,MCQ,MEQ) but testing for the same,basicly,i have to be ready FOR EVERYTHING by the 1st ppr..n by the last ppr,i would be in -dont know whatelse to read- mode..i experienced d same when it was d autumn finals.
2. so,d one n only SAQ ppr was okay for me.ookay doesnt mean -can pass with flying colours.ok?- it was just bearable.
3. MEQ was 1st time sitting for MEQ.dey presented Qs in terms of cases.didnt expect it to be dat deadly.microscopic changes of appendicitis? danggg..n d whole 10/20marks for safety-quality Q..i was so unsure.i bantai d whole way,n went back home n studied dat 20+ slides of lecture..i screwed up the 1st Q *types of error* damnnnn..but i heard,i was not alone.fine,sarah hani,you are not alone.but is dat good enough for you to move on? *hope so* :|
4. 2 MCQ pprs..d MCQ ppr,days after d MEQ ppr..dat was tough.mayb bcz i lost some of my confidence to MEQ n SAQ..n with the 'kelam-kabut' journey to med school..that might affect a lil bit..d last MCQ,was bearable..MCQs are still the questions type A,B,C,D (sometimes ,E) choices ones.....hmm,*i dunt want to recall doubts i have* :|
5. anat spot test.last ppr i had,it was for 22mins only..11 stations,2 mins on the labels on the cadavers..the heart station was difficult :| the other stations,i tried ;) hopefully,that's good enough.....
results coming out soon
ignoring it for the moment

----------- exams over.notes and books all packed up in the rack. shopping mode on ---
*nxt post.malas tulis2 dah.depress igt balik exams :(*

i want to pass so badly.pls Allah?

Saturday, 4 December 2010

From Oz to KL.


Yes, baby. She's back. She's in Melawati. And im not dreaming.

Well,perhaps some of you would notice how sometimes i like to announce thing. duhh.
But yeah, this is something i cant stop myself to make another mild announcement.
* I shall avoid those 'drum rolls'*
SARAH HANI is back for 2 month. Twooooooooo month! ;)
At last after quite sometimes, i feel the presence of TRUE friends near me. Physically,of course.
Obviously we keep updating stuff trough the net, skype and etc. But for her being within reachable distance, it feel so much different :)

Back on Wednesday morning. Met her after long 9 month.
It was awkward actually. Nervous. huhh. Its like," Hi Sarah? "
Do we shake hands? Cant rememeber. BUT. what the heck. shaking hands? haha
And mummy was like, " ehh tak peluk-peluk ke nangis pun ?"
HA HA. Okay, dalam hati tuhan je yg tahu. Malu :')

Sarah Hani, baik hati. Dia belikan saya souvenir dr OZ. Terima kasih Kak Hani. I love you? ;)

ELMO pyjamas pants. Comel kan? *angguk*
No, i dont collect Elmo stuff. Its just happend this was on sale kot. Isn't it sarah?
HAHA. i love you AGAIN.

I <3> Sydney tee.
Aku still terkilan kau beli size S instead of XS.

Ripcurl flip flop.
Confirm ada yg mcm, : " Eleh, ni pun boleh beli kat Pavi"
No no, lain. So are we done here? Great ;)

When she's here, there nothing more i can wish for currently. I feel complete.

P.s : Percubaan utk post in full English telah gagal. GAGAL. Rasa mcm skema gila. haha

pp.s: Sengaja je guna Pavi. Bukan bujet tp since vid " dia pilih KLCC dowh" ada, rasa KLCC mcm rempzzz gila. rempzz=rempit? Eww. ok whatever Intan -,-

Thursday, 18 November 2010

binatang biru

intan,ingat lagi x.binatang ini?

dulu,kau=binatang biru.kini,kau mcm kawan kurus dia=nobita

Sometimes life is all about sacrifices

" Sometimes life is all about sacrifices." - my Pbl facilitator

Aku still boleh ingat nada,gaya dia cakap dialog ni. It did touched me deep inside.
Tak pernah terfikir yang ada orang akan rasa sama mcm yg aku rasa.
At least not the exact way i feel. For me, its TRUE. Well in my case, aku tk lah confident every sacrifices yang aku buat worth the effort, but at least i knew i did it for the one i worth die for.
No regret.

Okay deep gila -.-

OHH lupa, bercakap psl pengorbanan. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.
Ikut calendar dinding cina yang dpt free tuh, Hari raya Aidiladha, 2 hari even though IMU bagi sehari je cuti. Fine, tkpelah. Studies kan lagi penting currently. *Optimistic or self-denial?

Currently for the past two week and more to come, i guess I've been travelling from Melawati to Bukit Jalil every single freaking day. Okay dah masuk dah bab, pengorbanan seorang kakak yang penyayang utk adik perempuan nya. Awwww? ;p
Nana kan dah sit for SPM next Tuesday. Since she's my one and only sister and the youngest in the family, i always thinks sometimes she cant handle the pressure by herself. Fragile. Again,wrong sister-ing skills.

Lagi pun, tolong mama dgn avoid dia suruh nana buat kerja rumah. Dengan kehadiran kanak-kanak riang di rumah, tahu tak kekadang susah gila nak focus? This is the major problem when babies are too adorable. Haihh.

Ash- Echa-Karina-Aireen

Aira-the most hyper.

