Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teen transformation phase.

Okay today i feel like blogging again, after so long.

Name: Intan Nur Hadilah bt Purdiono.
Age: 20


Ohh yes, im twenty now. Well for some peoplel, its not a big deal. Nothing much different pun.
Yeah i know. But but...... twenty okay. Lepas ni tkde dah belas-belas.
Sarah kata, first time rasa i am literally older. I know! :(
Puluhan is like a age where people would take bout what, marriage?
Ahh no baby no.
And i know at this very moment, sarah would be like, " Elehhh kau poyo gilaa." haha. Biar lahh! ;D

I am a person who appreciate the date i was born, a lot. For me, if its your birthday, one way or another it cant be a normal day, go out and do something fun. And yours and my definition of 'fun' could me totally different.
Takpe tak kisah, kau nak lepak mana pun, nak lepak mamak ke depan pavillion ke masjid ke, asal kn kau happy okay lah :)

The night of 24th June, met my guy-best-of-friends, Azri, Huari and Min.
Period tak jumpa sama lama dengan period Azri fly, so yeah Min as always with his stories :D
My lil-sister, came back all the way from Perlis for me! :D
So we went out to our favourite places, as i think i had lost my affection to that place. Adakah sebab aku dah 20? Damn. Sobs.

Had a surprise birthday cake specially bake for me. Awwwwwww, i wasnt expecting that.
A Kit Kat-m&m cake? Thankyouuu :')

Ohhhhh! and Sarah pun ada buat video. Thats just sweet in a way freaking funny weh. Sebab sarah,you always have this nervous break down in a video. HAHA. sorry sayang, but i love it. Dont make me literally cry here :P

Alright thats all. Basically you'll get used to the 20 but some self-denial is a must. So dont worry Sarah Hani, yours will be shortly soon :D

p.s: OMG tahu tak kat BB plaza ada Daiso? Why in the world i drove all the way to IOI mall for that. haih.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

i am back

and i might be wild.

haha.okay itu mcm opening nk gempak je.exam aku habis dahhh..bru jap tdi.hmm,to start it off..aku just nk cmment sikit r psl,exam lepas. << dlm history exam2 aku,tu r plg gerun.abis every exam,xde pun nk senyum lebar ke...syiot punya org yg buat soalan .... >> ok dah

so,3 weeks holiday.aku xde plan.clean and clear.kosong! x penah lagi cuti kat aussie ni,aku xde plan holiday at all..*oh,aritu easter break,dh mencampakkn diri aku ke gold coast* so,cuti ni.....okay fine...mmg r ada plan sikit.but minor je...

aku plan nk makan mcm org kaya :D dah allocate dh duit ;) makan seafood! fish! n kalau nk mkn ayam..nk mkn ayam style gempak.haha.berangan je aku ni.
---okay nak google menu---


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Practice what you preach.

Okay this will be a long-wanted post i always wanted to write.
Before this aku rasa macam, okay takpayah lah nak express this thought and silly opinion of mine.
Because as far as i know, i way too far to be label as someone who you can take as a role model.
And when i say a role model, what i mean this time is religiously way.

Berdosa ke cakap mcm tu? Okay ini soalan jujur, bukan sarcasm. i really wanna know.
Only He know if what im doing now or what and when or what my intentions is.
Am i trying to be a better person than what i am today? Only He knows

I know the general fact on how we cant judge people because we dont have the right to. Yes im very aware of that. BUT what if people keep giving us 'something' in public repeatedly  that us as a human being cant resist our self from expressing our opinion based on what we see? Indeed of trying hard not to 'bersangka buruk" but at the end of the day, shit would forever be it no matter how good it smells

Exhibit A:  A person who always updated his/her FB status with Quranic verses or Hadith or any Islamic related piece of advice. And also post Youtube bout religious talk. Hukum dan sebagainya. Yes bagus. Alhamdulillah. A reminder to all who view it. BUT the problem that bugging me arise, when at the same time, that person is being, ohh mcm mana eh nak cakap. tag person of the opposite sex for some love song on Youtube video with ♥ bagai. And cara dia coment other person of the opposite sex, siap ber-'dear' lagi.  So itu apa kes pulak?

I remember once i read an article, in this years of ours,one of the the most effective way to preach is actually from ourselves. atau kata yang paling simple is akhlak korang.
Secara logik nya, siapa yang nak atau terima apa yang korang sampaikan if akhlak korang pun entah ke mana kan? Okay ni serius common sense.

Tak salah nak update or post all those religious things, i appreciate that. Thank you very much. because as far as i know, menyebarkan pengetahuan yang sepatutnya adalah amalan yang sangat mulia.
But come on, please jangan menconteng arang di muka sendiri.


Jauh gila aku nak cakap yang diri aku hebat or what, i might doing the same thing to without me even realize it . Its from what i see or observe and somehow im so sorry its really annoyed me in a way. Im talking this upon my view, and this may be written with no solid basis or what so ever. But this is how i see it. And i dont think giving an opinion is wrong, isn't it? Enlighten me if im wrong. Im ready for anything. Im here to seek knowledge for my own self as well. I believe that we are normal human being who always find a way to be a better person ahead. InsyaAllah.


