Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teen transformation phase.

Okay today i feel like blogging again, after so long.

Name: Intan Nur Hadilah bt Purdiono.
Age: 20


Ohh yes, im twenty now. Well for some peoplel, its not a big deal. Nothing much different pun.
Yeah i know. But but...... twenty okay. Lepas ni tkde dah belas-belas.
Sarah kata, first time rasa i am literally older. I know! :(
Puluhan is like a age where people would take bout what, marriage?
Ahh no baby no.
And i know at this very moment, sarah would be like, " Elehhh kau poyo gilaa." haha. Biar lahh! ;D

I am a person who appreciate the date i was born, a lot. For me, if its your birthday, one way or another it cant be a normal day, go out and do something fun. And yours and my definition of 'fun' could me totally different.
Takpe tak kisah, kau nak lepak mana pun, nak lepak mamak ke depan pavillion ke masjid ke, asal kn kau happy okay lah :)

The night of 24th June, met my guy-best-of-friends, Azri, Huari and Min.
Period tak jumpa sama lama dengan period Azri fly, so yeah Min as always with his stories :D
My lil-sister, came back all the way from Perlis for me! :D
So we went out to our favourite places, as i think i had lost my affection to that place. Adakah sebab aku dah 20? Damn. Sobs.

Had a surprise birthday cake specially bake for me. Awwwwwww, i wasnt expecting that.
A Kit Kat-m&m cake? Thankyouuu :')

Ohhhhh! and Sarah pun ada buat video. Thats just sweet in a way freaking funny weh. Sebab sarah,you always have this nervous break down in a video. HAHA. sorry sayang, but i love it. Dont make me literally cry here :P

Alright thats all. Basically you'll get used to the 20 but some self-denial is a must. So dont worry Sarah Hani, yours will be shortly soon :D

p.s: OMG tahu tak kat BB plaza ada Daiso? Why in the world i drove all the way to IOI mall for that. haih.


Azri Jasni said...

hek hek hek. gambar tu lawa! haha :D

ler IOI ke babe. aku igt kan OU hahha. jauh bebenor IOI! ;p aku gi BB hari ni (rabu). nak kirim? hahah

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@azri: kalau tak lawa, aku letak dlm black and white, remember? haha :p

duhh serius IOI mall kot. tkpelahh aku beli pun :P

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