Sometimes they are the solid reason why i always rush back home so early every Friday after class :)

Dah lah kene bagun pukul 5.30am, naik LRT awal pagi. Sewa rumah Vista still bayar. Penat lagi.
So babe, you better at least tak fail any paper, and please get A for chemistry weh. Kasih sayang tak boleh buat guna nak topup my weekly Touch&Go. FYI -.-

P:S- Dah terbiasa panggil Karina; Pocoyo. Sebab muka dia serius nak dekat sama mcm cartoon tu. " Pocoyoo meh sini. jom mandi." Pelik, kalau mak dia tahu mesti tak suka. Dah lah cucu Ustaz. suka suka je tukar pocoyo.

in case korang nak tgk: 9.00am tv3.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

digoxin itu sejenis drug

so..kalau orang masuk..mcm xde pilihan tmpt,dduk ats katil r
but perjalanan nk pergi ke katil...byk rintangan.haha.
itu plastic casing utk pensel/pen/pemadam pegi exam! :D
kerusi di meja itu xboleh di gunakan ;) sbb ada notes....

bilik kau ini "fragile" laaaa... (housemates,2010)
haha.sapa yg x pnah tgk lagi,meh la sini.
bilik aku dah xde ruang akibat exam.
bukan sbb rajin,mmg aku ni jenis men-terabur-kn notes.haha

tgh hari ini ada paper.
aku kena buat baik2.

intan,feel change layout simple/dull ini tau.haha.aku tukar,saja2 :D

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


esok.MCQ.not my last paper.
dekat fb,penuh dh habis exam *yg mana yg start lagi lmbt,pun dh habis :(*
ada juga yg ckp dh smpai Malaysia.
aku?.stuck depan laptop.baca perkara2 pelajaran sem1.kehidupan diteruskan selepas 3pprs...
aku makin risau.
Dear Allah,aku mahu pass 1st year.amin :)

hari ini,Raya Aidiladha untuk Sydney.aku beraya di rumah
solat raya,khutbah raya di ruang tamu
makan ketupat,lemang,kuah kcg,rendang INSTANT di dapur
takbir mlm tadi,buat dlm blik aku yg kecil/sempit/semak ini
hidup di perantauan begini la :)
oh x lupa,aku pakai baju kurung juga pagi tadi,untuk 3jam sahaja ;)

sekian :)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

bukan tipikal,itu unik

aku membesar dgn lelaki2 yang bukan tipikal
aku rindu mereka

Bila rasa malam masih muda,

OKAY tak sangka sound Public Group kat FB, sungguh menyeronok kan and puas hati.
Asal nya, memang aku LIKE sebab aku rasa memang patut pun.
tapi hari ke hari gi update benda ntah apa. Psl Iklan TV kena banned lah, psl isu Nabil break dgn Irma lah. WTH? kau ingat ni Melodi. Lepas tu letak blog link sesiapa, utk blog traffic hunter.
Hello, its on my news feed?

Ohh itu sungguh out of motif. Please lah.


Anyway thats not my main motif of blogging. Cant sleep.
Tak suka bila dah off light, tutup pintu, pkai selimut. Tapi kelip-kelip mata rasa fresh gila.
Tapi hari ni memang rasa hyper pun. Mungkin kah excessive nap?
Bila moment tak boleh tidur ni, start lah pandang dinding, fikir benda yang bukan-bukan.
Rindu lah. Rindu gila gila. Sobs. Agak-agak,korang tengah buat apa? hurm itu mcm terlalu dialog drama melayu. Okay tarik balik.

No matter how many thousand friends you have on FB, it cant never ever defeat the feeling of being around your best friend :)

Nurul Nadia ( Manipal, India)
I miss your super, crazy full of emotions stories. I just want you to be here.
Nak hug? :(

Azri Jasni (Brighton, UK)
Babe, jom lepak Oldtown? Weh, rindu for real gossiping.
I feel disconnected. Nway pic ni pelik sebab aku crop Yazmir.

Sarah Hani ( Sydney, Aussie)
Sarah, pernah ke aku tinggal kan kau kalau bab ' Rindu' ni.
Bosan dah kan? ;p
and tak kira apa-apa pun yang aku tahu kau ketuk pintu rumah aku lagi 17 hari from today.

Satu lagi side effect tak boleh tidur and stay up : LAPAR -.-
Okay. Goodnight bloggie :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

exams dulu:)

now dh november.serious seronok.
nasib beli ticket flight yg bertarikh bulan ni.eventho hari last in this month x)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Moving on.


Selalu blogging bila ceritera dah berzaman nya berlalu,
rasa nya macam dah ulang cerita yang sama dekat beberapa orang kat rumah,IMU.
kisah dia simple je,


tp tu lah, semua orang underestimate. sobs. kecewa. orang expect fail for the first time.
fail utk test JPJ memang lah sgt normal. aku pun bujet fail je. tapi maybe its my LUCKY day.
objective utama simple. tp kisah di sebalik tu yang menarik nak tahu.

part nak start enjin awal-awal pun, enjine dah mati. memang lah terbaik. Cuak. muka calon fail.
semua salah kereta Viva. Clutch kereta baru yang sgt smooth. Kalau naik kereta kancil tu, clucth tahan sampai satu Kancil vibrate. Ni memang tak rasa apa-apa lah kan.
Enjin mati dalam 3-4 kali juga lah. Lupa tukar gear. Drive slow sangat pun kene sound. Saya cuma nak jadi pemandu yang berkhemah, salah ke? Fine.

