Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello second year :)

i forgot i have a belog! where goes those horny feeling to update blog ni~

Kenapa tiba-tiba Radzi ni ? Hi Radzi! ;) Well, this was on my news feed today. and my point is;
Exactly! I used to be so passionate in this, but now? Blurghhhhhhhhh. Malas.

So whats now? Currently now HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYY. and before that, let me share you the outcome of my fear to THIS (!). Well, this was not yesterday. Its been a while, i just feel like i want to remark it here :)

Alhamdulillah, i passed my first year of medical school
Sangat sangat bersyukur :)

Tuhan je lah tahu betapa takut nya time nak tear the result slip. Serious nervous gilaaaaaaa.
Well this is just a baby step to way longer-ahead road, but its not wrong to feel a bit relief kan?
Memang tak dapat dinafikan, i feel so so grateful for this. My main initial aim for last sem was JUST TO PASS this exam regardless any grade cause for me at that moment it was the PASS that matter.

But there will be times where your own thoughts scare you, right?
And this is when i hate the most where i start to question, hurmm grade ni je ke aku dapat?
When you question, why is that your grade doesnt reflect your effort or ehh aku rasa aku study lagi byk dari dia tapi asal grade dia lagi bagus?

To be frank, i did thought of this. Bahaya weh bila kau dah start fikir merewang ikut perasaan. Tetapi ingatlah wahai manusia,

".. they may seem random or unfair to you, but they have been perfectly calculated by Allah (swt)" :)

I strongly believe one of the key for great life is Always be grateful to Him even for the little things. InsyaAllah tak kan sia-sia kan rezeki first year. Its never too late to strive for better grade in second year. Lets do this babyyyyyyyyyy :)

*OKAY rasa pelik lah pulak tone writting dah mcm budak baik. HAHA. layan lah x)


nadrah zainuddin said...

kenapa cepat sangat kau dah masuk second year. aku rasa korang semua dah tua. huuuu.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

Nadrah: cepat tu lambat kan? haha. kureng ah kau. ni lah kalau belajar course yg forever learning. haihh. then year berapa nak kahwin kan?


p.s: sarah hanu yg tk sabr. aku chill je. HAHA

padle said...

tahniah kawan!

nadrah zainuddin said...

cepat tu cepat lahh. aku tak complicated mcm post di atas. HAHA. aku baru nak second sem. kau dah second year. jealous!

elehhh. kau pun tak sabar kann. aku pun tak sabar. HAHA.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

HAHAH. sengal lah kau. fine lahh. kau simple and nice :PP
Ohh weh tapi aku bru first year duh, ada lagi 4 thun lagi kotttttt. gosh -.-

okay lets just admit, kita semua sabar dalam tak sabr. hahah.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@padle- terima kasih rakan :)

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