Thursday, 23 October 2014

a drama queen

thanks intan for tagging me in your last post. ok. not. but who cares, i'll assume you "tagged" me. haha

20 things about sarah hani.

1. a PTS student. so I dont know what tahun 4 feels like
- my circle of friends are mostly a year older than me, duh?
- will always remember how I prepared for my exam/ when I was told I passed my PTS/ my first day in tahun 5
- due to PTS, i have minimal close primary school friends.

2. growing up, I have more guy friends rather than girl friends.

3. I play sports. hyperactive. give me a ball, i can kick/throw/dodge. give me a shuttlecock, i can hit. i swim. i run (not marathon material).
- few sports i dont play well = hockey and tennis

4. plans ahead, try my very best to stick with it and gets moody when things dont go to plan. am starting to accept random plans

5. i am so traditional when it comes to my meal choices. not that i cant survive in "hipster" cafes, but i rather have nasi goreng and tomyam campur and eat in the gerai under the zinc attap. I love the concept of tapau-ing nasi campur during lunch hour (so many lauk pauk to choose from!). dislike fine dining, the concept it too overrated.

6. a proud member of 3 stars. my siblings, we grow up supporting each other. my nuclear family my life.

7. travel to Penang almost every year

8.  i was prescribed a daily dose of intan nur hadilah when i was in high school. not complaining, it is a positive fact.
have you ever had someone so close to you that when you guys walk together, and something/someone passes by, and the other person taps your hand and both of you just started laughing at the same exact thing. no eye contact/verbal communication needed to describe what happened... yes, me and intan we had those moments in life. our mind were in the same wavelength, not a minute earlier or later from each other. 

9. LOVE prawns/anything that looks like it. seafood.

10. i enjoy travelling. and i try not to travel to the same place twice because there are so many other places to see in this world.

11. studies medicine in Australia. and rented a house with 7 other occupants for a year (4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with separated toilet). I have been sleeping on a mattress (without a bed frame) for 3 years now.

12. i may love cats more than humans at times. or most of the time? tehee

13. baking is not my forte. dislike the cleaning up part. the batter of sugar+butter+flour is so oily,

14. suffers from contact dermatitis since a I was a kid. so, steroid and antihistamine are kinda my buddies.

15. tries my very best to be a reliable daughter to wonderful parents.

16. never bought myself makeup/things to decorate your eyes/cheeks/lips. minimally wore those stuffs on SPECIAL occasions and under huge pressure and influence. never randomly volunteered myself for makeup.

17. i dont drink fresh milk just like that, i dont eat ikan keli (or anything that looks like it), i dont eat cheese on its own, i dont eat butter on its own, i dont enjoy coffee.

18. my prominent taylor's memory? the first time I talked to a guy through his car's window, when picking up intan. I acted so chilled. then the random, unexpected birthday wish from an unknown mobile number.

19. details. i see what other people think is not really important. the sewing style of buttons on a shirt/the material used to make the strap of a bag etc

20. a drama queen.

to intan nur hadilah,
your no 20 fact would be: kau tak suka makan kuih sagu. kuih biji2, warna merah (or sekarang kau dah start makan?) lol
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