And, repeat bukit dua kali. Part yang sgt sgt tak pro. Omg, sayang gila abang JPJ tu. Maybe its everyone lucky day. Optimistic


Sarah hani will be back in Msia in 30 days time. Excited gila weh.
Its like a dream come true. But now, she's struggling studying for her final exam. People wish for the best, Saya nak sarah hani balik Malaysia! Hug and kisses at the airport?
Okay orang tua cakap tk baik excited sgt, nnt bnda tk jadi. Stay calm intan :)


" Im 20,virgin, heartbroken, single. and i forgot to mention im an engineer "

Babe, i know its hard in either way. But come on? Plug in baby. imy.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dr Stephen Della Fiorentina

ini group aku.

this post is for :)
i came here knowing nothing,and i am going home.hop
efully.knowing something;useful clinical stuffs.
today, last 1st yr ICM tute.
aku ada notebook.itu mcm buku conteng2 clinical aku r
08.03.2010..aku jejak kaki ke Campbelltown hospital tu.blur.
english pun bukannya power sgt.okay mmg x power
pun.aku belajar history taking
mcm kalau patient dtg,apa yg kena tnya kalau
dia complaint a particular sakit
aku belajar.buat examinations.pandai la juga~ *excluding the nervousness -> mistakes*
ouh bout nervous..tadi aku buat my last cardio exam on satu makcik ni..aku punya nak cepat..d very essential step which is (WASH HANDS before sentuh patient)..aku x buat.haihh.budu betul~
okay.ini post..aku nak dedicate.penghargaan aku untuk doctor tute aku,serious dia hebat..
dia supervisor oncologist kat hospital tu..rasanya mcm dia dah nak sgt tggi jwtn kat situ..ada je masa;dia xdpt buat tute..sbb pergi jadi examiner,pergi kasi ceramah pasal cancer kat negara2 lain..byk r.aku suka tie-baju coordination dia gak.pastu dia ni..boleh sgt nak layan slang English org Malaysia ckp.haih..pastu aku n shahrul slalu je mcm ckp dlm tut group dlm BM.haha.hobi kteorng r tu x)

alang2 ni.nak ckp thanx gak to ICM buddy for a year.hpefully u learnt serba sedikit dari aku untuk tahun i certainly learnt byk bnda dri ko.."looking into life in a different perspective" :)

ouh selit kan juga.hari ini hari khamis..xprnah2 aku tute hari khamis..hmm.apa lain nya? at least..aku pegi hospital tadi,nampak kau di common room.sebab aku tau kau tute hari khamis :D

aku pelajar perubatan tahun pertama
oga aku berjumpa doctor itu semula di hospital
tapi b
ukan sebab aku ulang tahun pertama
tapi sebab aku sedang maju dalam tahun2 akan datang
kau yang membaca ini.doakan okay?
terima kasih :)

minggu depan.28.10.2010

ini invitation doctor untuk kiteorng ke rumah dia.mmg every yr.dia buat 'alumni'

ini notebook aku.beli dekat reject shop awal tahun dulu

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hutang cerita.

Okay sarah. This is what i owe OUR blog :p

Actually nothing much to be update, for those who are in my friend list in FB.
Based on the album pictures uploaded pun dah tahu. So this is a repetition of it.
Little from here and there.


Honestly, even thought event ni tkde lah meriah sampai ada fireworks ke apa due to the minority percentage of Malays in IMU. Aku tk pernah cakap ke, satu ketika dulu kteorg rasa macam dah fly, study dekat China. Bila nampak senior Malays ke, rasa macam, "Ohh wow. Hi! Hi!"

tapi I DID ENJOYED it. Dapat kenal mereka dari batch lain seangkatan. Tak macam dekat Intec dulu, senior dgn junior pun macam total strangers gila. Siapa kau? Tak pernah nampak pun -.-

Monday- Opening MCW

Opening. Perfomance. Macam biasa lah. Paan nyanyi lagu 80s. Ada ketika aku rasa nak tergelak. simptom normal lah bila classmates perform kan. Petang tu, ada few tradisional games. Games yang kte main time sekolah rendah dulu dulu. Batu seremban, Ceper botol, guli. Tapi ada je yang mcm, : "Wtheck is ceper". Bagi muka blur. Sesugguhnya mereka tergolong dalam golongan kaum gameboy, Nintendo dan seantara dengan nya masa kecil dulu.

Tuesday - the Fashion Show

Wednesday- Food Exhibition, Menganyam ketupat

Okay yang ni memang penat gila. Sebab i was on of the ajk who in charge under Kak Nabihah.
Dari last week before, duk promote dengan budak-budak dalam lecture hall. "Korang,beli lah beli lah." Tetiba jadi mesra dengan orang yang tak pernah cakap. Benda ni mcm, guna kupon utk redeem food under exhibition lah. Rendang ketupat, kuih muih etc. Tapi on that day, orang mcm tak kisah sangat pun, Ketupat, roti jala ni asal mana. Asal kan dapat redeem makanan. habis cerita -.-

Thursday - Pentomin

Pentomin ni macam, short drama tapi tkde dialog. So orang just ala-ala mimic je.
Drama : Adat-adat melayu. Bersanding, Merisik. Pantang larang melayu.
Ala yang bias towards anak dara tu, Orang tua cakap, anak dara takleh nyanyi masa masak, nanti dapat suami orang tua. Anak dara tkleh ni lah, itu lah. dan macam macam lagi. Pernah ke dengar pantang larang yang involve anak teruna?

Friday- Teater Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.