Felt pattern try-out.


So HI. Im back with less heavy writing. 
Dah dah lah tu update benda heavy intan, heavy ye bukan emo :P

Saya cuti. Saya bosan. Dan saya mula buat kerja yang membosan kan utk tidak bosan?
Psyco kan? Abang selalu cakap, 
" Kak serius tak bosan ke buat kerja ni?" 
" Omg sebab kakak bosan lah kakak buat ni. Duhh"

 From left to right: 
1st- Heart with my initials
2nd- Blue elephant
3rd- Red owl.

4th- Froggy

Actually dah lama dah nak try buat felt pattern ni, inspired by a friend who i can say much pro than me. Hi Syafiqah! :D
Im a medical student, who which we basically dont have time for all this thing when the sem has started, well basically bila sem baru masuk, semua orang hanya akan fikir study dan revision. TRUST ME. i hate to say this, but yeah WE ARE NERDS. and nerds are hot? haha :P

So why not maximise this holiday by trying something new.
" When was the last time you do something for the first time?"

So this is not a tutorial. Im far away from someone who qualified for that. But this is something you can try for fun. Serius senang gila. And this is how i do it :) 

This is basically what you need, felt cloth. Okay to be honest, i dont know where else to find it beside Daiso.  Its the Japan store which have everything sells in it. Suka gila Daiso :D I got mine from Daiso OU. Basically Daiso ada dekat OU, Curve and IOI mall. 


I bought the mini kit, which only have 5 colours in it. And also you need yur sewing basic kit.
Next decide on the pattern. Since im sincerely not talented in drawing anything, so I Google image my pattern ;)

For example: this Froggy. Okay next, cut the design on the felt according to the colour.
Kalau nak jadi kan dia mcm plushie or stuffed toy. Make it two.
But if you want to just sew it on other cloth or bag or whatever it is, then one side would be enough. Faham kan? T.T

Then cut the other necessary part on its respective colour.
Alright, for the extra part other than the body, sew it with its original colour to make the sewing less obvious.
OR secara simple nya, kalau mata tu warna putih jahit lah dengan benang putih and cheeck dia merah.
Tapi actually its all depends on daya seni dan kreativiti masing-masing. Hah, secara skema nya.

For the black eyes and lips, since aku tkde felt warna hitam, so aku just jahit je guna benang sebab memang simple je. And to close the two piece together, for those who learn ERT time sekolah menengah, guna lah jahitan insang pari. ok confirm tak tahu kan. haha. Okay yes i know :P
So to learn more, just click on this Youtube, cute video. And Syafiqah pun ada buat tutorial. Bagus kan? :P

Okay, kalau dah jahit about 3/4 of the plushie, then its time to stuff it with the cotton wool.
Basically, aku hanya guna cotton wool yang korang duk guna utk sapu facial toner tu ye ;)
Then jahit lah smpai habis. Okay itu macam tak payah bagi tahu pun macam duhhhh kan? Ye okay.

And, the end product basically senang kan? This is just the basic design.
Seriously, try and learn a lot more from Youtube and Google kalau rasa macam banyak gila masa nak spend tak tahu nak buat apa.

And today i baked my own choc chips cookies for THE FIRST TIME. Yeahh lame.
If rajin, i'll just blog it out. Azri, please simpan rahsia noob baking experience aku okay?


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Insignificantly Significant Dad.


16th June; a special day dedicated to the fathers. A Happy Father Day.

And talking bout father, hurmmm.. To be honest, for me all this may not be as significant as how i would talk bout my mother. I may not have the best dad in the world like most of them would call their dad are.

Maybe he didn't really know whats my grades were for my exam.
Maybe he didn't wish my birthday every year.
Maybe he didn't asked or call asking me how was my day.
Maybe we dont talk that much.
Maybe sometimes i cant accept his habit of spending too much money on gadget.
Or maybe sometimes he was not there to decide for me for any life decision making i have to made.

One day, a friend told me something that  make me think deep,

Dulu aku selalu sabar je lah dengan apa yg jadi dalam hidup aku. Sabar sabar sabar. Tapi kita manusia biasa, satu masa kita akan reach jugak level maximum sabar tu. We are normal human being. But my mum told me, cuba instead of bersabar je, kita bersyukur. Bersyukur and look those things that make you feel down in another way round.

You might not see this in the way i see it, but its really changes the way i see things.

Papa may not be there for me every single time or knows everything things that are  happening in my life. But I remember how he use to,

Teach me how to ride my bicycle without the training wheels when I was small.
Sent me back and fetch me from Shah Alam every weekend.
Even sent me to Vista early in Monday morning and deal with all those traffic jam just because i dont prefer going back too early on Sunday night.
How he used to joke around, indeed he's a funny guy behind that silent personality.
How he used to buy whatever we want just because mama wont let us. He would say yes to everything.

