Sunday, 5 December 2010

what happened for spring finals..

blog walking.instead of stalking
a brand new morning,i should say :) my bro's blog.and extended from there..reading the SPM-students having their say for the exam they are sitting now..its funny to read,knowing that they are experiencing;how i felt once ;)
i was the budak,who challenged it all the way.and got disappointed when the results came out ;)
----------- SAM passed by, now in med school ---------------------

so,i had my Spring finals for almost a month.last november was nerve wrecking.i always wanted to update on my exam i i performed..but time never permits me to do so :)
some short summaries of my exams:
1. my exam pprs are in diff styles (SAQ,MCQ,MEQ) but testing for the same,basicly,i have to be ready FOR EVERYTHING by the 1st ppr..n by the last ppr,i would be in -dont know whatelse to read- mode..i experienced d same when it was d autumn finals.
2. so,d one n only SAQ ppr was okay for me.ookay doesnt mean -can pass with flying colours.ok?- it was just bearable.
3. MEQ was 1st time sitting for MEQ.dey presented Qs in terms of cases.didnt expect it to be dat deadly.microscopic changes of appendicitis? danggg..n d whole 10/20marks for safety-quality Q..i was so unsure.i bantai d whole way,n went back home n studied dat 20+ slides of lecture..i screwed up the 1st Q *types of error* damnnnn..but i heard,i was not alone.fine,sarah hani,you are not alone.but is dat good enough for you to move on? *hope so* :|
4. 2 MCQ pprs..d MCQ ppr,days after d MEQ ppr..dat was tough.mayb bcz i lost some of my confidence to MEQ n SAQ..n with the 'kelam-kabut' journey to med school..that might affect a lil bit..d last MCQ,was bearable..MCQs are still the questions type A,B,C,D (sometimes ,E) choices ones.....hmm,*i dunt want to recall doubts i have* :|
5. anat spot test.last ppr i had,it was for 22mins only..11 stations,2 mins on the labels on the cadavers..the heart station was difficult :| the other stations,i tried ;) hopefully,that's good enough.....
results coming out soon
ignoring it for the moment

----------- exams over.notes and books all packed up in the rack. shopping mode on ---
*nxt post.malas tulis2 dah.depress igt balik exams :(*

i want to pass so badly.pls Allah?

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