Ohh aku jadi extra. Extra yang dieksploitasi sebaik mungkin selagi boleh selit mana-mana. Sekejap jadi orang jual jual. Sekejap datang wedding Tiara, lepas tu tetiba jadi penonton sidang buku. Out of sudden esok nya, datang wedding Ana pula. Tapi yang rare nya, ada scene aku pakai jubah and purdah. Bila lagi dapat tengok? haha. Mekap mata dah macam kucing hutan, dorang kata ala-ala smokey eyes arab. Iya-iya kan je lah.

Actually, ada lagi nak sambung. Cuma its getting bit longer here. So babe, aku stop sini eh?
Next post is yours :D

RANDOM : i get really irritated and annoyed, bila budak-budak main cop cop tempat kat lecture hall ni. kau ingat ni primary school ke? come on lah. there is no such thing as,

" this is our usual seats. so can you like move to other seat?" OR " Excuse me, but we reserve THE WHOLE ROW"

Kalau ada yang rasa macam nak duduk sekali sama-sama dalam LT, then you can ask your whole clicks to come early TOGETHER-GEDER ok? -.-

Wednesday, 13 October 2010



since my last post
busy ke? takde lah sangat. Its juts that i've been having few stuff going on couple of weeks back.

BUT, im dyinggggggg to post something.
can you feel the excitement?!

Bloggie, kte ada date weekend ni.
I akan spend time tatap you je.

intan nur hadilah

im adapting well with my life currently
love the way it is
2 month to go!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

how was your 10oct2010?

i forgot to remind myself to look out for the moment when the clock strikes 10.10am
today is 10.10.10 and it was really a big day
there are ppl who got married,gave birth,passed away..n etc
emotions gone wild.for most of us here.
its always 'THE' perception whereby its a good date,lets make it a good day..
but naah..expectations of having 'the good day' usually ends up as frustrations
ppl's emotion are unstable *most of them,who i encountered tday*
its how you live your day that matters..
it is a special date tday.
but in 20mins time,11.10.10 comes by..
n all that is left of 10.10.10 is memories of your own emotions today :)

happy birthday,
500 days of summer
it was a coincidence :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


i just realised the benefits ada juniors nxt yr..n kalau boleh,nak all junior guys :D ;) *xde unsur gatal-ness okayy*
hmm.OSCE needs feels so wrong to practice on those 8 guys *sama batch dgn aku* n it feels so so so wrong to practice on the girls *my housemates*.nasib la,utk 1st yr ni, OSCE is formative..kalau 2nd yr,its summative dah..better ada junior guys,for me to practice on uh ==' MARA dgr rintihan kami *the girls* here..hntar juniors nxt yr.mostly guys :D

spring finals

08 nov - 17 nov
finals mode: ON
ya Allah,please grant me my wish
passing the 1st yr is all i want

*should i deactivate facebook?
can i live without it?
i wonder

Sunday, 3 October 2010

nasi lemak

makanan kegemaran saya : nasi lemak
letak lauk sambal sotong,udang,ikan bilis
berserta ayam semi rendang
jgn lupa timun.xde telur rebus pun xpe
minuman kegemaran saya : pink guava juice
set! :D

thank you

Friday, 1 October 2010


listening to miranda crosgrove - kissing youu :)
sejak boleh dgr hitz fm streaming..rasa lg best..xyah r aku dependant sgt kat koleksi lgu outdated aku tu..n dgr english-malaysia DJ tu makes me feel at home ;) oh btw,balik malaysia..aku nak naik kereta.mcm dh lama x naik kereta x) n kalau outstation,aku nk benti R&R.makan tembikai,letak asam :D nnt setibanya aku di KL..awl pagi tu..aku nk g kat makcik nasi lmk..minta "nasi lebih,lauk kerang n paru" ngahhh! :D
*current desire**

grey's anat s7 dh kuar..s6 aku x abis lg ==' chuck s4 dh kuar..bru 1st episod.heh.aku serahkan kat syuaib utk dl n nnt aku kutip ;)

tepat 2 bulan lagi..aku iA tiba di KL ;) ada bnda yg aku look frward,ada yg aku xnk dtg..aku sedih bru2 lantak laa..aku dh mlas nk fikir,so..aku follow flow je.kalau ada,ada r..xde,jalann..heh ;)

exam aku nak dtg dh.aku hrp aku lulus.doakan bersama aku eh?:)

selamat tinggal

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

aku menunggu laundry/haha

aku baru pulang dari canberra.aka putrajaya utk australia ni.
serupa.sama. macam putrajaya.
xde tren.ada bus.x byk kereta.
parliament building dia lawa
war memorial dia scary sikit
ANU besar,luas,x berpagar.bukan mcm UWS
ada floriade.bunga2 merata2.terigt kat mummy sentiasa.
lawa.syukur :)
terima kasih dee sbb bagi tumpang rumah for 2nights
makan mamak setibanya di sydney
perjalanan bus canberra-sydney = 3suku jam
aku high.di canberra.nasib rakan2 serumah boleh tahan melayan aku x)

nurul nadia binti azman.
aku x sempat nk call ko.d night before ko fly.
like how u did for me last 17th feb
sorry babe :( aku terlepas pandang masa
my sis will be there soon.
akan aku suruh dia tgk2kn ko.take care!
see you soon.
*maybe nk back packing to manipal.with intan.jom? ;)*

Saturday, 18 September 2010

who you are

i love this song the first time i heard it in in Step Up 3D.
its was a superb awesome movie, despite the tipical plot.
its a movie that cant make me sit quietly.
ohh, tempting gila those cool dance move