Perhaps maybe i dont have the best dad in the world, or the best dad anyone could ever have.
But i would thank HIM for the chance in life of living with a guy that i call as my father.
Perhaps i dont deserve one. Asking yourself, "Are you a good daughter at the first place?"

Living yourself in regret and frustration is such a waste. Hate the sin not the sinner.

Papa, for whatever it is, i would always love you. And please dont stop loving me.
Happy Fathers Day ♥

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tak semua kau rancang akan berlaku -Penakut

Blogwalking and saw this on a friend's blog, Mariam Diyana :)
Listen to it, and instantly get stuck by it.

So basically whats make you stuck and keep listening to a song? And i was wondering.
Is it the melody of the song itself? the hot singer or band? or actually the lyrics seems significant to you?
As for me, when im stuck to a song, i will keep playing it for God-knows-how-many-times per day :D

Its been a week and more, i've been stuck with

Significantly addicted to and........ Adam Levine hot. The End.

AZRI is coming back to Malaysia in 9 days counting :D
Come to think, it feels great to be the last one standing here in Malaysia where you get to meet the bestfriends when they are back.
 [ well, in the most optimistic way x) ]

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

9 deadly words used by the ladies.


Dear boys,

Frankly,we know we are complicated. Its a fact, a well-known facts. Blame the hormones.
Perhaps you want to know us better? Well here's a hint for you ;)

9 deadly words used by the ladies.
[its not necessary be a general thing but i found it 85% significantly with me x)]

1) Fine
the word where women use to end up an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2) Five minutes
If she's getting dressed, this means a half an hour ( plus minus). Five minutes is only five minutes, if you just given five minutes to watch the game before helping around the house ( or you're late for the date)

3) Nothing
this is the calm before the storm. This means something and you should be on your toes. Argument that begins with nothing always end with fine.

4) Go Ahead.
This is a dare not permission. Dont do it!

5) Loud Sigh
This is actually a word but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. Aloud sigh means she thinks you're an idiot and wonders why she's wasting her time standing there and arguing with you about nothing. (refer back to #3 for nothing)

6) That's okay.
This is one of the most dangerous statement a woman can make to a man. Thats okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistakes ( Get ready for the silence treatment.)

7) Thanks.
A woman is thanking you, do not question or faint. Just say you're welcome.
(This is true unless she says, ' Thanks a lot' - thats is PURE sarcasm and she's not thanking you at all. DO NOT say you're welcome. That will bring on a 'whatever' #8)

8) Whatever.
Is a women way of saying F-YOU! #my most favorite point so far :D

9) Dont worry bout it, I got it.
Meaning, this is something a womam has told a man several times, but now doing it herself. This will latter result in a man asking ' Whats wrong?' For the women response, refer to #3.

Point to note;
Well of course this do not apply to most of time. Well you just have to know the right time when these words bring a hidden meaning behind it. Complicated again? Ohh yess :D

For the XX genes,

So conclusion,

Perempuan, tak yang lah nak mengada-ngada or emo sangat setiap masa walaupun complicated macam mana pun. point to self jugak. HAHA. Okay bye. Back to wasting time.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello second year :)

i forgot i have a belog! where goes those horny feeling to update blog ni~

Kenapa tiba-tiba Radzi ni ? Hi Radzi! ;) Well, this was on my news feed today. and my point is;
Exactly! I used to be so passionate in this, but now? Blurghhhhhhhhh. Malas.

So whats now? Currently now HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY. and before that, let me share you the outcome of my fear to THIS (!). Well, this was not yesterday. Its been a while, i just feel like i want to remark it here :)

Alhamdulillah, i passed my first year of medical school
Sangat sangat bersyukur :)

Tuhan je lah tahu betapa takut nya time nak tear the result slip. Serious nervous gilaaaaaaa.
Well this is just a baby step to way longer-ahead road, but its not wrong to feel a bit relief kan?
Memang tak dapat dinafikan, i feel so so grateful for this. My main initial aim for last sem was JUST TO PASS this exam regardless any grade cause for me at that moment it was the PASS that matter.

But there will be times where your own thoughts scare you, right?
And this is when i hate the most where i start to question, hurmm grade ni je ke aku dapat?
When you question, why is that your grade doesnt reflect your effort or ehh aku rasa aku study lagi byk dari dia tapi asal grade dia lagi bagus?

To be frank, i did thought of this. Bahaya weh bila kau dah start fikir merewang ikut perasaan. Tetapi ingatlah wahai manusia,

".. they may seem random or unfair to you, but they have been perfectly calculated by Allah (swt)" :)

I strongly believe one of the key for great life is Always be grateful to Him even for the little things. InsyaAllah tak kan sia-sia kan rezeki first year. Its never too late to strive for better grade in second year. Lets do this babyyyyyyyyyy :)

*OKAY rasa pelik lah pulak tone writting dah mcm budak baik. HAHA. layan lah x)
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