Sunday, 19 June 2011

Practice what you preach.

Okay this will be a long-wanted post i always wanted to write.
Before this aku rasa macam, okay takpayah lah nak express this thought and silly opinion of mine.
Because as far as i know, i way too far to be label as someone who you can take as a role model.
And when i say a role model, what i mean this time is religiously way.

Berdosa ke cakap mcm tu? Okay ini soalan jujur, bukan sarcasm. i really wanna know.
Only He know if what im doing now or what and when or what my intentions is.
Am i trying to be a better person than what i am today? Only He knows

I know the general fact on how we cant judge people because we dont have the right to. Yes im very aware of that. BUT what if people keep giving us 'something' in public repeatedly  that us as a human being cant resist our self from expressing our opinion based on what we see? Indeed of trying hard not to 'bersangka buruk" but at the end of the day, shit would forever be it no matter how good it smells

Exhibit A:  A person who always updated his/her FB status with Quranic verses or Hadith or any Islamic related piece of advice. And also post Youtube bout religious talk. Hukum dan sebagainya. Yes bagus. Alhamdulillah. A reminder to all who view it. BUT the problem that bugging me arise, when at the same time, that person is being, ohh mcm mana eh nak cakap. tag person of the opposite sex for some love song on Youtube video with ♥ bagai. And cara dia coment other person of the opposite sex, siap ber-'dear' lagi.  So itu apa kes pulak?

I remember once i read an article, in this years of ours,one of the the most effective way to preach is actually from ourselves. atau kata yang paling simple is akhlak korang.
Secara logik nya, siapa yang nak atau terima apa yang korang sampaikan if akhlak korang pun entah ke mana kan? Okay ni serius common sense.

Tak salah nak update or post all those religious things, i appreciate that. Thank you very much. because as far as i know, menyebarkan pengetahuan yang sepatutnya adalah amalan yang sangat mulia.
But come on, please jangan menconteng arang di muka sendiri.


Jauh gila aku nak cakap yang diri aku hebat or what, i might doing the same thing to without me even realize it . Its from what i see or observe and somehow im so sorry its really annoyed me in a way. Im talking this upon my view, and this may be written with no solid basis or what so ever. But this is how i see it. And i dont think giving an opinion is wrong, isn't it? Enlighten me if im wrong. Im ready for anything. Im here to seek knowledge for my own self as well. I believe that we are normal human being who always find a way to be a better person ahead. InsyaAllah.



Amirul said...

betul you should practice what you preach. in fact, dlm quran, surah as-saff ayat 2 dan 3 pun ada macam warning about not practicing what you preach. and i remember one story of x ingat sape, tapi in accordance to that. ada orang mintak dia ckp something masa khutbah, tp beberapa kali jumaat lepas tu baru dia ckp. bila org tu tny, dia kata dia nk practice dlu bnda tu, baru dia boleh ckp kt org lain. :)

okay. itu part pemberi. orang yang diberi, as in kita2 yang tak cakap ni, lain pulak. saidina ali ckp, tgk lah kpd apa yang dicakap bukan kpd siapa yang bercakap. so maybe ada seorang pencuri ckp kt kita mencuri ni berdosa. ikut logik, reaction kita mmg lah, hehh kau, ckp kt orang. tp apa yg dia ckp tu betul. so kita amek lah nasihat tu. yg part dia x practice apa yg dia ckp, itu hal dia ngan Allah lah. bkn hal kita. so we take what we can get. and kalau rasa mampu, then tegur lah balik on dia x practice tu kan. either way, kalau bnda yg dia ckp tu elok, then kita kena terima. jgn jd mcm abu jahal. i remember i heard once from a friend, abu jahal ni dia sbenarnya mengaku islam tu hebat and betul, tapi dia x nk terima sbb anak saudara dia ni, nabi muhammad, was from keturunan lain. so amat lah rugi kalau kita memilih orang untuk terima benda elok. :)

and jugding. it happens to everyone, whether they are a qualified judge or not. mmg thoughts tu akan slip thru our mind. aku xde nak komen pasal ni. haha. tp in my opinion, when ur mind starts to judge, keep the judgement confined within yourself and only yourself alone. try to sangka baik and deal with it. kalau x leh tahan sgt, then bgtau lah orang yg berkenaan. mungkin dia ada penjelasan sendiri. or mungkin dia x sedar pun. who knows.

anyway, itu je lah aku nak share. but yeah, we all should practice what we preach. we should practice first, then preach.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@amirul: haha! thanks for responding to this very general post.

AND thanks for sharing those info that i believe can enlighten some of us including me! ;)

thanks again

F.E.M said...

Betul ouh,kat sini org2 warak byk ckp xsrupa bikin.prangai lagi truk dari kafir illuminati.macam bodoh ja org camni,pakai ketayap tp tak pakai seluar.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@F.E.M: Okay fem, lets shall not be too harsh on people shall we? :)

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