I stare at my reflection in the mirror,
why am I doing this to myself.
Losing my mind on a tiny error,
I nearly left the real me on the shelf.
No, no, no, no.
To lose it all, in the blur of the start.
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing.
It's okay not to be okay.
Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart.
Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising.
Just be true to who you are.
(Who you are, Who you are) 6x
No, no, no, no.
Just be true to who you are.

this song suits me well in certain time.
nadia and azri nak fly dah. kenapa korang pun nak tinggal kan aku?
tahu tak sedih gila. aku dah tkde kawan macam korang dah kat sini.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

aku-kau.kata nama yg flexible

telefon berbunyi
jarang dari anda
mungkin rindu?
mungkin keselesaan?
aku suka.kau telefon
kau bebel2 sorng2,aku suka
dgr :)
kawan baik.
aku mahu tahu
siapa pilihan hati
Abu atau Ali?
mungkin Amat?

itu aku rasa
macam main paint ball
sangat dekat
itu aku rasa

aku rindu blogging emosi :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

halia pahit

people appreciates better in the absence of others.
in life,sometimes you need a break; just to miss people.
i want to be have that feelings

i am trying to say something here.but nobody listens.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Budak Rabun


Pada satu hari, aku dan adik tersayang yang bujet hot tu,Nana keluar lah berjalan-jalan.
Dengan niat teman Nana. Dah berhari dia merengek dengan Mama tercinta, dia nak tukar specs.

" Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Nak tukar specs. Power nana dah naik. Nak SPM ni *menangis*"

Fine, dia dah guna weapon nak study punya pasal.
So, dari wangsa walk mall, berhijrah ke Jusco, berhijrah lagi ke Carefour hanya untuk dapatkan pakej specs yang best. Akhirnya,

" Nana rasa specs yang awal sekali kt Wangsa Walk tu lah the best"

Okayyy. Jom kita patah balik. Bayar parking balik. Seronok kan jalan-jalan nana?
And then i remembered, lens dah mcm exceed a month je.
Nak beli lens baru lah. Ehh tapi macam dah lama je tak gedik pakai yang coloured. Gray ke brown? Hampir 20 minit jugak lah tanya soalan tu kat orang lain. Sorry you alls :D
So saja lah buat minta kakak tu nak check power. Rasa macam dah berzaman je tak check. MALANG NYA. dia bagi tahu power aku dah naik 500 each.

OHHHHHHHHEMMMMMGEEEEEE. Please tell me its a hari raya joke.

Serius sh*t lah. Total dah 1k tau. Kritikal duh. So dgn panic nya, assume ni mesti sebab selalu pakai lens. damn. Cancel order lens. Buat specs baru -.-
Mama pun dah marah. Tapi mama............... ok, fine.

Budak-budak rabun. Masa muda-muda, mama suruh makan carrot tak nak.
Jgn risau. Bukan sebab byk sgt baca buku okay.

OHHH ye ke :

First time try keluar pakai tudung style tu. Sebab malas gila mlm tu.
Terjumpa Sarah Amalina. 3minit dia tgk dr jauh,pelik mcm tak kenal.

"Tak.bukan tak kenal. Sejak bila kak intan pakai tudung cmni?"
HAHA.fine. itu last lahhhhhhh.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

2010-1st raya eid'ul fitri

from: sarah hani,UniWesternSydney

it is a brand new experience.i am :)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Dari beribu-ribu batu jauh nya.


okay weh. ni kira mcm aku bayar hutang video birthday kau lah last year. serius weh.
baru aku faham perasan kau :'( Takpelahh. its a once in a life thing. APPRECIATE this.
malu i tau. haha. okay. BYE :')

yesterday was,

sarah hani's 19th birthday!

wow besar nya gambar comel kau!

first year celebrate big day kau kat perantauan. jauh dari aku, family.
i feel a little helpless weh, coz every year there must be something yang crappy i did fr you.
buat buat card bagi every one tulis. its been a 3 years tradition. but this year, sadly ianya agak susah utk direalisasikan. maaf babe :'(

thank youuu Lokman, Azra, Ernie, Helma, Athirah. if aku miss sesiapa, thankyouuuuuu.
if im the daughter to MAS airline owner, you know i'll try my best to fly and knock on your door to sing you a happy birthday song. To actually hug you tight, cam whoring on your birthday night and out to have anything you are craving to eat for. everything you wanna do. last year was superb. ingat tak vid motor? :)
Sorry ada benda yang buat kau tak happy this year. It was unexpected thing to happened when original plan falls apart.
Happy belated 19th birthday sarah hani. Till we meet again. Take care.

Your far-away best friend who miss you every day,

Friday, 27 August 2010

hari minggu

it is a friday night
here,weekend has always been good.lagi2 on this night.seriously..
mcm now,kat umah bwah..kedengaran stereo sebesar2 tdak.kuat mendendangkn lagu2 dlm cstume2 masing2..mabuk rasanya..
ini r definisi weekend night mereka :)
at this very moment,i'm typing..dgr deyrng tgh berlumba minum plg laju..i dunt know what's the exact term..but game dia mudah..mcm smua keliling meja..tgn letak kat belakang..dagu atas meja..pastu kena try mnum..n sapa kalah,kena denda r..

haaa..ini mcam contoh nya r..but ni guna lift..air soda je x))

tapii..kami,gadis2 melayu..buat apa time friday night? haha.okayy..usually pbl closing ends at 3pm..a lecture in d evening till 4pm.n done! weekend is here! so,we start off with groceries shopping at mcSq..dh 2Fridays..berbuka dgn sekeping roti putih je..akibat groceries shopping,yg mkn masa lama..agk menyedihkn sikit part tu.haha.den balik..pair yg kena msk,mula jalankn,kteorng dnner lmbt..den lpas dnner..ada pencuci mulut;fruits r..apa lagi kann ==' n usually on friday nights..kteorng will spend like almost 3hrs..talking? haha.ckp kosong je antara housemates..time tu r..bru nk catch up balik..dgn smua after 5weekdys duk dlm blik,minimal cmmunication..haha.*fikir2 balik...baik tgk cter hindustan;3jam gak..dr ckp kosong je* haha.n lpas tu..smua akn msukk blik..i dunt know bout them..but i feel happy.human contact again with laughter and thoughts :D

-setiap mula weekend,mesti ada niat nk revise mulai friday nights..but apparently,it just dont really work that way - ==' me.sarah hani,semangat laa belajar tu.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A-level result & IMU.

Ohh wow. dua post dalam masa dua hari.
Ini lah bukti kukuh yang tak banyak benda nak buat dekat sini.
Sorry bloggie, bila time time bosan mcm ni baru lah ada masa nak tatap youu. lepas tu tulis benda merepek panjang gila. You nak dgr cerita pasal kisah selepas dapat result A-level tak?
Nak? Tak nak? Serius lah -.-

Result keluar 19th Aug. So kat previous post yang duk semangat cerita feel sebelum dpt result padahal salah tulis tarikh. Muka dah confident je type 20th Aug weh. Ok siapa je kisah.
Seminggu sebelum tu, result A-level Cambridge out. Si dia dapat 15 duh. Full pointer. Kira kalau SPM, masuk kategori straight A's lah, dapat piala pelajar cemerlang yang plastik tu?
Pagi-pagi dapat tahu. Tertanya berbaloi gak eh dia study hard, isolate diri sampai orang pun dah tak kisah kewujudan dia kt kolej tu. Cuak gila dah. Tetiba down. Pressure lah pulak kan.

Hari dapat result:
2pm- Laptop semua dah pasang. Mama dah duk tanya, Dah check ke? Dah check ke?
First time lah aku rasa on net, tak terus bukak tab FB. Okay itu dia result.

is it too small? ye lah. result kita tak cemerlang macam awak. kita siapa je kan. malu lah nak post besar sangat. kalau ye pun pun nak tatap, right click lah sendiri.

Al-kisah nya bermula, aku tgk gradeometer tu dulu. Tgk seimbas lalu, AAC. 13. Hati dah start gembira bersyukur,pass cut-off point. TAPI DAH SALAH TGK. Namapk tak huruf sebelah grademeter tu. itu lah dia. ABC lah. complete order. KEJAM GILA meter tuh.
Rupa-rupa nya, my Chem was on the borderline B to A. So, 12 je lah. Apakah? :'(

Yang paling tak tahan, boleh pulak sign in FB lepas tu. Gi home feed. Perghh, ramai nya yang post status "Alhamdulillah :)". Lepas tuh boleh plak aku ada hati nak baca coment-coment kat bwh tu. Ada dpt 14, 15 siap ada A star* lagi babe. Hati dah semakin cuak. Nangis. yeay! Siapa suruh kau gatal sgt gi baca -.- Time tuh rasa mcm nak lari je jauh jauh. Nak gi tempat yang orang tak kenal. Rasa nak deactivate je FB. Tutup semua social network. Jangan cerita lah yang duk text tanya result mcm mana. itu lah msg paling annoying. sorry. Takde mood lah nak reply.

At first, memang rasa nak tidur je. Malas nak fikir. Sedih,takut. Tapi apa benefit dia kan?
So selepas consult dgn few people, Email rayuan di sent ke IMU. Email yang content nya, penuh dgn simpati,rayuan,penyesalan dan janji janji manis. Alarh, standard yang mcm,

"I will give my full commitment and hard work if i'll be given a placement in Med course in IMU"

Thank you Sarah Hani and Azri Jasni who had been helping me a lot in this thing. Sarah yang paling semangat, suruh sediakan rangka email siap dalam bullet point. ILY babe :D

Esok nya, IMU reply. a meeting will be held at 2.30 pm for your reconsideration process.
OHH MY! And the result is:

I've been accepted to IMU.

Kembali mengejar cita-cita dan impian.
Its a lesson to be learnt.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Short Phase yet Memorable :)

It was the best one month and 12 days i ever had.

Bila orang lain tanya, intan cuti buat apa? kerja? Tanpa segan silu aku jwb, A'ah kerja kat Bangi Kopitiam. Walaupun, kekadang kawan aku yang tanya tu angguk buat buat mcm tahu Bangi Kopitiam tu apa benda tu, kat mana? Or muka macam, "ohhh.." atau dalam hati, Mcm lame je.

Tapi aku okay je. Senyum je balik. Dorang tak tahu apa yang aku dah face dalam fasa itu.
BEST GILA WEH! Tapi sekarang dah berhenti lah kan, cita-cita kena diutamakan.
Oleh sebab aku dah berhenti, so aku nak tulis pasal dorang yang agak significant utk dikenang :)

Dodo. Lola. Souldear :)

Wan aku takut maybe kau akan baca post ni since kau dah jadi bloggerboy sekarang, jadi aku tak boleh lah tulis lebih-lebih kan. Nanti kau perasan lebih. Chill okay. Maintain.

Aku nak french toast kau buat weh! :(

Being surrounded by those person in Kopitiam, always makes me feel grateful for what i have, what i had in the past and what i might face in the future. Maybe its my first time to be surrounded in a click of people who dont really have to worry bout exam result, assignment.
I am me when Im around them. Dan tak perlu nak kisah benda benda materialistik ni.
Roxy ke, MNG ke. Polo ke. Who cares? Ukur baju di badan sendiri :)

I had lots of fun,superb unforgettable moments. Kalau nak cerita satu satu, macam tak boleh.
Menangis malam last closing. Intan emo gila. haha :')

Alip, lepas ni kau kene cuci gelas semua sendiri. Aku dah tkde nak cover kan utk kau. and kau hutang aku belanja. BANYAK KALI :D Tak kan aku lupa dance step techno kau yg standard sama je tuh. haha

Kak emma, tak kisah lah apa orang cakap. Tapi kakak baik gila dengan Intan, kutuk belakang lain cite. itu normal, haha. But yeah, will miss you. You are funny the way you are. Bahang eh. Jaga ilmu tu elok elok eh. lepas ni siapa nak tolong kak emma right transfer pictures? :(

Andee, kau yang paling kompleks antara semua. Hanya kita tahu apa yang kita tahu. haha. Kau dan peribahasa, itu paling significant. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Tapi kalau dah tak larat nak pikul macam mana? :D Kejar misi hidup kau. Kenang babe. Cool :)

A'ah come on. fotogenik skit.

Ayip, terlalu banyak ah nak cakap. Partner yang paling best selain superV. Segala gosip dan paparazi tu, taniah kita pelakon semula jadi yang hebat, kan adik? bagai upin dan ipin. haha. Bila kau off day, aku rasa bosan. Tak boleh merewang lepak kat kitchen. 1 2 3......senyum? :D

SuperV, you are the most superb partner. Walaupun first day aku masuk, kau kerek gila. You are the most understanding person. kita satu kepala. Semua salah kita, bila satu kedai dah nak start cakap OMG, HELLO! Babe, touching gila duh baca wish kau. I never expect you to felt that way. Thanks duh. Nanti aku datang kedai kau eh dengan mini cooper aku :D kau bagi dodo hilang lagi, siap eh.

TO: Everyone yang tulis wish utk aku, thank youuu so much, Tapi kepada sesiapa yg tulis wish, " happpy birthdayyy intan". Harap maklum anda dah tertipu dengan wan. Birthday intan dah berzaman tau kak emma. siap msg phone inbox fb lg. awww, sweet. Kenapa dalam bottle susu, itu biar lah rahsia. Walau pun rahsia tuh dah bocor satu kedai. Terima kasih sgt sgt cem eh -.-

To my superb three, aku amat hargai effort korang reka lagu untuk aku. damn serius nak nangis malam tu. cuma air mata aku dah habis sebab result A-level siang tu. Thanks for cheering me up. THAT IS THE BEST GIFT SONG EVER. lirik tak boleh blah. kenapa lah aku tak rekod live kan? so cepat cepat beli gitar balik dan rekod. Cepat lah wehhhhhhhhhhhh -.-

Sekian. Jumpa lagi :)
intan nur hadilah

Friday, 20 August 2010

kata ringkas

a quick post: 1. shoutout to my mummy,Radziah Abdul Rahman :)
Happy birthday! :D may Allah bless you,always :) lovess

2. to intan nur hadilah.Allah itu maha adil :) Dia menguji hamba yg Dia tahu mampu mengawal keadaan sehabis baik :) congrats again,babe.guna opportunity yg ada baik2 yea ;D

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This Thursday

okay hari ni nak post something yang tkde rangka dan hala tuju.
hanya taip taip dan taip apa yang aku rasa.

current mode : terrified.

hang pasai apa? bak kata Wan. duhh result A-level babe.
and bak kata status Paan 9M5, result hari khamis menentukan masa depan hari isnin.
bunyi macam simple, tapi trust me. its a REALLY EXTREMELY BIG thing.
result on 20th Aug, registration IMU 23rd aug. 3 days gap je.

what if i didn't make it trough on thursday? itu bermakna, the next Monday will be just a normal monday. hurm Monday full of sober and frustration. Redha itu wajib, saya faham. Cuma its a normal phase to go through, kan? :)
BUT always pray for the best. Its just another "What if?".
Prepare for the best,Expect the worse.

betul tu sarah, better late than never.
selamat hari jadi azri jasni.
aku dah bagi kau text panjang yg bg aku touching lah kan aku type.
simpan dlm draft weh. haha. i love you and will always do.
through thick and thin, kawan tetap kawan.

Apa-apa pun, THURSDAY IT IS (!)
doakan yang terbaik,insyaAllah.

Friday, 13 August 2010

azri,aku tak lupa kau

i know this is late.but org ckp "better late than never" argh ngarut r tu :P

last was mohamad azri's birthday.since high school days, this yr..1st time,x celebrate bday dia :) azri was close to me back then,time form3..dia la yang ajar aku byk benda dlm life.*okay.aku xde r bodoh sgt dulu :P* tapi mcm azri ada r mcm bukakan mata aku for some points to take note :) aku igt lagi,azri jadi teman aku kat pusat tuisyen kasturi dulu.duduk sebelah aku time tuisyen.conteng2 nota,gelak2 dekat cikgu addm3 tu.masa azri dah pandai bwa kereta.azri selalu bawa pergi jalan2.seriously..dia mcm sgt flexible bab bwa kteorng (aku+intan+min+huari) jln2 dlm keta..byk dh aku kembara dalam ibukota dgn dia.time aku nak fly aritu,d last outing, aku,azri,intan..kteorng g lepak mcD..lepas antar intn balik,azri hntar aku.dia mcm ckp r *kata2 yg biasaorg ckp kat org yg nk fly*.aku sedih juga.sbb azri ckp dia xleh hntar kat KLIA..tapi time kat KLIA,d next night..tgk2 azri n ayah dtg :D dia ada kasi aku satu card ini.dia buat sendiri *korng patut tgk..superb wei! dgn ada butang2,rama2.haha*.ada dgn aku aku x gantung dlm bilik,sbb aku letak kat ruang tamu/dapur punya notice board :D aku nak orang tahu,aku ada kwn lelaki yg sehebat kau,mohamad azri =))

aku emosi lak tulis post ini.haha :D :P maybe ada unsur rindu juga kot ;) nwayyy....

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY *aku tahu kau suka warna merah*, mohamad azri bin jasni

Friday, 6 August 2010


a paper cut and defects.konsep ini mudah :)
a normal skin.gelabah sgt.fine ppr cut.RBC rush out capillaries.clotting factor takes place.'injured' finger mcm cacat sikit,sambil nak tggu healing process :)
concept yg mcm gmbarkan life kn? *a very random thought of mine*
n i just got a paper cut siang td.akibat nk cepat sgt =='

last tuesday.i got two parcels from mumy&dady :D both in accumulation,weigh about 14.5kg..byk kn.haha :D thnx to them,yg bekalkan me with so many food materials..dr cooking paste, instant noodles, sardin, nasi impit *utk raya i suppose* n few more :)biskut pelbagai jenis.jgn kata r x)) thanx mumy,dady

ouh dgn kesempatan ni,nk wish NURUL NADIA binti AZMAN, happy 20th birthday babe :) hope u had fun. n hav a blast yr ahead :)

mlm ni dull? ada few things not falling in place as it should be.maybe life promises me this feeling tnyte..okay goodnyte.i hope tomrow makes me feel btter :)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blogwalking is fun, sometimes

Dah lama dah tak update blog kan. Tapi lepas sarah dah keluarkan Warning alert, sila update blog. So here it goes. Actually mmg dah lama gila nak update. Cuma due to some techno prob, jadi malas.

Bukan aku nak menarik je weh. Cuma sebagai seorang penulis, aku ada cara penulisan aku sendiri.
Alasan diterima? Bagus. Kalau tak pun, buat buat terima je lah eh. ALRIGHT.

Niat utama sebenarnya nak update bout few Blog yang aku rasa best and cool. Tetiba plak Blogwalking jadi satu hobi di masa lapang. Cuma aku tak blogwalking dekat- dekat kawasan blog jiran. Aku gi jauh sikit. Blogs totally strangers. And guess what? Siap ada account Gengblogger lagi weh. OMG. semangat gila even tho aku tak habis explore lagi benda tu apa.
Dari duk jalan jalan tak tentu pasal merewang gi website ntah mana,tak pun fb-ing 24/7 kekadang best baca blog orang yang memang to be known as a REAL BLOGGER :)

Impress bila ada orang biasa, boleh jadi to be well-known and inspiring to other normal human being just by what they write in their blogs. Mungking followers dorang ni lagi ramai dr fanclub budak-budak AF yang terAfundi Out masa week terawal. Ok enough said.

Sebagai contoh, kak Fatin Liyana ni. Tak bukan cakap psl aku. Memang lah adik aku nama Fatin Liyana gak. Tapi ni orang lain lah. Tak makna nya nak ckp psl diri sendiri -.-

She's 21 and a medic student in Bandung. And most of all, She's hot and style okay. She's one of the person yang, siapa kata budak medic semua nerd je. Mostly kak Fatin cerita pasal whats happening in her life in Bandung. OMG, seriusly now Bandung masuk dlm minor to-do list aku.
And yeah, part yang paling excited bila jumpa video tutorial style shawl yang dah berkurun aku try to figure out. Cool gila lah kan. She's even in a photo shoot for Dara magazine for last July issues. Tapi yg penting, she looks very humble :')

Zack Zukhairi. Antara blog lain yang enjoy baca sebab serius lawak gila. Currently he's studying in Japan. Oleh sebab baru je start follow blog dia, so tk sure if kekadang drawing yang dia lukis dlm entry tu his own or not. Tapi all that stuff yang buat entry dia best and funny. Usha lah usha lah :)

Buat masa ni, dua orang je lah. Yang macam Hanis Zalikha tu if korang tak tahu boleh cop diri Loser gak ah. Tak ni serius. Siapa je sekarang tak kenal Hanis Zalikha. OMG, flush ur head in the toilet bak kata sir syed anuar time kelas physic dulu -.-

Ohh ye, Hanis Zalikha post this funny youtube. Takdelah lawak sebab vid tu funny sgt. Aku rasa lawak tgk coment orang kat Youtube. Tapi Makcik, in an optimitic way, mesti bosan kan kt rumah. Saya faham tau. Tkpe, keep this up :)
Khairuddin di mana kah anda? Kami semua tertanya-tanya. Reply lah satu video mummy pleasee :D

sign off- intan12345

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